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Marry me?

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Rated for language. Frank and Gerard promised to marry each other if they were single when they were thirty. Read? (One-shot)

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*Note! I have nothing against the wives; this just came into my head!! It was created out of complete boredom!!

F: Do you remember when we were younger?
G: I remember a lot of things from when we were younger.
F: True; but do you remember that we said that if neither of us were married by the time we were thirty-
G: that we’d marry each other? Yeah, what about it?
F: Well you’re thirty-four and single and my thirtieth is in a few days…
G: Your point?
F: Well were both single and thirty.
G: You’re twenty-nine.
F: Fine. We’ll both be thirty or over in a few days.
G: so?
F: C’mon! Are you really that daft?
G: Apparently. Now what are you getting at?
F: We should get married!
G: Why would we do that?
F: ‘Cause we promised each other!
G: Oh yeah.
F: Well?
G: Well what?
F: Are we?
G: Are we what?
F: Oh come on! Stop being such a douche!
G: I’m not being a douche!
F: Yes you are!
G: No I’m not.
F: Yes you are!
G: Not.
F: Are!
G: Not.
F: Dammit you fucking are!
G: Are what?
F: Oh my fucking gosh! You are fucking irritating!
G: No I’m not, you are.
F: No I’m not!
G: Yes you are.
F: Not!
G: Are.
F: Not!
G: Are. You so are there’s no denying it.
F: You know what? Fuck you Gerard.
G: You know you want to.
F: Asshole.
G: Is that where you like it?
F: What? No! You’re just- argh!
G: You mean you don’t wanna have sex with me?
F: No! Wait, yes! I do, it’s just- you’re being a dick!
G: Oh so you do huh? Well now why didn’t you say so!
F: What the- eeep!
G: You know like it! Take it, bitch! Take it!
F: Unngh Gee! Shit! Ow! Fuck! Gee baby… right fucking there!
G: Filthy whore. You fucking love it, doncha bitch!
F: Oh yeah…
G: Harder?
F: Is there any other way?
G: Depends.
F: On – fuck! – What?
G: On – fuck! You’re so tight! – On how you answer my question.
F: What question?
G: Nu-uh. Not so fast. You’re gonna have to fucking beg for it.
F: B-beg? I don’t even know what I’m begging for!
G: So? Beg bitch. Fucking beg!
F: Please baby – unnggghh – please ask me!
G: Aw you gotta do better than that!
F: Please? Fucking please? Please? Plee-ease? Please!
G: Well…
F: Please! Ask me?! Please!
G: Okay. Are you ready?
F: For what – oh! Fuck! Faster baby!
G: So you don’t wanna hear the question?
F: I do baby, it’s just – oh!
G: Oh?
F: You’re-just-to-good!
G: Why thank you!
F: Can you ask me now please?
G: Okay. Franklin Anthony Thomas Iero…
F: Yes?
G: Will you…
F: Yes!
G: Do me…
F: Already am…
G: The honour…
F: Oh so now it’s an honour?
G: Of…
F: Dammit Gerard! Fucking asking me!
G: Becoming…
F: Yes!
G: You don’t even know what I was gonna ask you! Now shut up and listen!
F: O…Kay
G: Would you do me the honour of becoming my husband?
F: …
G: Frankie?
F: I thought you’d never ask.
G: So?
F: So… the answer is yes. Yes, Gerard Arthur motherfucking Way, I will marry you.
G: Hehe ok. And by the way, it’s Gerard Arthur Frankiefucking Way ‘Cause I would never fuck my mother.
F: … Okay. Now will you go harder?
G: … mkay.
F: Tha – oh fuck!


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