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Chapter 29

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Reassurance and doubts

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>Gerard's POV<

Me and Frank arrived in school earlier than usual; we still had a good twenty minutes before having to get to our homerooms. Usually, we would have just hung around in the corridor with the rest of the gang, but today, the moment we stepped foot in the hall, a teacher yelled at us to get to the principal's office. I glanced at Frank, who shrugged, and we made our way along the corridor to the room we'd been ordered to.

Pretty much the rest of the group was in their, leaning against the walls and looking thouroughly bored. I glanced at Phin when I went in remembering hanging up on her the other day. She was just staring up at the ceiling, holding Andy's hand.

Adrian wasn't there yet, and neither was Bob. Thankfully, they turned up fast enough - I guessed we wouldn't be let out of here until the principal had spoken to us all. Eventually, she started her speech on how we had 'acted completely innapropriately for school' and that we'd 'better watch our step'.

"Look - I don't want to expel you, but you cannot come in to school dressed the way you did - even on Halloween. And talking to Mrs Geoffery like that was completely out of order."

I bit my lip slightly and lowered my head. I hadn't exactly been the main culprit in this, but I still felt slightly guilty about it. I peaked out from under my bangs to sneak a glance at the others. They all still looked bored, irritated. Well, everyone except for Bob that was. He looked rather nervous.

"I expect you apologise to Mrs Geoffery, and mind how you go from now on. I know that you smoke on school grounds, and drink. I expect that to stop. Any slips and you will definitely be expelled. Do you understand?"

We all nodded mutely.

"Very well, you may leave." She nodded, a pleased smile on her face, as though she beleived what was clearly lies. We filed out of the office in silence, and back in to the crowded hallway.

"What d'ya reckon?" Jared grinned at the second we were out of ear-shot of the office. "We get away with it?"

"Definitely!" Lee laughed. "As much as she doesn't want to admit it, that woman loves us!" Everyone else began laughing at that, apart from me. I didn't see what was so funny. I didn't have a chance to ask, as at that moment, the school bell rung and we split into three groups to go to our homerooms.

"So, have a good week off?" Bob asked me as we took our usual seats.

"It was quite good actually. Tuesday and Wednesday weren't too fun, but Thursday was awesome and the weekend was cool. You?"

"No, my mum flipped. I was grounded for the entire time - still am actually."

"Sucks for you!" Lissa laughed, lounging back in her chair. "What happened to you and Frank by the way? You sort of disappeared after Wednesday."

I shrugged. "Nothing special. Uhhh, we went to the beach on Thursday."

"Really?" Phin chimed in. "The cove we used to go to?"

"I guess. Frank said he knew it 'cos of you and Lissa."

She raised one of her eyebrows and I smirked slightly. Phin didn't look pleased that I'd been let on to her secret. Well, I didn't mind that I was annoying her.

The conversation moved on fast enough, although I noticed that Phin kept her eye on me until the bell rung again, this time signalling the start of first lesson. As we all got up, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to see it was Phin's.

"Hang on a mo'." I hung back, as she instructed, and waited for the rest of the class to file out. I had English first with her, and she lead me slowly towards the room. Then the girl looked up suddenly, a wide grin painted across her features. I was slightly shocked by her sudden mood change. "Yah know, I'm not tryna hit on Frank. I love him to bits and whatever, but I'm not gonna seduce him."

I was even more shocked when she said that. And fuck knows, I had no idea what to say in response. "Ermm, why are you telling me this?"

"Because I reckon that you think that I wanna date him."

"What was she, some kind of fucking mind reader? "What makes you think that?"

"You hung up on me the other day." Phin shrugged. "And, I dunno, you just act jealous."

Did I? Again, I say fuck. "Well, you did kiss him the first time I met you." She laughed at that.

"True. No, but seriously - just so you know, I'm not fucking with you or something stupid. I'm have my hands full with Andy - pun intended - and have no interest in Frank what so ever; as far as I'm concerned, he's all yours!"

"Thanks I guess."

"Pleasure!" She grinned widely, and walked into the English classroom. I followed close behind, thinking. It was strange really, how both Frank and Phin were insisting that they weren't interested in eachother, when they were continually flirting. Even if I didn't entirely beleive them, it was reasurring to hear them both say that they didn't fancy the other.

