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“Fwankie! Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey! I was tellin’ you bye and you w-was dreaming!” That's when she delivered another hit to my leg, getting scarily close to my groin. (Frerard)

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Summer; the one season that allows, or more so forces you to unwillingly get a sun tan, go swimming, and walk around wearing next-to-no clothing, even if it is against the will and nature of some people. The Australian summers were the worst, but then again, they were the only ones I’d ever experienced long enough to have an opinion on them, seeing as though I, the pale American kid, had spent most of my life growing up here. And it wasn’t even summer here yet, it was mid spring!

I didn’t fit in here, but from what I can remember I never fit in back home for the six years that I had lived there. The kids on the street would never let the poor kid play with them. My parents had divorced when I was young, and my Mom could barely afford to buy a bottle of milk for us, let alone food to eat. She had tried her hardest though, even if in the end we didn’t succeed. She had tried, and that’s all that had mattered to me.

In the end, the struggle had become too much for her, and seeing as though my Dad couldn’t take me, I was shipped off to a foster family in Australia. They were nice people who had an admirable love for music, and an overall wonderful outlook on life. They could find beauty in just about everything, and that’s what I loved about them. They were the sort of parents you’d find in story books. They were rare.

Back to the hot summers, though. They were unbearable to me, even though, as stated before, I had put up with them for almost eleven years of my life. A part of my dislike for the summer stemmed from the fact that I got sick quite easily, and my body couldn’t adjust to the heat like it was supposed to. So here I am, sitting in my back yard swimming pool, listening to Black Flag blast from the stereo that sat on the edge of my second story bedroom window.

I had grown up on bands like Black Flag, seeing as though my foster parents loved bands like them, too. My foster-Dad was a guitarist, who once upon a time, was a celebrity. It was only the wider local community that knew him now, though. He taught me everything I know about music, and was the one who inspired me to play guitar.

My real Father and Grandfather were musicians, too. They played drums, but that’s the only thing I can remember of them. I’ve talked to my Grandfather over the phone numerous times every year since I’d moved here, but my Father had never made an attempt to contact me. Not that I particularly wanted him to anyway. Grandpa would tell me how everyone was, and that they always thought of me. He’d even once asked me if I wanted to go back and live with him, but I refused because I didn’t want to leave the family that I had here now.

Another reason I didn’t want to leave was my four ear old next door neighbour. Her name is Macey-Leigh, and she’s the most adorable little kid I’ve ever met. Overtime she had become the little sister that fate had never given me. I would die for her, and I knew that I wanted to be here to see her grow up and mature into the successful little lady she was going to be.

But I wasn’t going to be there; I couldn’t. I have to make a future for myself, and I know that being in a band or associated with music, just making a difference in the world, is the only thing I can ever see myself doing. I would come back to see her, that was for certain, but it wouldn’t be immediately after I left. The minute I make it even slightly well-known, I’d be on a plane back home to see her.

For now, though, I was going to make the most of the last two months I had left here. I turned eighteen in a little over a month, and that was the legal age for me to go wherever I wanted. Even though I knew that I could get on a plane the day I turned eighteen, or even the day after, I didn’t want to. I needed a little more time with my family here, even if it was only a month, it still meant that I was spending time just being with them.

At that very moment, the side gate flew open, slamming against the brick wall, and in ran an overly hyper Macey. She was wearing her favourite summer dress, and purple sandals, and sported a Misfits backpack on her back that she had snagged from me earlier in the year. “Fwankie, Fwankie! Guess what?” She screamed excitedly.

“I’unno. I can’t guess. I suppose you’re gonna have to tell me,” I replied equally as excited, swimming over to the edge of the pool where she now sat. I already knew why she was so excited, seeing as though I was partly to blame for her happiness. She had always wanted to go to Kindergarten, but her Grandma was always too unsure about sending her there, until I finally persuaded her.

“I’m goin’ to Kindy!” She giggled while jumping up and jumping around. “We’re goin’ there soon. Nanny just got to g-get dressed. She told me to tell you to h-hurry up.” I couldn’t resist her cute face, innocent charm or obvious excitement.

I hurried out of the pool, grabbing my towel and her hand before quickly making my way into the house. I knew that I had to be quick because Macey’s Grandma, Carla, would need to leave soon, and I really wouldn’t want to be a hold up that would disappoint Macey. I sat Macey on the couch before running upstairs and chucking on a pair of jeans and a Misfits shirt that had just been lying on the floor. It was probably dirty. Oh well, I shrugged. I slipped on my shoes then went into the bathroom to run a comb through my miserable excuse of hair. Combing it did nothing as it just fell back into its usual ruffled, messy look. I was about to walk out the door when I remember my stereo was still on, and quickly shut it off.

