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Mikey would always see Gerard through his fears. Oneshot, not a Waycest.

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It was a quiet night on the bus. Frank and Ray had both gone out to a party that Mikey had likewise been invited to, but the younger Way brother had opted out of. He instead planned to spend a peaceful evening with his elder brother Gerard, which would, undoubtedly, consist of coffee and movies and whatever else his ever so hyperactive and dominant brother wished to do.

As predicted, Gerard quickly approached him with a Harry Potter boxset and a little uncooked baggie of microwave popcorn, handing them both to Mikey with a hopeful grin. Mikey returned Gerard's smile slightly, nodding and taking the items.

People had always remarked that Gerard and Mikey were a rather interesting contrast with one another. While Gerard was older, he was always more childish and the other vise versa. Mikey never really minded, for another unusual thing about their relationship was that they were abnormally close, and had an unyielding bond, so that they were often teased by their band mates for being attached at the hip.

Yet neither had ever been ashamed to say they loved the other, although Mikey had always been much more quiet about it. It had always been Gerard's job to be the speaker between the two, while Mikey preferred to only speak when spoken to.

”Cheese powder!” Mikey heard Gerard exclaim behind him as he put in a DVD. Gerard had always enjoyed sprinkling cheese powder on his popcorn, a habit that Mikey was never fond of.

”No.” was Mikey's only response.

”Ugh whatever.” Gerard whined, ” I'll just put mine in a separate bowl.”

”Fine, if you don't mind getting all the heart burn you got last time all over again.” Mikey scolded.

”Nope!” Gerard chirped stubbornly before opening the packet of orange powder with his teeth. Mikey did a small shake of the head. On second thought, there were times where Gerard's immaturity did irk him a tad. And those moments were usually when Gerard was doing something that was blatantly bad for him.

Again despite being younger, Mikey had blossomed much earlier than Gerard in almost everyway. He had lived out his immature phases, and his times of being as outspoken as Gerard was presently.

It was due to this that it was Mikey who had been pulled aside by their grandmother Elena years ago, who then told him: ”You must take good care of your brother. He's spent so much of his life in that damn basement, I don't know how Donna thinks he can possibly survive on a music tour full of people he's never met when we've just barely gotten him to say hi to the people he does know. You know better though, so keep an eye out for him. Protect him, and I just pray that soon he'll break out if his shell so he can do the same for you.”

”I will.” Mikey had said with a smile before he gave Elena one if the last real hugs they would ever share.

Of course it is common knowledge that Mikey had failed at that task in the beginning of their musical careers. As young rock stars do, both Mikey and Gerard got into plenty of drugs and alcohol, and Mikey often wondered if he had done a better job of his duties, if perhaps Gerard would not have needed intoxication so desperately.

Nonetheless, the first few eras of their careers were long gone, and they were just about to enter the exciting era of Danger Days, which they hoped would be everything opposite of what the name implied.

Halfway through the movie. They both sat staring with their individual bowls of popcorn, one intently watching the screen and one going between the movie and his cellphone.

And suddenly, the door opened.

This was strange from the beginning, as Frank and Ray were still not expected for many more hours, or even not within the night.

Three people came inside, all of them stumbling slightly. They were three men, all red in the face and clearly drunk. Both Way brothers recognized them instantly as members of the lighting crew which had been hired only recently.

”Hey...” Gerard greeted them hesitantly, about to ask them if they were lost. Mikey stayed stoic and glaring, as though a cat ready to attack.

”Woah! What the fuck is Mikey doing here?” the tallest, blonde one asked the others. ”I thought you sent him an invite to the party!”

”I did!” Said another with shoulder length black hair, as though the brothers were not right in front of them. ”He must have not gone!”

”What should we do?" asked the third one who had not yet spoken.

”Carry on, I guess. Just hold the other one down.”

”Mikey!” the blonde one yelled. ”We've come to collect.”

Gerard looked at his young brother in confusion. ”What is he talking about Mikes?”

When Mikey did not answer, the one with raven hair answered for him. ”We're talking about the fact that Mikey here borrowed nearly 300 bucks from us weeks ago, and has yet to pay back a single penny!”

