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The Only Hope for Me is You

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Oh No....

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fjghdfghlsfghljgh Hey kids! just finished snorting some cocaine off of my laptop keyboard!!!!!!( by that I mean 'Here is le chapter, it is le 5am, I need to le sleep. Have Le Fun!!!)


12 days later

To: S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W

From: xFun-Ghoulx: Okay scarecrow, my guy's still alive. I wanna see you kill your new boy. XO bitch


from: S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W:I just got a webcam, I'm getting everything set up. Hooray ghouly I'M MAKING A SNUFF FILM! And you can watch it live!


From: xFun-Ghoulx: Oh boy can't wait XD 2am? Do I get to see what you look like Mr. Mystery?


from: S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W: Yes yes, its bound to happen eventually. 2 it iz.


That Pitch black VW was parked across the street again.I stood on the edge of the corner, trying to look mysterious and alluring. I tried crossing his ankles while leaning against a pole, to add effect. But I, lacking grace, lost balance and tumbled over. The sleek black rabbit edged up to his corner. I swauntered over to it.

"Looking for...something to do? Cause thats what I do!"

I said awkwardly, then saving it with a grin that would have made a straight man's heart stop.

"Get in babe"

I swung myself into the white leather interior, the john looked to be about 20 or so with Curly shock of auburn hair and a round face.

I resisted the urge to say something either dehumanizing or sarcastic 'Welcome to Gerard, I'm Gerard, how may I serve you today' I tried to stifle a laugh at my own superior genius but failed because the afroman looked over at me. My cheeks went red.

"Whats so funny."He said

"Oh, nothing"

" Don't mock the fro"

"Its not that, y'know when you think of something really funny but inappropriate for the situation?" The man looked at him baffled before a knowing looked crossed his face, fading to amusement, he nodded.

"Yeah, like inner commentary. Are you gonna tell me what it was or is it up to my imagination?" I knew that was a come on.

"Its up to your imagination" I leaned over whispering in his ear. I could almost hear the shiver in his spine. I placed a hand on his chest.

"I'm Gee by the way. Just so you know it when you call out"

"You stole that line from Buffy" Shit

"uhh...I..." He laughed,

"Your cute," He pulled me against him placing his hands over the small of my back so that he could slide his fingers down the arch of my spine.

The kiss wasn't as purely lustful as I usually experience but held a delicate type of yearning that only vaguely masked...anger?

The older man slid his hand over my cheek, pressing his thumb against my bottom lip. He brushed the thickened heal of his thumb over my teeth. Then into my mouth, he pressed against my tongue, tasting like paste and honey.

He smiled at me, and I tried to smile back around his thumb " Wah ah youh smihlin'?"
I asked and proceeded to giggle at my own voice.

I knew I'd been drugged, no question, but thats so weird that his thumb was hahahahahaha....ohohohooooooh no... this is bad

shitfuckdamncunt, "hewlp meeee frankieeee?"

I slurred

Then it all went black.

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