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Your Happy Ending

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The fog on the window illuminated the city lights as we’re passing in the car. Jon’s driving, Brendon’s in the passenger’s seat singing along to some song on the radio, and Spencer, Ryan, and I were sitting in the back just staring out of the windows. Nobody except Brendon was making any attempt to talk to each other, but I was okay with that; I didn’t feel like talking much anyways.
“So,” Brendon said looking at me “how’s school?” I shrugged. This was awkward to say the least. To be sitting in a car with my 22 year old man named Brendon that I just found out was my Brother, a 23 year old guy named Jon whose my brother’s friend and band mate, a 18 year old year old named Spencer who is also my brother’s friend and band mate, a boy about the age of 17 who is Jon’s little brother named Ryan, and me a 15 year old named Gabe.
“Ryan’s gonna show you around your new school, right?” Jon asked looking at Ryan. He looked at Jon and nodded then looked back out of Spencer’s window. I hadn’t seen Ryan’s face yet, but I was hoping to soon because according to Brendon Ryan’s a real heartthrob. Of course being the person I am I won’t believe it ‘till I see it.
“So Ryan, Gabe’s only two years younger than you, and I was thinking you two could be like best friends.” Brendon said in a high-pitched, girly tone. I rolled my eyes, but I had to smile.
“Jeez you sure have changed.” Spencer smiled.
“What do you mean?” I asked furrowing my eyebrows.
“Last time I saw you, you had blond hair. Now you have red, which looks great by the way. Did you do it yourself?” Spencer re-directed the conversation.
“Oh, uhm, my mom actually did it.” I smiled, my face turning a bright shade of red. “Wait what do you mean ‘the last time you saw me.’?”
“You wouldn’t remember, you were two years old.” Brendon said rolling his eyes.
“Oh.” I looked at the ground.
“So what happened to your parents anyways?” Jon asked, not taking his eyes off of the road.
“Well,” I began “they were on their way to pick me up from guitar lessons. It was snowing and the roads were icy. A semi-truck spun out of control and hit them head on. They were dead in seconds.” I said looking at the ground, a few tears spilling from my eyes. “The people at social services told me I had a brother and that until I turned 18 I’d have to live with him. Which is how I got here.” I looked up. Brendon noticed my crying and immediately changed the subject.
“So you play guitar?” Brendon asked.
“Yeah. I also play drums, piano, cello, violin, accordion, flute, and I sing.” I shrugged it off like it was nothing new.
“Jeez, you’re like a female Brendon.” Jon laughed. I smiled and blushed again.
“Anyways,” Brendon said smiling “when we get back to the house does Ryan want to spend the night or something?”
“I don’t know, do you Ryan?” Jon asked looking back. Ryan nodded and I swear I saw him smile. I sighed.
“You don’t talk much, do you?” I asked Ryan, putting my hand on his shoulder. He shrugged so I took that as a yes. I laughed a little and put my hand back on the window. “It’s freezing outside isn’t it?” I asked taking my hand away from the window.
“Yeah, it’s a typical Las Vegas night.” Brendon shrugged.
“Hmm, I’m starting to miss warm California more and more.” I laughed.
“Awww, hurtful!” Brendon pouted.
“I’m sowwy! I wuv my big brubber!” I laughed and tapped him on the nose. Jon, Spencer, and Ryan laughed. “Silly hoes! Laugh while you can! For you shall not be laughing for long!” I screamed pointing my finger at each of them. They started laughing even harder. “Meeh, you sluts.” I joked. “Hey Ryaaan.” I smiled.
“Hmm?” He asked raising his head a little. I wrapped my arms around his neck from the side and kissed his cheek. He looked over to me and widened his eyes. I finally can see his face, and boy was Brendon right. He was gorgeous. Chestnut hair falling right above his honey colored eyes. His cheeks were about as red as my hair.
“What was that about?!” Ryan asked touching his cheek.
“Holy shit! He talks!” I screamed pointing at him and gasping.
“Hey! Language missy!” Brendon said narrowing his eyes at me.
“Oh lighten up Mr. Serious.” I rolled my eyes as we pulled into the driveway. I grabbed my bags from the trunk and followed Brendon up to my new room.
“So here’s your room. You bathroom is next door. Kitchens downstairs so you can be fat whenever you want,” I giggled a little bit “My room’s down the hall, and when Ryan stays over his room is right next to yours. He smiled and opened the door to my room. It was beautiful. The walls were painted black with red paint splattered across them and MCR posters everywhere. My king sized bed had black sheets with a red rose and red pillows with a black rose. There was a walk-in closet complete with skinny jeans, beanie hats, converse, MCR and TAI t-shirts, and fingerless gloves. A laptop sat in the middle of a red desk on the other side of the room. “What do you think?” Brendon asked smiling.
“I-its…” I paused looking around the room. “it’s gorgeous!” I smiled and jumped onto my bed face first. Brendon smiled and I ran over to him and hugged him. “Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!” I smiled into his shirt.
“Anything for my baby sister.” He said putting his arms around me.
“Brendon you’re the best big brother ever!” I smiled, kissing his cheek. I hadn’t noticed Ryan standing in the hallway until he had tapped on the door. I looked at his tall, skinny figure standing in the doorway. I took in every single detail of him. I noticed he was wearing black skinny jeans and a… Is that? No way. A My Chem t-shirt!
