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Ideas and whatnot

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Ideas going round my brain!

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011-12-10 - Updated: 2011-12-10 - 309 words

Riiiight! So, I have like 100 ideas going around my tiny brain for stories. I dont know what people would be interested in but i'll show you what ideas I have and see if you guys like them


1. The Man in Black - Frerard. Based off The Woman in Black so if you have read that, you know what its kinda about. For those who havent read the book its basiclly about a man called Arthur Kipps who goes to this place called Crythin Gifford to sort out some papers of a woman who was a client. I wont give too much away but its so darn good!

2. Black Dragon Vampire Society - Frerard...WITH VAMPIRES!

3. A Killjoy frerard - (Why am I obsessed with Frerard?!!?) I have thought of a name yet but it will be about The Fabulous Killjoys and they are on a mission to save a captured killjoy but, lets say all doesnt go to plan.

4. The Spies Who Love Us - This WONT be a frerard and it will be about the band (Including Bob) and they are spies on a undercover mission in France to stop a man who is planning to destroy the UK. I may hold auditions for this as the spies will meet some girls along the way and they fall in love, hence the title.

5. Of Mice and Gentlemen - Its going to be like Of Mice and Men but its a little diffrent. I may hold an audition for this for some characters and it will be set in a English farm because its easier for me as I am from England.

Okay. I think I covered everything I need to cover. I am continuing the stories I am doing right now, the next updated one will be either The Shoebox Army or Damned and Divine.
Emily ;)
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