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This world is after me

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Ever has never fit in anywhere.She lives with her dad in england after her mum started doing drugs and alcohol.But now her mum insists she's clean and wants her back-in new jersey-will she fit in?

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Hey, this is the first chapter so not much to say-if you like it tell me if you don’t and think it’s a load of utter shit.TELL ME!!! So R&R so I can make my mind up as to whether or not I'm going to write more!!

Evers POV
I turn too sharply at the end of my street and end up performing a tremendous face plant onto the scalding pavement.
"Typical “I think "Why do I always trip when there are people around?"
It’s nearing the end of August and the summer holidays so people are making the most of the heat. A few people snigger at my fall, ashamed for laughing while others just outright laugh.
I roll myself into a sitting position, only to find I'm face to face with the culprit of my fall. A pair of dirty red converse, with scuffed toes. A pathetic excuse of white laces, trailing and wrapping themselves around my ankles in an attempt to trip me up.
"Well not exactly an attempt “A not so random voice comments as I tie my laces and pick myself up of the ground. I quicken my pace to a slow jog as I become aware of eyes boring into the back of my black, Black veil brides hoodie.
I live with my dad, in England, my mum lives in America (New Jersey) but that’s a story for another day.
The problem with my street is that there’s a park at the bottom.
A park where everybody goes;
A park where kids play and adults sit and stare;
A park where chavy teenagers sit and call you names;
A park I have to walk through to get anywhere.
Right, now my destination is the swimming baths. It’s where I go when I need to get out the house. I don’t go to swim (I hate swimming) I go to sit on the balcony that overlooks the indoor pool. I sit in the same corner every time. Top right, earphones in, hood up. It’s free to sit on the balcony so I take little money. Just enough to buy a hot chocolate and mars bar.
I turn onto the main street and start another argument with my head, debating hot chocolate or coffee. As my head screams ‘need caffeine’, I yearn for thick, warm chocolaty goodness.But; my argument is cut short with yet another meeting with the pavement.”I didn’t trip the ground needed a hug” I chuckle to myself. I stand up to tie my laces but see that they are tied and tucked into my shoes. I frown and straighten my back to see Johnny. Johnny’s short, but reaches the right height so that it’s easy for him to punch me in the stomach. I hunch in pain, but his second throw to my abdomen is obstructed by my hanging head which is, now, taking most of the beating. From the position I’m in I can’t see Johnny and his gang but I can see their feet. Johnny is still throwing punches at my face but i see someone walk behind me and I feel something hit the back of my knees. Johnny stops punching as my knees go out from under me. For the third time today, I hit the pavement. The guys resume their kicking and I feel my fingers crack where mark (Johnny’s second in command) stands on my hand.
“You’re pathetic, emo, I never get a word out of you, a punch, nothing” Johnny sneers as he kicks me again.
I roll onto my back and look him right in the face”Dick”I spit blood in my mouth. “What?”
“I said `Dick’ that’s a word or have you skipped to many English classes, so don’t understand “That earned me another kick, but I needed to do something. I had taken enough shit from him and his fake, orange girlfriend.
Instead of going to the swimming baths, I go to Tanya’s .She’s Dads new girlfriend, we’re not exactly best buds but she’s the only person I can go to. I have no friends, Dad would freak out and call the police, I can’t go to the doctors because they’d ask what happened and call the police.
So it’s Tanya. I walk up the hill, Tanya lives on, slowly, breathing heavily from the heat and the pain in my stomach. I put my hood up so people can’t see my face and carefully put on my fingerless skeleton gloves. My hands are a-kind-of purple colour with tiny scratches from Marks shoes.
I turn into Tanya’s garden and frown at the door. I can’t knock my hands hurt enough as it is. I kick the bottom of the door twice. I look through the frosted glass and see a light go on inside. The sound of the lock rolling over answers my question as to whether she’s in or not.
“Oh, Ever “Tanya whispers. She throws open the door fully and wraps me in a bear hug as I try to hold back tears. She nudges the door closed with her foot and whispers ”Cry, it will makes you feel better “into my ear.
Hope you liked it! I’ve written the next two chapters so I’ll probably post them anyway-unless you think it is complete utter shit and it would kill people if they read it’ll! LOL Please R&R
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