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Darren and the gang in a nebulous time after (spoiler) he (Darren) becomes a prince but before he starts becoming a full vamp, they discover they aren't the only vamps around

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fan fiction starts

Cirque du freak-twilight

Setting at the mansion,
During breaking dawn while Bella’s pregnant
During a nebulous time period after he becomes a prince Darrin’s the prince they’re on the they’re way to the vampire mountain for a military planning meeting or something and on the way they find…

Also I made this Darren Shawn (that is to say my Darren) a bit smarter and analytical, chalk it up to prince training, I just can’t write characters to be significantly different intelligence or mindset, at least not well, from their point of view

And I made the whole prophecy reveal to be a bit later on than in cannon that whole mess unleashes later say **spoiler**** Steve got held up or got sick so he missed his canonical meeting with the vampanese but may or may not meet up with them later
On second thought they know some of it but there’s no pressure,,, yet as the vampaneese (am I spelling that right?) prince has yet to make an appearance
Also the coffin of fire has got to be more than just a revealer and/or the ability to survive it has to do something so I’m got to do something about that, if you have a suggestion put it in a review

POV Darren

Mr. Crepsley, Hakart Mulds and I were running as fast as we could (without flitting because we’re not supposed to this close) we took a new direction to come here because the cirque was touring in the Canada-Alaska area, and as a result were going south then east as opposed to west like we usually do. In any case it was about to be morning and we were getting somewhat tired. So we look for a place to stay. As we look we come across a rather strange smell. According to Mr. Crepsley we had a full 43 minuets left. It was sort of woodsy but more so fruity-no flowery, curiosity got the better of us and we approached. As we got closer we found that the woodsy smell came from three individuals on the porch when I say individuals it was because two of those individuals were some kind of giant bear-wolves if that made any sense and the other one smelled similar. Now normally we have no problem with wolves, they seem to like vampires* We had just decided to leave (Hakart especially wanted to leave) when the door opened and a short black haired really pale girl walked out. She looked towards where we were hiding, then looked strait at us and said in a clear, crystalline voice,

“I know you’re they’re, but come in come in, friends are always welcome”

We tensed knowing we were caught, I looked to Mr. Crepsley for answers and he mouthed

‘your call’

Some help. So we walked in and appease our curiosity. As we walked by, we paused at the two wolves. They didn’t exactly look friendly. Well when I say that it was partially their immense size. One of them looked primarily curious while the other looked openly antagonistic. We received further insistence from inside in the form of a shout of,

“Get your lazy buts in here, they won’t bite ”

At this the dogs and the previously stoic tall tan boy who was also on the porch smiled. I didn’t trust that smile. Out of the corner of my eye the antagonistic one bounded off with surprising speed somewhere into the forest. But as I usually get along with wolves in addition to how we had already gone this far we walked in.

We walked in and waited for them to introduce themselves. Once inside we froze again. There were seven people all with different expressions on there faces. They were all pale though six of them were paler then the seventh. The less pale one while the others seamed to be some kind of albino (minus the eye color) this one seamed to be merely have not gone in the sun for a while and also seamed to be suffering from blood loss, she was obviously pregnant and just as obviously in pain, though she had a smile on her face. Both of witch could be attributed to the pregnancy. Then I heard a bone snap. At that point I decided to move on to the girl next to her. She was beautiful in the magazine supermodel kind of way, she glared at us in a way that screamed blatant hostility, with an undercurrent of defense and curiosity. She had golden shoulder length hair.

The next one my eye was drawn to was male with a sort of brass-bronze blond hair, the reason my eyes were drawn to him next were twofold, first he was the next closest to where my eyes were last, and second he looked like he was going crazy a little bit, his expression was nervous, tired and at the same time he looked VERY protective of the girl on the couch, the pregnant one. I assumed he was the father but I could not be certain if that were the case it blew my last theory out of the water

Making my way down the line and trying not to look as though I were sizing them up because that’s what I was doing the next one I saw was huge and blond with a look of humor and curiosity. The expression was a big relief because as previously . His arms were nearly as wide around as my head. If it came to a fight I would leave him to Mr. Crepsley- I was snapped out of my musings when the girl from earlier started giggling and the first boy did so as well. Well I wouldn’t exactly call his ‘giggling’ not enough joy it was more of a sardonic chuckle. Drawing them to my attention once again.

