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Meeting Jade

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One-shot. Just a story I wrote about what I'D think it would be like to meet Jade Puget :)

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A/N: the asterisks represent changes in time. So from the present, to remembering back into the past. I hope it works out and is not too confusing for you guys :)

Meeting Jade.

My hearts beating in my throat. My breathing is becoming quicker and quicker. 'Why do I feel so nervous?' I think to myself.

It was exactly a week ago that I got the news that I had won a competition to meet Jade Puget.

At first I thought it was a joke. My friends or even parents having a go at my obsession with AFI. When I finally believed that no one was pulling my leg I practically screamed my head off. I couldn't stop smiling for the next 7 days.

My parents thought I was over reacting just a bit.

“I'm glad you're excited honey,” they said “but it's only a man from a band.”

Only a man! Only a band! It infuriates me how they cannot understand the opportunity I'm about to receive. The epicness of meeting one your idols.


Let's get these teen hearts beating faster, faster.

That's what instantly comes into my mind at this moment. Not an AFI song, but 'Lying is the Most Fun a Girl can have Without Taking Her Clothes Off.' by Panic! At the Disco. Another of my favourite bands. But not the right one at this time.

I try to calm down enough to get the right band playing in my head.

City lights, like rain,
Dance and explode.
Fall upon debutantes.

Reeling from nights that,
Kiss and Control
all of our broken hearts.

'Ah. That's better. At least I have the correct band in my head now.' I think, as I start pacing outside the door marked Backstage.

I start to feel light headed. Is it because I've hardly eaten or drank anything for the last 12 hours due to anxiety? Or that I'm about to finally meet my idol, Jade?

I hope it's the latter.


I remember back to when I found out the news. I was so excited. Maybe a little too excited. I wouldn't shut up about me winning the competition!

At first my friends were excited and really happy for me. Although none of them were jealous. AFI is more my band than theirs, but they were still happy for me.

By the 50th time I had gone on about it though, there was more rolling of eyes than grins and smiles.

I practically packed my suite case the day after finding out. I would keep going over what I was going to take.

“Band tees. Check. Black nail polish. Check. Decemeberunderground sweatband. Double check!”

My dad thought that it was a bit much if I took more than one poster. But I was sorely tempted.


I see other fans still pouring out of the front doors of the venue that AFI's concert was held at. I see wave upon wave of people exiting. Leaving with huge grins on their faces from seeing their favourite band, just like me, talking excitedly about what happen during the concert and about Davey's stage diving.

“That was a classic!” I heard someone say.

“Too awesome for words.” replied someone else.

Other people were still singing the last song that was performed. Others were just singing their favourites. Whether or not it had been performed tonight.

“You can come and wait outside the interview room now. We want to wait until most of the crowd has dispersed before you see him.” said one of the crew members, sticking his head out of the backstage door and gesturing for me to follow him.

My heart rate increases by a 100 fold. I could feel it about to jump out of my chest. I tried a few breathing exercises that my mother used to do when she was writing essays for uni or was under a lot of stress.

They weren't working.

The crewman indicates a row of seats and I sit directly opposite a door labeled Interview Room - Strictly no video or recording devices allowed. Mobile phones must be turned off.

'Wow. They're really tough on security around here, aren't they?' I think as I stare straight ahead and try to let my mind wonder.

I get out my iPod and going directly to artists. Then tap AFI.

'Ahh. This should help.' I think as I let the music take over my senses and I completely succumb to the heavy drums and bass, intense guitar solos and beautiful vocals that is A Fire Inside.


“Are you sure you're not going avid fan-girl about this “Meeting Jade” thing?” my friends ask me as I go on for the 51st time about what I hope it's going to be like.

“And I highly doubt you're going to end up marrying each other...”

'Hey! I never said that. That's just … egh. No I definitely DON'T want that to happen. I just want him to teach me some new things on guitar and tell me about AFI and stuff.” I say.

So with 2 days to go before I flew out to watch AFI in concert and then meet Jade afterward, I was getting very close to becoming more of an over-the-top fan-girl, then just an obsessed fan.

My parents had had enough of me going over what it would be like and my friends weren't that far behind.

I swear they wanted to put a muzzle on me.

I don't know how long it was.

It could have been 5 minutes, or 5 hours but soon enough another crew member came up to me while I was sitting on the chairs outside the Interview Room and said that it was time to go in.

Feeling slightly faint, I stood up and walked towards the door.

I turned off my iPod and stood there, hand raised toward the door handle.

Mustering all that was left in me I placed my hand on the handle, twisted it and opened the door ...

Authors note: This is just a random story I came up with one afternoon. I know it's not very good :) It's kind of what I imagined it would be like, leading up to meeting Jade.

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