I sat down next to Lena, and began to doodle on the inside of my English book, still thinking about Frank and Phin. I suppose they could just be really close friends. And I probably would have believed that if not for that kiss I'd witnessed. Not to mention the fact that Frank admitted to having sex with her. Surely you couldn't go back to being 'just friends' after that? Mind you, if there was something going on between them, he wouldn't have told me that, would he? Oh, I didn't know! Maybe I was just being really paranoid. Anyway, Frank had really done enough to prove he cared about me, and wanted me, over the course of the last week. Well, apart from kissing that guy in the club. Strangely enough, I'd pretty much forgotten about that. Damn Phin for reminding me!

I spent the rest of the lesson mulling things over in my head. By the end of it I'd decided what I needed to do. It was obvious really, just a question of whether or not I'd work up the guts to do it. Out of everyone, there was probably just one person who'd be able to relate to what was going through my head right at that moment. Hell, he'd know exactly what I was on about - I needed to talk to Andy.


It wasn't actually until Thursday that I had a chance to talk to him. I suppose I could have after school on Monday, as we all went to Phin's after school to pick up Frank's guitar and amps. He'd left them there when we left to go to work last Tuesday and neither of us had been back since.

Me and Frank went over to hers to pick them up, and whilst him and Phim were putting the presents into the car I guess I could have asked. I didn't have to bottle to talk about Phin to her boyfriend behind her back, especially in her own house.

By Thursday, I'd worked up the guts though, and the perfect opportunity presented itself. Just before lunch, I was walking out of music, and (almost literally) bumped into Andy coming out of the boy's toilets.

"Hey," he grinned at me.

"Hi!" I smiled back, though I was more than a little nervous at the thought of the conversation I was about to initiate. We made small talk for a while, but by the time we'd got outside, I'd plucked up the courage to ask him. "Hey, um, Andy?"

"Yeah?" He raised an eyebrow and looked down at me. He was really fucking tall. So was his hair.

"What... What do you think about Frank and Phin?"

"What about them?"

To be honest, I was pretty certain he knew what I was on about, but I humoured him. "Well, their... relationship I guess, how they act around eachother."

Andy was silent for a second. Our pace was getting slower and slower; we'd have stopped soon. "I'll admit, I'm not too happy about it." He said finally.

"About what exactly?" I pressed.

He looked very uncomfortable now. We had stopped walking, but were in sight of the trees where everyone was stting. Meaning me and Andy both had a clear view of Frank and Phin laughing together, the girl doubled over as he tried to grab at her. The sight got to both of us, and Andy started talking.

"Look, don't tell anyone, and I mean anyone, but I'm kinda jealous of the two. I mean, I know they've known eachother for years, but they're just too close for my liking. I know I sound like some sort of possesive bastard but I swear Phin trusts him more than she does me. And I'm her boyfriend for fucks sake! Then she's always getting him these expensive presents - like those amps! It just bugs the shit outta me. Not to mention that they're always kissing and flirting - whether I'm around or not!" Andy finished off in an angry huff. He was slightly flushed, as though he was mad enough to have his skin redden. I didn't blame the guy - I felt exactly the same.

"I know how you feel, you've just listed all of the things I don't like 'bout the two of them." I admitted.

Andy sighed deeply and pulled a box of cigarrettes out of his pocket. He offered me one, which I took gratefully, before lighting up. Then he passed me the lighter and I mimicked him and inhaled deeply. Clearly, the principal's warning had had no effect on us. Oh well - this was stressful business.

"They're just so close. It worries me." The older boy said, blowing smoke out of his mouth. "I don't want to say anything though. I'm terrified Phin will just ditch me if I say that I don't like her being such good friends with Frank. Fuck it! That sounds bad even in this situation!"

"Yeah," I agreed. "I have exactly the same problem. "Do you think that they'd actually cheat on us with eachother?" I bit my lip and looked up at Andy, dreading his answer.

"As much as I hate to say it, I have no idea. With Frank especially. I mean, Phin said something to me a while back - at her party actually - that made me lose most of my doubts 'bout her. Anyway, I trust her. Your boyfriend - not so much."

"Why?" I asked, slightly desperate.

"Well, he's a slut. You saw what he was like before he started dating you - sleeping with a different person almost every other night. Sorry Gerard, but I wouldn't actually put it past him to cheat on you."

Great. I thought bitterly. Exactly what I wanted to hear. Just like that, all of my doubts about Frank had reappeared.

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