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Sibling rivalry...

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The New York streets were virtually empty, everyone was inside their homes, or at least sheltered. Rain was pouring down, flooding the storm drains. The water pounded on the windows, tapping on the glass rhythmically.

Gerard listened carefully to the sounds around him, trying to find out where he was. He was bound and blindfolded, unable to move. His hearing seemed to be heightened as his other senses seemed to slightly fade. Gerard had lost feeling in his arms before he even awoke, and now he just felt rather detached.

However, a sound from behind him seemed to jolt some life back into his body.

"H-hello? Who's there?" Gerard asked, his own voice seeming foreign and weak. There was a tremble in his words that unmistakably showed signs of fear.

Another sound, though this time it was the quiet noise of light footsteps. Gerard felt someone starting to remove the blindfold carefully. He could barely feel himself shaking as light suddenly attacked his sensitive eyes.

Gerard could feel someone close to him, kneeling behind his bound form. They were so close that he could almost feel that tingling sensation of someone else's skin upon his. He wanted to glance over his shoulder and see who was so calmly breathing on his neck, but he couldn't gather the courage to do so.

The person pressed their face into the curve of Gerard's neck, smiling. "How would you like it if I saved you from yourself... brother?"

Gerard shuddered. "Mikey", he sighed, relieved. "Thank God you're here. I would've never got out of this, you know."

Mikey placed his hands on his brother's shoulders, slowly trailing his fingers down his chest. "Oh, that's not why I'm here", he said with a small smirk. "In fact, you're going to stay this way."

Gerard felt like his heart was going to burst through his chest. "What? No... you've gotta get me outta here. What the hell are you gonna do?" he asked, starting to panic again. This wasn't right... not at all.

The younger man laughed quietly. "Don't you even want to know why you're here? Or how I somehow knew how to find you? Surely you can't think it's a coincidence. So why would I help you?"

Gerard squirmed uncomfortably. "C'mon, Mikes. T-this isn't funny!" he whimpered. "You've had your fun, just let me go!"

Mikey stood, removing his hands from his brother. He stalked around to the front of Gerard, staring down at him before crouching down to eye level. "Don't you get it? This isn't a game, Gee. And trust me when I say that I haven't even begun to play with my new toy yet."

Gerard tried to move his arms. "What are you talking about?"

Mikey just sighed in annoyance, then chuckled, shaking his head. "Oh, I don't know. Maybe you would, except for the fact that I never get to speak my mind. It's always 'Gerard says this' or 'Gerard thinks that'. Never get to say a fucking word when you're around", he spat angrily. Mikey stood and took a few steps back. "But it doesn't matter now. Because tonight, you're gonna shut the hell up."

Gerard shook his head. "Mikey, please. I would say I was sorry, but I don't even know what I'd be apologizing for! I swear, I really don't understand."

His brother rolled his eyes, obviously getting pissed. "Of course you don't." Mikey turned and started pacing the large, empty room slowly. "It isn't obvious enough for you, is it? Do I have to explain again?"

Gerard stuttered quietly. "I don't-- I mean, you didn't explain it very well. I didn't completely get it--"

Mikey spun around. "Just shut up! I never gave you permission to even speak, let alone start make a bunch of fucking excuses", he seethed. "Every goddamn time, Gerard. You always open your mouth."

Gerard grew quiet, staring at his lap. "I'm sorry--"

Mikey was in front of him in mere seconds, his hand flying across his older brother's jaw. "I said shut up! It's my turn to talk!" he cried childishly. His eyes flashed with anger. "Don't say another word unless I tell you to, you got that?" Gerard just nodded obediently.

Mikey turned his back again, returning to his pacing. He seemed to be thinking hard, his face contorted into an expression of unbreakable concentration. He suddenly stopped walking. "Do you know what it's like to have to live your life on the stage, but never be able to be in the spotlight?" Mikey asked quietly.

He paused for a moment and shook his head. "No, you don't. Because you've always been in the spotlight, Gee. You and Frank. I just got to watch, you know that? I guess it was easier for Bob and Ray. They aren't related to you. But I am... I'm your brother." Mikey turned to face Gerard. "Doesn't that mean anything?"

Gerard just stared at Mikey in disbelief. He couldn't say anything. He was too afraid of what his own flesh and blood might be capable of.

"I thought it did. I wondered if maybe things would change", Mikey said almost regretfully. "But it was always the same. So I figured maybe I could change things myself. Maybe I could be the center of attention for once." A small smile crossed his face. He seemed to be proud of whatever he was planning. He turned and started pacing once more.

"I figured maybe if you weren't here, I could finally stop being just 'Gerard's little brother'."

Not... here?

"You wanna know how long I've been planning this?" Mikey continued with a chuckle. "God, two years. I've felt this pain so much longer, but I finally started planning to do something about it two fucking years ago. It was a hard decision, but it's going to be worth it." He grinned and pulled something out of his jacket and turned around. He had a small handgun in his fingertips. "Don't be surprised. You've been expecting it the whole time, huh?" he laughed. "Go ahead. Tell me what you think."

Gerard's eyes got wide and he started to stutter again. "Mikes, please, don't do this! I'm your brother! I've been there for ya since the beginning. I never, ever wanted to hurt yo like this, I swear!" he cried, pulling at his restraints roughly.

Mikey smirked. "I know you're my brother. I could never overlook that. But if you would've paid attention to me, this wouldn't be happening."

Gerard shook his head. "Mikey, we've always been so close! How can you even suggest this? I've always been there to stick up for ya and everything. If you let me go, I'll never tell anyone this happened. I promise!"

His brother shot him a look before slowly raising the gun, but not cocking it. "No, I don't trust you."

Gerard just whimpered and slumped down a bit. "Please... I just don't understand... I haven't done anything!"

Mikey growled. "Like hell you haven't! If you would have just been more--" he stopped, not feeling the need to finish as he stalked over to Gerard and kneeled down next to his side. "You've always been there. And I guess that maybe, that's the problem."

He pressed the cool metal to his brother's temple as he cocked the gun. Mikey's rested his forehead on Gerard's shoulder, as he couldn't seem to watch. "You see, you can never know someone enough."

Mikey's finger brushed the trigger as he contemplated for a moment. "I'm sorry, brother. But this has to be done. I'm not afraid of what's going to happen to me anymore, because I know I'm stronger. I've stopped looking up to you because... well, you couldn't even convince your own kid brother not to kill you. And for that", he said, his voice lowering to a whisper, "You're weak." Mikey pulled back his finger as the gunshot sounded, and Gerard's whimpers were silenced almost immediately. His body stopped shaking and everything was still.

Mikey stood, wiping the blood off of his face with his sleeve. Yes, everything was finally still.

Just a strange little thing I came up with... I just kind of noticed that if you watched carefully, Mikey never really got the chance to say things around the Revenge/Black Parade era... and Gerard never shut up... so I turned it into something xD
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