I was back downstairs in record time, and had Macey back over to her house just as quick. Carla was just coming down the stairs when Macey and I had made our way into the garage, and she just laughed as if not expecting us to be there yet. I climbed into the back of the car, buckling Macey into her car seat.

“How’ve you been, Frankie?” Carla asked as she climbed in and started the car, pulling out of the garage. She was a sweet lady who was always looking out for me, and even though she was only forty, she was much like a Grandmother to me, too. I don’t know whether it was her charm or the amazing roast vegetables she cooked that made her seem like the Grandmother I didn’t have.

“I’ve been pretty good,” I smiled. “I’m sad that I’ll be goin’ in two months. I’m gonna miss you all so much, especially my little girl.” I leant in and side hugged Macey, who smiled at me in return. Carla smiled into the rear-view mirror, before returning her gaze and attention to the read. I heard her sigh.

“We’re all going to miss you too, sweetie. I honestly don’t know how Macey-Leigh is going to manage, because she loves you. You’re a big brother to her. She may only be four years old, but hell, she’s smart enough to know what’s going on.” The look on her face sent a pang of guilt cursing through me. I wanted to cry right then and there because I knew she was right. Macey was attached to me at the hip, and I knew all too well just how lost she’d be without me; I'd be feeling the same.

“What’s goin’ on the I be smart enough to know ‘bout?” Macey asked innocently, looking from Carla to me then back again. I placed a light kiss on her forehead and told her not to worry, she didn’t have to worry. All she had to worry about was having a good day at Kindy. Speaking of which, I hadn’t realized until then that we had pulled into the parking lot of the Kindergarten where only a few other cars were parked. “Ya know what? I was kiddin’. I don’t wheelie want to go to kindy.” I laughed at Macey because of how adorable she looked when she was nervous.

“Don’t say that, sugar. Of course you want to go to Kindy! Just think about the friend’s you’re going to make,” I started to unbuckle her from her car seat. “It’s just the mean butterflies in your tummy telling you that you don’t want to go. Don’t listen to them, honey.”

“Wheelie, Fwankie? But w-what if the other kids don’t like m-me?” She looked down at her lap and fiddled with her hands. She looked utterly cute yet heartbreaking at the same time.

“Oh, sweetie! They’re gonna love you. Won’t they, Carla?” I looked to Carla who stood outside our door. She nodded enthusiastically. “See? Everyone can’t help but to love you.”

She smiled and crawled out of the car behind me. I took her hand as I closed the door and we trailed close behind Carla into the building. We walked into the reception, or whatever you would call it, and Carla quickly signed the compulsory forms. There were little kids in the room who looked at us curiously, and both Macey and I were shying away from their wide eyed stares.

“Alrightry,” a short, slender lady stepped out from behind the desk and knelt in front of Macey. “Hello, Macey. I’m Miss Bonnet but you can call me Lilly. You’re gonna have to be a brave big girl and say goodbye to your Nanna and big brother so that we can get you settled in. Okay, sweetie?” She looked from Macey to Carla then me and smiled. I thought she looked familiar but as hard as I tried, I couldn’t remember where I had seen her before. I was quickly pulled from my thoughts by Macey punching me in the leg awfully close to my family jewels.

“Fwankie! Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey! I was tellin’ you bye and you w-was dreaming!” She delivered another hit to my leg, getting scarily close to my groin. I pulled her up into my arms, kissing her cheeks and hugging her tight.

“Sorry honey, but the aliens had to borrow my brain for a minute,” I chuckled. “You have a good day, and promise you won’t let anyone or anything get you down. I love you, sugar.” I placed her back on the ground, and that’s when she did it. She hit where I had been fearing she’d hit. I was brought to my knee’s by the blow, and while I sat there clutching my groin, she whispered in my ear.

“Sorry, Fwankie. Just m-makin’ sure the other kids knows I’m tough.” She giggled. I held my lips in a tight light, fighting the smile that was trying to plaster itelf on my face. The pain in my nether region was beginning to subside, but I was scarred for life; I had to live with the fact that I was brought to my knees in excruciating pain by a four year old.

“It’s cool,” I mumbled softly, getting up. Carla was biting her lip as she obviously did her best to hold back laughter. I jokingly glared at her, and that was enough to send her over the edge. Everyone else joined in too, even the little kids. I felt even more embarrassed than I had originally. I looked down at Macey, who just stared back up at me with an innocent look in her dark-green eyes. I sighed. She was just too cute to even pretend to be mad at. She had me wrapped around her finger, and I honestly wasn’t ashamed to admit that.

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