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first ever killjoy story tell me if its shit or not? :D

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yeah this is my first evah killjoy story and i would truly like to know if this is shit or not so review please oh and these are alll real killjoys
"Terrible Teenager come on we have to go ! We'll try again another time!" Hostile Halo yelled at me .

"No! Im getting Lovely Killer! You go! I'll bring her back!" I said , there was no way in hell i was gonna give up on her. I fired my sniper at every drac i saw. The others started to run towards the car. When they drove away, I chucked a hand granade at some dracs moving to follow them.

Then I did it, I let myself get captured by the s/c/a/r/e/c/r/o/w unit. I had to get back Lovely Killer , at whatever cost.

They took me staright to him. I was disgusted by the bald man in front of me. His disgustingly clammy face, his beady eyes, his suited form,.....I hated it all. "Back for your friend?" he asked. He took my chin in his hand.

I spit in his face and gritted out,"Go . Die." He smiled and pointed to the dracs restraining me.

"Why dont you show her her commrad?" he said.They dragged me away but not before i could get a good kick in his face. His head snapped back and his nose began to bleed. A stupid damned draculoid held a gun to my head while people took care of korse.

I walked down the hallway with my arms behind my back. I felt naked , wrong. I glanced down and realized why, i didnt have my guns! Nooooo, i wanted to scream, those are my fucking babies!!!!

Yeah.... theres some stuff you should know aboout me. Like for instance Im the killjoy who is gun obsessed. You also might be asking why in hell a killjoy let herself get captured. The truth is ,I have to . If i dont i could lose my best friend and partner, Lovely Killer.

I lost her to some dracs when we ere out looking for lost killjoys, we always do this. They surrounded us and we went out to fight . They got Lovely Killer and dragged her into their car then drove away. I tried to go after but another team knocked me into a ditch then i hit my head and blacked out. Death Destiny saw (she sees the future) me lying in the ditch and came to get me with Heartbroken Hellraiser, Couragous Cougar, Hostile Halo, Seraphim Shock and Dark Riotheart.

They were the first things i saw when i woke up. The first thing they said (after asking if i was ok) was " Wheres Lovely Killer?" I started to cry and everybody was around asking me what happened. I was barley able to choke the words out. Death Destiny hugged me and started to cry too. We were both very close to Lovely Killer.

That night everybody moarned the lose of Lovely Killer. Well, everybody but me, that night I vowed that i would get her back at whatever the cost.

Een now , being thrown into a cell by some dracs , its all for her. hit the ground and looked around . When i saw it i couldnt believe my eyes. There, lying in the center of the room , bloody and broken was Lovely Killer!

yes ? no ? maybe? i have the 2nd chapter written but it depends if anybody reads this or not!
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