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Sympathy for the Devil

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'But that was middle school and no one ever remembered middle school once they reached high school. Especially the Socs.'

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The nasally sound of the school signaled the release of the students. Finally, it was summer vacation. No more waking up at six a.m. No more gross undecipherable school lunches. Better yet, no confusing homework. Vanessa was thankful for the last one as her 7th period teacher handed her the dreaded report card. Without a second glace at it, she dumped it in the trash can as she strode out of the double doors that led to the Hell that she had to stay in for seven hours a day, five days a week, nine months a year. And, now it was all over.

Without even really thinking about it, Vanessa found herself walking almost walking into Soc territory, the forbidden part of town, the 'no-Greasers-allowed' area. Thankfully she stopped herself before she stepped over the invisible dividing line. 'I'm no longer welcome in that part,' she thought once she turned around and headed for the other direction, sort of resenting the fact that she was a Greaser now and shunned by the other Socs. It was true that she used to be Soc. She used to be popular, envied, everything that went with the title of Queen Bee. But that was middle school and no one ever remembered middle school once they reached high school. Especially the Socs. Socs were the preppy kids, the ones that had all the lucky breaks, the money, the tuff cars and the ones that can pretty much do whatever the heck they wanted to the kids that were below them. For some reason, Socs liked to pick on Greasers the most. The middle class kids were rarely bothered by them. Lucky them.

Vanessa continued down her street, wondering if the Curtis boys were home. Those three dig alright. Same with their gang. The only one she didn't really like was Dallas Winston. Dally was mean, cold, and more of a hood than a frockin' Greaser. She and him never got along real well. But, Vanessa got along with the other members of the gang just fine. There was Two-bit, the wise-cracker that preferred to call her 'Nessie' after the Loch Ness Monster. He and Vanessa always get a good laugh. Johnny, who was a year younger than her, was a total sweetie and she thought of him as a little brother. There was also Steve. Steve was good at cars and she has the time of her life arguing about them with him. Then there's Ponyboy and Darry. Ponyboy's the youngest Curtis and shared the same love for movies like her. Darry, the oldest, was almost like an older brother and pretty much was okay. Lastly, there was Sodapop. Vanessa absolutely adored him. Sodapop was movie star handsome, someone that you would typically see on a magazine. He was also funny and very energetic. Vanessa would never admit that she had a crush on him.

She stopped by the drug store and managed to steal a candy bar. Two-bit had shown her the art of shop-lifting, something that she shouldn't be proud of. But, who cares? She walked home, throwing away the idea of going down to the Curtis's even though they lived a few houses down. Besides, she just wanted to hang around and do nothing as her summer began unfolding before her.

Sorry, this isn't my best. But, my first chapters are always the sucky ones. XP
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