“are you done yet, how about some introductions to go with those detailed descriptions.” Dang and I thought I had masked my intent rather… what did he mean by that last part. It’s almost like he can-
“get inside your head, I wouldn‘t exactly go that far, you‘re surprisingly hard to read”
. I wish he would stop doing that
“Then talk, my family doesn’t have the same, gifts as me”
“what do you mean by gifts” Mr. Crepsley asked suspiciously, but at the same time you could tell he was curious.
“why don’t we introduce ourselves and you can make yourselves comfortable find out for yourselves?”

What else could I say to that. I was hooked**

We situated ourselves in the room, myself in a position that was able to see each of them without turning my head to greatly,( it just so happened that I did so in what was probably the most comfortable armchair I have ever been in, but I didn’t let that distract me,,, much,,, for too long) And as we did so I continued to look at them and assess their strength and weaknesses that could be seen. The most obvious strength they had was the big, hulking, blond. But then I looked and saw one in the back, standing next to the skinny black haired girl, he was a little on the tall side and had blond hair. But that didn’t interest me, while he was probably the second most muscular, that was still less important than the small crescent shaped scars that adorned the whole of his visible body, this to me said that he had been the target or the instigator of countless fights whichever one it was, instigator or target, was immaterial. The fact of the matter remained, he was the victor. Every time, because you could tell just by looking at him he didn’t run he fought to win, a fight he was in was always serious he fought until the one side couldn’t fight anymore.

As for the females and the one remaining male, I wasn’t being sexist by that, hanging out with Aria Sales will rid you of any such tendencies mere moments after meeting her, but they were obviously, if they posed any threat at all they were lower so then the three already analyzed as the supermodel just doesn’t have any mindset or extra physical advantages on the others, the pregnant one is,,, well very pregnant and so obviously incapacitated, and the pixy, she’s small but the way she moves and her demeanor, she is so completely not threatened by us, there’s got to be some reason behind it, there’s just no way it’s simple naivety not with their smell, not to mention the giant dog things outside, I just didn’t know what to make of it.

Eventually either I zoned out, or they found the silence either awkward, or unnerving, in any case, the blond one who invited us to our seats cleared his voice.

“forgive me I forget my manners, it’s been a while since we were entertaining company, it didn’t go well for either party involved.” he said, the last part much quieter than the first part, though it was all easily heard by my vamperic senses “we forgot to introduce ourselves, my name’s Edward, and this is my wife, Bella” he then gestured to the woman who appeared as if she was about to go into labor.

“This, is my sister Rosalie and her husband, my brother, Emmett” he then gestured to the supermodel and the bodybuilder, and that struck me as terribly cliché

“this is my brother Jasper, and his wife, my sister Alice” he then gestured to the tiny, bubbly girl and the stoic scarred up man

“just outside, you’ll find Seth, somewhere in the forest you’ll find two more by the names of Jacob and Leah” I turned to see the wolf in question, he had his nose snout thing sticking in the window, he suddenly got a very vacant expression on his face, that quickly turned disgusted. I turned to Edward only to find Seth’s expression mirrored on Edward’s face
I looked at him questioningly.
“Yah, you don’t want to know what their doing right now*, I didn’t know he had it in him”
Fortunately, before I could put greater thought into that, he continued
“now that we got that out of the way we can get onto business, now we are vampires, the wolves outside are wear wolves, with those two eliminated, who and what are you, and what is that!

* funny right, but if you look it up regular wolves like Darren Shan stile vampires , while werewolves HATE Meyer vampires, as in their literal purpose is to be the ultimate predator for them kind of hate

** the original version of the chapter had it stop there, plus some of the stuff from before that is ’new’ but the rest of the my plan for the next chapter didn’t flow right so what you’re seeing is me, fixing it say thank you

* check the fic defiance at, awesome fic but it’s a bit NSFW-and by a bit I me an borderline PWP

AN so how was that first FF in a while I’ve had a major case of writer’s block (my files were also wiped when my baby brother dropped my net book down the stairs. I’m working or the others but it may take a while to get them back. I’ve already got an idea for chapter two, really two has the big idea that really got this thing started. After two, we’ll play out the events of breaking dawn and from there
Also if anyone has any idea how the coffin of fire should affect steve give me a review or message me directly
Also if you have any thoughts on why no Myer-pyre has come into contact with a sawn vampire that idea would be GREATLY appriciated

And you may not realize this but this is a full 4 (and a bit plus AN(s)) pages
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