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Long-Haired Hero

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Don't wann give it away, BUT ITS EXCITING! I HOPE

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Frank rushes over as I clutch my hand to my chest, no doubt howling in pain from the unexpected sudden burst of white-hot pain flood through my shaking hand. I saw Gerard...? I am so godamned confused at everything, and now Franks suddenly here and he’s in some strange robe. He kneels beside me, wraps his arms protectively around my shaking body and pulls my head into the comfort of his warm chest, intoxicating me with the familiar comforting scents of coffee and soap and...blood. No there can’t be, no one is bleeding..Yet at the same time there is the unmistakable smell of the infamous red liquid, and I don’t mean Kool-aid kiddies. What if he- All thoughts are severed from my brain as his lips touch the top of my head. I wrap my arms cautiously around Franks waist, feeling something cold and metal pressed against my chest. I tilt my head up to ask about it when suddenly all capability of forming words is lost to me. His eyes hold me in place as I stare unashamed into their depths of breathtaking brilliance. Time passes slowly or not at all as we lean slowly towards each other, never failing to stare deep into each other eyes. Closer and closer we turn, hearts speeding faster and faster, arms wrapping tighter and tighter around each other until I remember, Gerard.

As soon as his name flashes through my mind, a voice from the doorway screams piercingly and in horror:

I look over at the source of the noise to see Gerard standing there, eyes flashing in horror. My arms are still wrapped around Franks waist and I search his face for an explanation, suddenly his face contorts in anger and tiredness. Confused as hell, with a killer headache, I really don’t want to deal with hallucinations at the moment so I bury my head into Franks chest wanting to fell warm, protected and wanted.

I freeze. Am I hallucinating again or is...

I realize with absolute horror what is going on. Franks fingers have made their way down to my zipper on my jeans and is unzipping them fiercely, ripping the button open.
“Fra- NO! What are you doi-” I start but choke on my words as Frank shushes me with a hard punch to the stomach. He tears the jeans from my legs as I squirm helplessly on the ground as he ravages my legs as he rips my boxers off as well.

Done with taking of my lower body, he starts on my shirt and I get a brief look into the eyes I was previously lost in moment ago. Those eyes that were so full of care and love are now filled with pent up anger and lust. He’s beyond recognizable now, and this strange man is trying to get off my shirt as I fight tooth and nails against his powerful grip of suffocation.

In utter desperation and fear I shout out to my protector..

“GERARD! HEL-” I try but are immediately cut off by a sharp slap to the face by Frank.

Suddenly Frank yells out in pain as he flies off my half-naked body, I close my eyes and immediately curl up into a fetal position to wait out the fight between whoever saved me, whether it was really the dead, gone, deceased Gerard or not. I hear more fizzling as the two men fight, thuds and yelps and profanities can be heard, but I still hide my eyes from the nightmare this night has been. Suddenly, It stops. Dead silence except for the faint panting of the two opposing men. I cautiously open my eyes to the scene before me.

Sun peaks over the yard as I stop breathing at the sight before me. In the morning sunlight I see two figures about three metres from me. They are across from each other, both facing each other, standing defiantly tall. They both are clad in robes, which are billowing in the wind. Both have the appearance of being male, but my hero has longish hair, hair like Gerard’s. I start to wonder why they stopped so abruptly when I see what Frank is holding, soething cold and metallic, something that both wins and ends wars, something that was pressed against my chest only minutes ago when I thought everything was O.K, that I was safe. I didn’t know then that I would need to be saved by him.

Frank was holding a gun.

And It was pointed directly at my savior.

Franks hand, fuck his whole arm is trembling, more like flailing around as he tries to hold the weapon steady.

Then, I do something no sane person should ever do, something that screams “Ahhh use your common sense fuckhead”, something that is to this day the most insanely, incomprehensibly, nonsensical idiotic thing I have ever done.

I threaten Frank. I godamn threaten the insane, Multiple Personality Disordered man with a gun, who had tried to rape me within the past 15 minutes.

“Don’t.You.Fucking.Dare.You.Motherfucking.Physco.Bitch.” I spit as I slowly grab hold of the escaping reality and stand up to face this monster, I stand up to, inevitably die.
Frank slowly spins around, and with him, his gun also. His eyes flash manically in the orange haze as his deranged face turns to face my defiant one.
“What did you say?” Frank says dangerously as his hand steadies and finger tightens around the trigger.
“I said, You disgusting Motherfucker th-” But I never finish me sentence as I hear the long-haired hero scream:
“NOOOO!” And he charges down Frank but it’s too late and I watch in slow motion as Franks face empties itself of all emotion and his finger pulls the fated trigger.

Thats pointed directly at me.

I realize in slow motion as I hear the obnoxiously loud gunshot tha I am going to die. I feel the weighted bullet worm its way into my heart as I collapse onto the ground. I am concious on some level of my mind and can feel my precious red blood seep onto the ground. I hear more gunshots and running as someone kneels down beside me.
Voices cloud my ears, words undistinquishable. I feel a pair of lips press gently against my own and as I took my final breath I felt...alive.

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