”What?!?” Gerard gasped turning back to Mikey, who now had his head bowed. ” Mikey, why didn't you just ask me?”

Again Mikey did not acknowledge Gerard, instead turning to the three men. ”I'll have it next week alright?”

”That's what you keep saying!” said the other with short black hair. ”It's too late for that now Mikes.”

Mikey tensed, and Gerard frowned. The red haired boy then got up from where he sat and fetched out his wallet. ”Here, I'll just pay it. Exactly how much does he owe?”

”Too late for that now.” smirked the large blonde. ”We've come for something more than money.”

Mikey stood at this point, clearly uneasy. He turned to Gerard and did his best not to show the fear that he felt trickling through his skin.

”Gee,” he said, ”I want you to get off the bus for a little while, okay?”

”Oh no.” A member of the trio was quick to say. “He's who we came for.”

”Don't you fucking touch him!” Mikey screamed suddenly, making everyone jump. Yet his voice was cracking, and there was a frantic hint in it that was obvious.

“Sorry kiddo. We warned you.”

And just like that, the man with shoulder length hair grabbed Mikey roughly, placing him into a tight hold. Mikey felt something hard and metal press up against his back, and he knew that they were holding a gun to him.

“Mikey!” Gerard yelled, trying to get to his brother. But the other two men were advancing on Gerard quickly, blocking Gerard from going anywhere but backwards.

“Gerard, try to run!” Mikey yelled back at him as he struggled in the arms of the man who held him.

Yet Gerard had little to no chance of running past two men who were much larger and much more bulky than he. He found himself in their grips soon enough, and one of them worked quickly in order to strip him of his shirt.

Gerard screamed angrily, trying to elbow the one who had removed his shirt in the face. He missed, and ended up receiving a blow to the head that knocked him to the floor instead.

He landed on his belly, leaving his exposed back defenseless. Both men kicked him multiple times in order to keep him down, and Gerard could do nothing but twitch and squeal underneath their boots and shoes.

“Stop! Stop!” Mikey screeched, trying his best to think of a way out of the horrible situation they had found themselves in.

They of course would not stop, and continued to kick Gerard until their hearts content. When they finally did cease, Gerard was already heavily bruised. One of them bent down and removed Gerard’s rather tight jeans, pulling them down to unveil a bright blue pair of undies. Gerard kicked at them hopelessly, and they only flipped him around to turn him on his back.

The blonde one grabbed him by the face and turned it towards Mikey. His and Mikey’s eyes met each other, and both of them could see the immense amount of fear in one another’s irises.

“See your little bro over there?” the blonde one snarled “We got a pistol pressed right against his spine. Struggle, and we will not hesitate to shoot. Do you understand?”


“I said do you understand?” said the blonde one more forcefully, and the one holding Mikey increased his grip. Finally, Gerard nodded.

Satisfied, the one with short black hair removed Gerard’s underwear in one swift motion. Exposed completely, his face was remarkably red in contrast to the paleness of the rest of his body. It could not be said if his face was red from the small beating he had just taken, or from the humiliation of being naked in front of people he barely knew.

Either way, there was not much time to contemplate. Gerard felt hands groping at him within seconds, pinching and squeezing every inch of him. He groaned in his discomfort, as they pressed against tender places where he had just been hit.

The only other sound that could be heard was Mikey’s unsteady breathing, and Gerard could not see him, but he sounded slightly like he did when he was trying not to cry.

“We can’t take too much time here.” Remarked the long haired fellow, “They could be back any minute.”

Neither of his companions responded. The blonde one was taking Gerard’s member into their mouth, sucking on the limp muscle as though a noddle he was attempting to slurp into his stomach. Gerard squirmed at the sensation, as the other one was attempting to insert his own hardness into Gerard’s unwilling mouth.

The cock that had been inserted into his oral orifice thrust itself in and out, and the man’s balls would swing back and forth, slapping Gerard’s chin slightly every time he went in.

Meanwhile the other one continued to suck on him even though he remained limp, and he kept using his hands to spread Gerard’s legs wider and wider. At a point he spread his legs so wide apart that it began to hurt, but Gerard’s cries were muffled by the cock in his mouth.

