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Three Weeks Later

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Part 4 of 4. The final chapter.

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Ding dong
A package arrived on my doorstep on a unusually quiet Wednesday, my mum brought it to me while I was eating Reese’s Puffs, my new favourite cereal, I put down my cereal and carefully opened the package. As I pulled out the contents I screamed as I saw it was Kerrang! And then screamed again when I saw who was on the cover:
‘GERARD’S NEW GIRL – “I’m living the dream”’
I WAS ON THE FRONT COVER OF KERRANG! WITH A FULL ARTICLE ALL ABOUT ME AND MY BOYFRIEND. I read the article and it all was pretty similar to what I said at Reading, I then handed it to my mum who said,
‘Oh my god you’re on the cover! And there you are again!” She said flicking through the pages,
I sent Gerard a text, ‘HAVE YOU SEEN KERRANG!?X’ and he simply sent back, ‘THOUGHT YOU’D LIKE IT XX’
The cheeky shit. He knew all along. Well it had now been confirmed by my favourite magazine, me, Emily Shorte, was living the dream!

This last one is kind of cheesy but I hope you guys like it! I loved writing this story and I can't wait to see what I come up with next. Now Living The Dream is officially over! Thank you for being such lovely readers :3 xoxo
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