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But Baby When We Knock You Down and Out, Its Where You Oughta Stay

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Sarah goes out with Molly. But is it worth it when she gets home

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A/N: Hey you guys! this is my new story, I hope you all enjoy it. I just thought of it and had to write it down! Okay well R&R let me know what you think! ((:

Chapter 1: But Baby When We Knock You Down and Out, Its Where You Oughta Stay

Sarah’s POV:

“No way. I am not going in there with you Molly! I shouldn‘t even be out” I yelled playfully at my best friend who was pulling me into this bar that was in the wrong part of the city.

“Oh come on Sarah please! You need to have some fun, that prick has you so wound up all the time.” she begged me, with her hand latched onto my arm as she tried to pull me inside.

Molly was my best friend since Kindergarten. She was gorgeous, with long, blonde, naturally straight hair, and blue eyes. She was adventurous, rebellious, and extremely confident in herself. Not like myself. I was average, with my curly brown hair, and dull brown eyes. At least that’s what I thought of them. I was anxious, self conscious, and always afraid to step out of my comfort zone. I guess that’s why Molly and I were so close, she pushed me to do things I normally wouldn’t, and I kept her from making stupid decisions. I guess in a way we balanced each other out.

The prick she was talking about was my boyfriend Peter. I had been with Peter since high school and I loved him or at least I used too. Things had gotten well complicated since we moved into together. I didn’t really know how to explain it nor did I want too. Peter started drinking a lot after he graduated from medical school. He had just recently gotten his first job as a doctor at Mercy in Belleville where we lived. The job really stressed him out, and I mean how couldn’t it? But the stress made him drink more, and sometimes his stress turns into anger, and that anger sometimes gets taken out on me. I felt myself twitch as I felt my arm where my recent bruise was, the fact that Molly had grabbed onto it didn’t help the pain. I know Peter loved me and I knew this would pass eventually and I would love him again. I didn’t tell Molly about cause I know she’d overreact, she never liked Peter.

“I said no! I didn’t come to the city with you to go to a strange bar we have never heard of. We could get raped!” I said pulling her hand off of my arm.

“Sarah, you aren’t going to get raped, I promise you, and even if anyone does try I know you can defend yourself. It’s New Jersey for crying out loud. You can’t walk on street without a man trying to grope you, of course you take self defense lessons.” she looked at me. “We need to live life on the edge, not fear it just because it’s new territory sometimes.” she said convincingly.

“I don’t know.” I was still worried, I was a naturally anxious person and I hated stepping out of my comfort zone.

“Fine if you won’t go in with me I will go by myself and you can stay out here. In the cold. Alone. With a 50/50 chance of being raped. Your choice.” she said non-chalantly as she made her way towards the door.

“Okay! I’ll come in, but only for 45 minutes.” I said sternly as I followed her inside.

We entered the bar, and it was exactly as I imagined, dim lit, red walls, stuffy, with loud music, and there were assortment of grotesque greasy biker men that flooded the bar. With the few cute ones every now and then. Molly went straight to the bar tender and flirted two beers out of him and brought them back over. She always got what she wanted.

“Here you go!” Molly screamed as she handed me my beer.

“I can’t believe you wanna be here. I mean this totally not our style at all.” I screamed back at her.

“Maybe not, but they are definitely our style.” she smirked at me, and directed my attention to two guys sitting at end of the bar.

One was in a leather jacket, he had long raven black hair, a little meat on his bones, but not fat at all. The other one was significantly shorter than him and he had a Misfits shirt on and had tattoos all over his arms.

“Let’s go.” Molly grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the guys.

“Well hey.” she flashed a giant smile at the one in the leather jacket. “My name is Molly.”

“Hey. I’m Gerard.” the guy turned towards us revealing gorgeous hazel eyes, but he immediately focused them on Molly. “This is my friend Frank.” he said without breaking eye contact with her.

“Hey.” Frank smiled; he also had gorgeous hazel eyes and the cutest face I had ever seen.

“Excuse my friend, she is really shy at first, but her name is Sarah.” Molly nudged my arm, hitting my bruise again. I cringed.

“Hey Sarah.” Frank said I could feel butterflies in my stomach; it had been awhile since that had happened.

Gerard was an Artist, and Frank was a musician. The rest of the time at the bar was spent with Frank and Gerard, they would buy us drinks, and we talked about everything under the sun, laughing until we cried. I looked at my phone and saw I had 10 missed calls from Peter and it was nearly 3 am. I could already feel fear creep up in my stomach as to what was going to happen when I went home.

“Sarah! We have to go now!” I said urgently.

“What why!” she exclaimed, she was obviously drunk.

“Peter.” was all I said and I showed her my phone.

“Oh fuck him, but all right lets go.” she started gathering her stuff, and wrote her number on two napkins and handed them both to Gerard and Frank.

“It was so nice to meet you guys but we really need to go.” I smiled, and grabbed Molly and ran out of the bar before they could say anything.

“Damn chill Speedy Gonzalez.” When we got outside.

“No I have to get home, and why’d you give your number to Frank too?’ I heard myself ask out of curiosity, I don’t know why I even cared.

“Oh I gave Frank your number.” She smirked mischievously at me.

“WHAT!” I screamed as a cab pulled up.

“Oh come on you obviously have a thing for him, and he is so much better than Peter.” she said, she was probably right.

“We’ll talk about this later; I have to go call me so I know you get home safe.” I said as I hoped in the cab.

“Of course Mother.” I heard Molly say before I closed the door, I waved at her through the window as the cab drove away.

30 minutes later the cab pulled up to my house. Peter and I lived in a small house in Belleville, it was cozy and I liked it. I walked up to the door and quietly unlocked it and stepped inside. All the lights were out and I was praying to God that Peter was asleep. I was about to go up the stairs when living room light flicked on.

“Now where the fuck have you been?” he questioned, as his words slurred.
I turned around and saw Peter sitting on the couch with a glass of scotch in his hand. Of course he was drunk.

“I told you earlier that I was going out with Molly hun.” I could feel the fear already in my voice.

“Bullshit, where were you at 3am you fucking slut.” he yelled as he stood up.

“I told you were I was.” I backed away from the stairs and away from him.

“Yeah, but your lying. I know you were out with some guy, probably spreading your legs you fucking whore.” he had pinned me up on the wall at this point.

“Please Peter don’t, I’m telling the truth.” I begged.

“I’ll teach you to say please.” he said, I could smell the alcohol on his breath; he pushed me to the floor and kicked me six times in the stomach.

“Ahh!” I screamed as the pain coursed through my body.

“Shut up bitch, the more you whine, the more I beat you.” he got down on his knees and pulled the back of my head up by my hair. “I thought we had went over this.” he sighed, he let go, and I tried to crawl away.

But Peter grabbed my foot, and picked me up so I was standing. I knew self defense, but whenever Peter beat me I just froze up.

“Damn it Sarah, why do you always try and get away, if you just lay there this would be so much easier.”

“I’m sorry.” I said with tears rolling down my face.

“Shut up.” he said shortly and slapped my across the face and threw me back onto the floor.

He leaned down and whispered in my ear “You know I only do this because I love you.”

“I know.” I said weakly.

“Now clean yourself up and come to bed, and don’t misbehave again, I really hate doing this to you.” he said apathetically as he left me on the cold hard wood floor.
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