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yaaaaaay! no dying!!!!!

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well, who reads summarries anyway...

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Gerard busts into your room, and gives you a HUGE hug
"You're pregnant!!!"
"I know!!!"
"that means we're having a kid!!!"
"I know!!!!"
"haha that means you're gonna be fat!!!"
"but then you won't be fat and we'll have a kid!!!!"
"I know!!!!"
"that's so amazing!!!!!"
"I know!!!!"

after a few million more out bursts of that nature, there was a knock on the door, then mikey poked in his head,
"so is it true?"
"that you're pregnant?"
"woah, then you totally had sex!!!!"
"okay, um by the way, the other guys are here!!"

all the guys come in except bob who is yet again missing...
"SO YOU'RE PREGNANT???" all the guys say at once
"WOAH..." they all react at the same time again
"so when's the baby shower?" frank asks
"umm i don't know, haven't had too much time to think about that..."
"I'll buy it a TON of black and red clothes" said Mikey
"I'll make it a bajillion million MCR shirts!!" said Frank
"I'll make shrimp scampi!!!" chimed in Ray
"SHRIMP SCAMPI?!?!?!?" everyone asked
"what? it's the only thing i know how to make... it's unbeleivably easy, you should try it!!"
"oooookaaaay......" gerard said
"well anyway, can we take you home??"
"yeah, the doctor said that was okay"

the doctor comes in
"okay, you can take her home, now, i just hope i don't have to see you guys in here again!
"Yaaaaay! you're discharged!!!"
"Shut up mikey!!"


"what are you doing tonight?"
"well actually mikey called and said the guys were going to go to Ray's house and hang out"
"sounds cool!"
"you sure you're up to it?"
"yeah, i barely even have a lump yet!!!"
"what are you talking about?it's huge!!!!"
"thanks alot!!!"

you go out with the guys and have a good time


"hey, it's frank!!"
"hey frank wazzup?"
"not much, um, we're with Gee, and he wanted me to tell you that he'll be home in an hour"
"why didn't he call me?"
"cuz his phone died"
"oh, well okay, say hi to the boys"

you look down at your stomach, not a huge mound but still visible, you lay down on the couch and watch some TV, you get bored, and break out the cookie dough!
when Gerard gets home you are very messy and the house smells like cookies!! he laughs at the sight of you, then comes over and gives you a hug, you lean your head on him and it feels so good, and you're really happy


you are sitting on the couch watching Sponge Bob on tv, when the door suddenly bursts open,

"Hello, fattie!!!"
"Frank, I haven't seen you in forever!!!"
"yeah i know!!!" gee walks up, and Frank gives him a playful kiss, Gee wipes it off, and laughs, this makes you laugh, and then frank notices your belly
"holy Crap, you're huge!!!!!"
"thanks frank, that does wonders for my self-esteem!!!"
"oh sorry, but i keep forgetting you're pregnant!!"
"haha, well come on in i was so desperate, i was watching spongebob!!!"
"woah that is desperate!!!!"
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