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This chapter is mostly an author's note...I'm sorry. I just wanted to say that my cowriter, xXLayalxX has helped me cement the plot. Well, knowing me, there'll be an oddball, but still. Anyway. As to why I'm posting this. My piano teacher said I had to write as song. Or I could, whatever. And to me, writing a song is like fake practicing the piano--something I do when I'm too damn lazy to ACTUALLY PRACTICE. So I left the notebook I use to write this story with at school, halfway through the next chapter. Here's a spoiler. PARIS BABY!!! (ahem) back to the subject. I was practicing piano when I decided to write a song. And I wrote it about this story...Yeah, my teacher might not ever see it, but I thought could at least post this if nothing else. I don't have the piano music to it uploadable, but here are the words....

The chains that bind me
Grow stronger still
Pulling me down
Pulling me back
Pulling me away
Towards all I have done

Escape is possible
Yet so afraid of me
Why can't I seem
To let it be?

I try to move on
But I can't escape
I'm going insane

Hide me
Lock me up inside
Let it be
I can't seem to find a way
to get out of this
The tear shed
All because of

Waddaya think? I personally can't read lyrics without knowing what the song sounds like or I go insane. But yeah...This is about Gerard. It might make more sense later, but for now, deal. ALSO, BEFORE I GO I'd like to inform you I've started another story. It's a historical Frerard, set in 1870 NJ. And it has Jamia and Lindsey (who I know very little about), and EVERYONE falls in love with someone...I'm still on the first chapter. Writing the second now, I might even post it tonight! I'm excited! "It Would Seem I'M Going To Hell":
LIVE LONG AND STRONG, AND FUCK YO GABBA GABBA FOR FUCKIN G WITH MY BRAIN!!!(I mean, they had MCR on!!!!!! Fuck them. Fuck them very very much...Hee hee Lily Allen.) OMIFUCK I JUST LOOKED AT MY OTHER STORY IT WENT GREEN!!!!!
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