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Date Night

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Gerard sat on the couch, reading a comic book. Everybody else was getting ready.
"GUYS-LOOK! I leaned the bass line from Song 2!", Mikey shouted. He put his finger on the frets and played it. After the first two seconds, no one cared.
"So, Gerard, where Lunette? Not coming?", asked Frank.
"No, we broke up. Maybe soon you'll get to meet my new, new girlfriend."
Frank made a finger gun and put it to his right temple.
"That's it! No more talk of girlfriends, or new girlfriends, or new, new girlfriends", said Ray, "We got lucky last time, but it's SUDDEN DEATH now. OKAY?"
"OKAY!", Gee shouted. He jumped up from the couch and they headed into Heartbreaking Bitch.
They got a whole twelve seconds into the song, until...
that happened.
"IT'S FOR ME!", Gee proclaimed. He swung open the door to find a LynZ with her hair in pigtails. Gerard just stared at it.
"You know your hair?"
(LynZ Ballato, Age: Unknown, Bass Princess)
"It's... kind of adorable."
LynZ blushed. "Thanks. I put my hair up every two days. You'll see it again."
"Come in." He ushered her through the door way.
"LynZ, this is everybody." They waved.
"Hi, I'm Frank. Gee and I actually dated in high school", he stated boldly.
"Got any embarrassing stories?"
"Yeah. He likes it when you fuck him in the ass and then jack him off from behind."
"We'll be leaving now." Gee pulled LynZ along.
She giggled. "It was nice meeting you guys!"
LynZ headed into the bathroom. Gerard and Matt stood at the counter, preparing dinner.
"Dude. I can't do this. She's too good for me!"
LynZ walked out of the bathroom.
"Look, if you strike out in the next hour, I'll be at the record store. Come find me."
LynZ and Gerard sat on the floor, eating lasagna.
"This garlic bread is delicious."
Gerard and LynZ sat in the arm chair.
"I wrote a song about you", said Gee.
"Let me hear it".
He cleared his throat. "When the lights go out, will you take me with you? And carry all this broken bone through six years down in crowded rooms and highways I call home is something I can’t know till now. Till you pick me off the ground with brick in hand, your lip gloss smile your scraped-up knees. And if you stay, I would even wait all night or until my heart explodes. How long until we find our way in the dark and out of harm? You can runaway with me, anytime you want."
"I can't what to hear it when it's finished", LynZ smiled.
Gerard and LynZ sat in front of the bed, making out. LynZ ran her fingers though his hair.
"You're getting pretty shaggy."
(Gerard is acutely aware that his last salon haircut took place exactly 431 days ago- three hours before his big breakup. He's been cutting his own hair ever since.)
"That was so long ago..."
"Sounds like a bad time."
"Oh... not really (It was). It was a mutual thing (It wasn't). At least... she told me it was mutual (She dumped him. It was brutal)."
"What was her name?"
"She was Kat when I knew her. Then she stopped liking that name. She liking me."
"Well, I still like your hair."
Gerard is suddenly wearing a messenger hat.
"Why are you wearing that?"
"I thought we could get some air."
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