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*A Chemical Christmas*

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It's an MCR Christmas party! Frank is a little insane, though....just a teeny bit.

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??? P.O.V.

Bob,Ray,Frank,Mikey, and Gerard, all sat in Bob's living room, deciding on what to do. Tonight was MCR's Christmas party, even though Christmas was in a week! A Christmas tree stood tall by the living room window, and holiday decorations were displayed around the house.

"Uhhh, guys? Is Frank okay?" Mikey said, as the group turned around to see quite a sight. Frank sat on the kitchen counter in his underwear playing his guitar, as he sang Vampire Money.

"Weeyylll I thank I'm allriiight. ONE, TWO, PICKLEBRIDGE, 3! 4,3,1, We caayyyme to duuuck!" Frank sang...badly.

"Hehaheha hey Mikey, you know how yuooo saiid is heee okaay? Well he's not OKAAYHAYYY, he's not OKAAAYAAYYYAAYYY, buuut I'mm juuust fine. Aww, gimmmie a kiiss, Frooonkie!" Gerard slurred, before tackling Frank, and knocking him off the table.

"Okaaay, don't need to see the Frerardness." Bob said, as the boys turned away.

"Anybody have holiday plans?" Ray asked.

"No, not much- FRANK AND GERARD PLEASE STOP MAKING THE NOISES FROM DESTROYA, ITS GETTING WEIRD." Mikey said, pleading they'd stop. Eventually as time passed, they settled down and sat back down on the sofa.

"Hey, let's tell stories." Bob suggested. As cheesy as it was, everybody agreed. Ray told stories of destroying cupcakes, and living at truck stops. Gerard told stories of teenagers on the bus, and comics. Bob told stories of concerts where everything went wrong. Mikey told whimsical stories of unicorns,toasters,and fairies. And soon enough, it was Frank's turn.

"Here's my story. It's called the ugly Bieber. Once, there was an ugly boy named Justin Bieber. He was so ugly, that everyone died. The End." He said, with a smile. Nobody seemed all.

"Umm..moving on. Without thinking too hard, what does everyone want for Christmas?" Mikey asked.

"A new guitar." Ray said instantly.

"Hmm...comics." Gerard said.

"CD's." Bob said.

"Uhhh..Ummm.Uhh...more time for thinking." Frank said, as everybody mentally face-palmed.

"Moving on, AGAIN! Let's play 20 questions. Frank , ask someone 20 questions." Mikey sighed.

"Umm okay, I pick Gerard. Ummmm....uhhh..Is mayonnaise an instrument?.....I got nothin' else." Frank said, as everyone just stared.

"Bob, your turn." Mikey said.

"Ray, are you claustrophobic?" Bob asked.

"What does claustrophobic even mean??" Gerard questioned.

"It meeeaaans hee's afraaid of Saaanta Clauus." Frank slurred, clearly going nuts again, as Gerard giggled at his attempt to describe the word.

"Ho,ho,ho!" Gerard teased at Ray, as Frank shot a death glare at Gerard.

"STOP IT GERARD, YOU'RE SCARING HIM!!" Frank yelled, as the room fell silent. Everyone gave up on games, and decided that Ray should show them some guitar riffs for new songs. Ray picked up his guitar and prepared to play.

"Here we go. This is 'Solitude' in E minor." Ray announced.

"YEEEAAH, E MINOR, ALRIGHT YAH!" Frank yelled, as he clapped. Just as Ray hit the first note on the guitar, Frank slumped into Gerard's lap and fell asleep.

"What the hell is wrong with this guy?" Mikey asked, while Ray was jamming.

"Let's get naked!!!" Frank asked Gerard, while Ray stopped playing, and everyone stared.

"Gerard, if you say yes, I'm moving to the North Pole....far away from you..." Ray said.

"No Frankie, save that for when we're selling real estate." Gerard said.

Hours passed, while the boys spent the rest of the night talking, discussing music, and many other things.

"Frank seems different to me, don't ya think?" Mikey asked Bob.

"Hmmm....New glasses??" Bob replied.

"No, seems happier." Mikey said.

"Probably happy about his new glasses!" Bob said, as Mikey just gave up on the question.

As the party started coming to a close, Frank and Gerard got nuttier..."Note: the following is a true story that happened to me a week ago."

"Heeeyyy Geeeerarrrd, let's take two chairs, put them together, then put couch cushions on them, and then BAM. We have a sleigh!!" Frank suggested, while everyone else was busy, talking away. Soon enough, the two of them were riding their "sleigh", and singing Christmas carols.

"JINGLE BELLS, BIEBER SMELLS, MIKEY LAID AN EGG! AND BOB HAS A FRO OH OH- AHHHH!" Frank sang, as the chair broke from under him, as the two laughed so hard that they couldn't breathe. Ray just shook his head, before getting up, and making his way to the door.

"Aww, where ya goin'?" Frank asked.

"I'M MOVING TO THE NORTH FREAKING POLE!" And with that, Ray left, as the party ended shortly after. Merry Christmas!!
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