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Mafia Detox?

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If ye liked First of the Gang to Die...

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Yo.'s it going?

I have a proposition for all ye lovely lads who have read First of the Gang to Die.

I have written a sequel to it.

Okay, okay; let's get something out in the open here; I fucking loved writing First of the Gang. I know that might sound sad or pathetic or maybe even cocky or something...but it has been motherfucking HARD giving that shit up. My friends fucking despise First of the Gang; it's all I freaking talk about.

The last week (I finished writing on the 19th and it is now the 26th) I have been recovering from my Mafia story. It's been like detox for me. For the last five months I have been thinking in the mindset of FOTGTD; if I see a suit, I think of First of the Gang. Rabbits make me cry cuz I think of Gerard and Frank. Oreo's; the Don and his husband sitting in his lap, of course. The other day my Home Ec teacher told me to go buy two per cent milk for our recipe or whatever. I went to the shop and stopped at the milk aisle and the voice in my head started screaming out in protest. I honestly could not buy the two per cent. I got given out to but I couldn't buy it.

What I'm trying to say is that I fucking adore writing that story. And now I miss it. I can't fucking go a day without reading it; it's like my smack. For me Gerard Way is not the lead singer of My Chem anymore, he's the Don of the Italian Mafia in the thirties. Frank is his husband, Luciana is this person who seems so real I could draw her.

Now what I'm asking you, loyal readers, if it should be applied to your reading devises. (Lornaigh what the fuck is wrong with you?) Would it be cool? Would it fucking suck? Would it seem cliche? Should I put down the Mafia pen? Does the world need another fancy sequel?

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

I have it written already; it's much shorter and not as good as the original, but hey, I'm a stupid cunt. It will be called 'Viva Hate' (after an album by Morrissey; like FOTGTD is his song) and half of it will focus on Gerard and Frank's life in Italy; the other half will be Bandit running the Mafia.

Tell me (or Jane) how ya feel. If this gets enough (let's say around ten) reviews then we'll give it a go. If not, we move on with our lives and no more Frerard-y Mafia-ness anymore.


xoxo lornaigh
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