Nonetheless, the man who sucked at him soon busied his hands instead by trying to insert them into the small crevice between Gerard’s buttocks.

Simultaneously Mikey was choking on his own fury as he was forced to watch, unable to see anything past these filthy men using their filthy hands and organs to touch his pristine brother. While Gerard was by no means a virgin, he had always played it safe in comparison to Mikey, who was much more experienced in such matters.

The one who was holding Mikey cleared his throat as a reminder for them to hurry up, perhaps because he had gotten the short end of the stick by not being one of the participants. His companions took the cue anyway, and the short haired man pulled his hardness out of Gerard’s mouth, after which Gerard could be heard gasping loudly, desperately trying to intake air.

They flipped Gerard over, returning him to lying on his belly and the blonde declared that he would go first. He removed his own clothes before he quickly moved himself on top of Gerard, his lengthy cock bobbing up and down before it nestled itself between Gerard’s cheeks.

Knowing full well what they were about to do, Mikey grew desperate. “Please… fuck… please don’t do this. Take me if you have to, but don’t hurt him! I’m begging you! He doesn’t deserve this, he didn’t do anything. It’s my fault, it’s MY fault!”

He said each word between sobs, drawing everyone’s attention except Gerard’s, whose face was plastered to the floor. The one holding him laughed.

“We know all that Mikes. Why else do you think we chose him?”

Each of their captors let out a small laugh before they resumed, and the blonde man adjusted his cock so it was in the proper position for insertion. Finally, the head of red locks let out a gripping scream as the blonde one could be seen pressing himself further inside.

His scream ripped through Mikey as though the same and worse were occurring to him simultaneously. It pierced his very soul, and Mikey felt it’s sound physically shatter his heart.

Yet it was only the beginning as the blonde man continued his tirade on Gerard’s unwilling anus, the sound of skin slapping skin seemed as loud as though it were coming through a bullhorn. He began to thrust faster and faster, the volume of Gerard’s screams increasing with the speed of the thrusts.

Mikey was openly sobbing at this point, only managing to yell out words like “Stop!” “Please!” and at a point just screaming Gerard’s name repeatedly, although Mikey was not sure that Gerard could even hear him over his own cries of pain.

The blonde man ceased after around twenty minutes, switching with the one who had short hair.

Whilst one would fuck Gerard, the other would standby and masturbate, or attempt to shove their hardness into Gerard’s mouth in order to gain it’s moistness.

Mikey saw a trickle of blood leak out of Gerard’s shuddering cheeks, and suddenly was hit with something he had not thought of for a very long time. It was perhaps his mind trying to distract him from the horrible display in front of him. Either way, he did not care much for it’s reason, and welcomed any distraction with open arms.

When they were younger, Gerard had always been afraid of needles. It was one childish quality of his that he was always teased about.

Mikey remembered when Gerard would have his annual blood test, and his mom would take them both since Mikey might be able to distract him as Mikey was his only friend. They would sit in this large, white walled room, while Gerard trembled, knowing what was about to happen. Mikey would do his best to talk to Gerard about things they both liked, while their mom would comfort Gerard in soothing tones and hushed whispers.

Finally, the nurse would come in. They would prepare everything that was needed, and both Mikey and their mom would do their best to make sure Gerard would not see the needles or the tubes.

Then would come the time when they would ask Gerard to squeeze down on the stress ball as hard as he could. He would know it was coming then and he would shake as though he was having some sort of seizure.

“Shhh…” their mother would rub little circles on his back, “It’s okay baby. It’ll be over soon.”

As this tradition occurred up until Gerard was nearly 17, calling him any sort of baby eventually seemed rather comical. Yet to Mikey, the fear on his face always made him look about five years old.

It was very identical to the way he looked just moments ago, when the men had forced them to look at one another.

“Shhh…” she would soothe him, and Mikey rarely ever heard his mother so gentle. “Just breathe sweetie, everything’s fine.”

And then the needle would puncture. And Gerard would scream. Mikey would always make sure to grip him by the leg or something like it whenever it would happen. He never looked down on Gerard for being so afraid. He always understood, just as Gerard would always understand him.