“Oh my Gerard Way!” I nearly screamed, pointing to his shirt. “You like My Chemical Romance too?” I smiled widely at him.
“Y-yeah.” He smiled back.
“What time is it?” I asked Brendon who was looking at his phone.
“Uhm, 11:13. I have to go to bed. Band practice is early tomorrow and I can’t be late again.” Brendon walked over to me and kissed my head. “Goodnight.”
“Night.” Ryan and I said at the same time. After Brendon walked down the hallway and into his room I turned to Ryan.
“So what do you usually do for fun around here?”
“Well mostly just watch movies, but…” Ryan shrugged.
“What’s your favorite movie?” I asked smiling.
“Uhm I don’t know. The Corpse’s Bride?” I started smiling when he said this.
“Me too.” His smile grew.
“Race you downstairs. He whispered, gently touching my arm.
“You’re on, bitch.” I whispered back before kissing his cheek again. He stood shocked for a minute before realizing I was halfway down the stairs. “Loser.” I said as he walked down the stairs. I was already sitting on the couch, then I realized something. “Do you have some pajama pants and a shirt that I can wear? Mine are all packed in one of my bags and I don’t know which one and I don’t want to be going through them all night.”
“Yeah sure. I have some spare clothes over here.” He started walking up the stairs. I followed him quickly, waiting to get out of my uncomfortable day clothes and into some comfy pajamas.
“Shank you baby.” I said smiling. “Hey Ryaaaaan.”
“Yeah?” He asked standing outside of his room.
“Will you be my best friend?” I asked pouting.
“Damn you and Brendon have the same pout. You can’t say no to the Brendon pout, and I already thought I was your best friend.” He pouted back sadly.
“Yay! I have a best friend!” I jumped up happily.
“Do you have ADHD?” Ryan asked looking through his drawers.
“Yeah… how’d you know?” I asked sitting on the edge of his bed.
“Brendon has it too. Damn one Urie with ADHD is enough.” He laughed and shook his head.
“Jerk.” I laughed.
“Here ya go.” He tossed a pair of red plaid sweatpants that looked really, REALLY comfortable and a My Chemical Romance t-shirt. “Sorry the shirt’s a bit dirty, but I’ve only wore it once.”
“Oh well.” I shrugged, secretly smiling to myself, because the shirt smelled like him. Vanilla and cigarettes.
“Well…” I said making a ‘turn-around motion with my hand.
“Huh… oh, oh sorry.” He covered his eyes and turned around. I quickly got changed, and jumped on his back.
“Onward horsy! Ride! Ride!” I said pointing to the door. He rolled his eyes and laughed. We made our way downstairs, him still carrying me on his back. “Damn.” I laughed when he put me down.
“What?” He asked looking around.
“For such a small kid, you’re pretty damn strong.” I smiled playfully tapping his arm. He faked gasped, putting his hand on his chest in a girly manner.
“I resent that! and who are you calling small, little girl, I’m taller than you and older than you, therefore you lose.” He laughed sitting on the couch.
“Grr. Why you so mean to me?!” I crossed my arms.
“It’s fun.” He laughed.
“Oh it’s fun huh?” I popped my left hip out and stared at him.
“Well… yes.” He smiled.
“Asshole. Go make some popcorn.” I pointed to the kitchen.
“Kaay!” He smiled and skipped towards the kitchen. I put the movie in and sat on the couch. I brought the shirt up to my nose and took a long sniff, it still smelled really good. Oh great, now I sound like a creep. Oh well, it’s the truth.
“Popcorn.” Ryan said walking in with a big bowl.
“Let’s put some butter and salt on that bitch!” I laughed jumping to the kitchem.
“Already done.” He said smiling.
“Gaah I fricking love you now!” I smiled and took a piece of popcorn. We sat down and started watching the movie. We would smile at each other for a couple of seconds every now and then. Halfway through the movie I got bored. “Hey Ryan.” I smiled widely.
“Hmm?” He asked, not taking his eyes off of the screen and throwing a piece of popcorn in his mouth.
“Do you want to go be camerawhores?” I smiled and his head shot towards me.
“Hell. To. The. Fucking. Yes.” He said with a serious face.
“Aaaaand this is why I love you.” I smiled and grabbed his arm. “To the room, my lovely!” I whispered walking into my room.
“Yay for being camerawhores!” He smiled and lifted his shirt. Damn he’s got a pretty sexy body. I laughed and took the picture on my laptop. I took another picture of us smiling and sitting next to each other smiling. We had a great time and Ryan seemed to love being in front of a camera. “Holy shit, it’s 3 in the morning.” Ryan said pointing to the clock in the bottom right hand corner of the computer screen.
“I’m tired.” I said through a yawn.
“Me too.” He stood up.
“Where ya going?” I asked cocking my head to the right and furrowing my eyebrows.
“To my room. To sleep.” He giggled a little.
“You can sleep in here. My bed’s a king sized bed and I don’t think Brendon will care.” I shrugged and looked over to my bed.
“Kay.” He bounced over to my bed and put the covers over himself. He opened the blanket so I could get under.
“Night my secret lover.” I laughed before kissing his cheek and almost falling asleep.
“Night.” He snaked his arm around my waist, which I was perfectly fine with, but immediately pulled back. “S-sorry.” He muttered, turning over so we were back-to-back.
“It’s ok.” I yawned. “Goodnight.” I smiled and drifted off to sleep.
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