When it was all over they would thank the doctor quickly before ushering a hysterically crying Gerard out of the room. They would then practically have to carry him to the car, while their mother continued to console him.

Mikey would then hug him and tell him that he had done an excellent job, of what, he was not really sure. Yet he always liked to think that those little motions made Gerard feel better nonetheless.

A choked sob brought Mikey out of the dark recesses of memory lane and back to the even darker present. Gerard was already reduced to tears, his sobs in a twisted duet with his strangled cries.

The drop of blood that Mikey had noted earlier had multiplied itself, and Gerard’s entire bare bottom was covered in red liquid that marked the pelvises of their captors. Gerard’s entire body was becoming paler, and sweat was leaving a puddle on the bus floor.

“Stop… stop…” Mikey cried, beginning again to physically struggle against the other man’s hold. “You’re killing him, please fucking stop…”

This time his pleads were met with no answer besides the continued screams of his brother. Mikey looked over to see that the one who was not currently penetrating Gerard had a silver glimmer in his hand. A glimmer in the shape of a blade. It was then that Mikey knew there was nothing he could do.

“Please!” Gerard shrieked, “Please it hurts! It hurts!”

Mikey looked upon his sprawled out brother, and he realized that the only way they could survive now is to make sure that Gerard made it out as intact as possible. This meant both physically and mentally.

As the bus in general was already very cramped quarters, Mikey had to do not much else but lean forward in order to get close to Gerard. The stench of sex and sweat filled Mikey’s nostrils even further, and it nauseated him as he could smell a trace of blood mixed in the aroma. He none the less swallowed down the bile that had been rising in him long before any such smells came to his attention, and he forced himself to focus.

“Shhh…” he whispered, as he tried to steady his voice, “I – it’s okay…everything’s going to be okay….”

“Mikeeeey….” Gerard wept in a way that broke Mikey further, but he willed himself not to emit any sort of cry or whimper. He had to be strong for Gerard, like their mother had been.

“Shhh…sweetie it’s alright. It’ll be over soon. I promise.”

“It hurts so much…”

“I know, just breathe. You’ll be okay. Everything is going to be okay…”

“Mikeeeyy, I can’t br ---- GAAHHHH!”

“Just hold on for me Gee… just a little longer.”

Yet it was by no means "just a little longer" as Mikey kept having to promise him.

Gerard’s rape lasted for hours, as they placed him into various positions and each took their turns. At one point, the blonde man switched with the man who was holding him, and for a brief moment, Mikey was able to lunge at Gerard, slightly grazing his shaking right hand before the blonde man held him back in place. And then it only started again.

Finally Gerard seemed to literally run out of both tears and blood to shed. Mikey feared him to be dead once he grew quiet, but fortunately this was not the case. Gerard had simply grown hoarse and was reduced to small whimpers and grunts instead.

Still, he had lost so much blood that Mikey knew they weren’t out of the woods yet. Gerard needed medical care, and fast.

This was no concern for their captors who took their sweet time with Gerard until early morning.

It was around 6 AM that they all stood over Gerard with a sense of finality, while their victim must have been only half conscious then.

Many times before then they had forced Gerard to sit up, but he would only collapse after a few seconds each instance.

“You!” the blonde one yelled at Mikey, “Hold him up!”

Mikey stared back in disbelief, unable to comprehend what they were asking him to do. Even then he was given no time to contemplate; the short haired one grabbed him and pushed him behind Gerard.

“Hold him up so he does not fall over, and pull his chin down so his mouth is open! Remember the consequences to disobedience...” repeated the blonde one, as the one with lengthy hair flashed the gun in their faces.

Mikey grimaced and gripped at Gerard’s shoulders, holding him upright. Each of the men stood over the brothers, ready to finish their jobs. Their cocks pointed directly to Gerard’s lips, and Mikey knew what they intended to do.

Gerard’s skin was cold, and his body shook. Again, Mikey was hit with a misplaced sense of nostalgia; one child holding another over a fear of needles, of blood, and most of all, of pain.

He leaned in close to Gerard’s ear, brushing away locks of hair from his tear soaked face.

And he whispered.

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