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Chapter Twelve- Irony

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How ironic he was now about to lose his wand to the spell that had saved his life in his fourth year, oh the irony, he thought to himself.

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Chapter Twelve - Irony

As September left and October arrived the days drew longer and Harry’s scar was always burning, to the point were he could hardly remember what it was like to not be in pain. He had yet to tell anyone this though. Its burning was a constant reminded that Voldemort knew, knew everything, the prophecy. Harry personally thought he, himself, deserved the pain, after all he hadn’t stopped it, and two more people had died, he even knew numerous more would before the end, before he was ready.

When Harry sat down at the breakfast table that day he thought back to the morning after his prophecy nightmare, Harry had woken early that day and had practically ran to his headmaster’s office.

“Harry?” Dumbledore had said in his usual concerned voice. Although usually soothing, now it felt rough and scarring as Harry thought of telling him.

“Voldemort knows.” Harry said simply, not meeting Dumbledore’s eyes, “The prophecy.” Harry finished dully.

Harry remembered the empty silence well. The sunlight flickered into the still room; it felt out of place with the ambience of the room, its gentle flickering felt to happy, hopefully and free. The many portraits on the wall were mute; even Phineas Nigellus and Fawkes. Although Dumbledore didn’t seem it, but Harry knew, deep inside, he was probably disappointed in Harry.
Dumbledore was quiet and seemed to be thinking carefully. “Very well, Harry, I dare say I thought he would find out eventually, but, it doesn’t matter, in fact, I suppose it makes things easier.”

“Why, Sir?”

Dumbledore’s eyes were twinkle-less and he didn’t look in Harry’s eyes, “Harry”, he began, “Did you truly ever think Voldemort would just… give up.” Dumbledore finished slowly, his blue eyes sad, and his voice quiet. Looking as though it had cost him everything to finish his sentence.

“No, I suppose I didn’t.” Harry answered. No, Voldemort would keep trying, prophecy or no prophecy. Thinking about it, Harry thought inside, he always knew it would end in one of them dying, because it usually did end with someone dying, Harry just didn’t know if it was going to be him or not.

“Harry, Harry!” Hermione’s voice came, dragging him out of his reminiscence and back to the great hall.

Ron was sat next to him, Hermione was on his other side and Ginny was opposite, with Neville on her left hand side. They had all abandoned the pretence of eating, and so were staring squarely at Harry. Who avoided their eyes and grabbed his spoon and crammed it with porridge. He guessed he hadn’t been remembering his last talk with Dumbledore with as blanker an expression than he had anticipated, and judging by the stiffness of his limbs he hadn’t actually moved whilst doing so.
Everyone else in the great hall was almost finished. Dean and Seamus, on Harry’s left, were getting up; no doubt ready to go to their lessons. Collin and Dennis were walking past and both smiled and waved enthusiastically at Harry as they went.

Ron and Neville briefly looked at each other and tucked quietly into their food. Ginny was silently watching Harry, her brown eyes taking in his every move, and Hermione looked as if she was fighting to ask but didn’t want to upset him.

“Hello Harry” Came Luna’s voice. She was wearing her Ravenclaw robes of blue and bronze. Her dirty blonde hair was hanging free over her clothes. She was smiling serenely. She then sat between Harry and Ron.

Inwardly he wondered if other houses were allowed to sit at other tables, but most of the teachers and students had left so there was no one to say no.

“Good Morning Harry” She repeated, picking up a piece of toast.
“Hey Luna” Harry said, glad for an interruption from Hermione’s inner battle and the silence.
“Are you alright Harry? You look strange.” Luna asked acutely but causally at the same time. She also looked around as if to see if there was a wrackspurt flying about the hall.
“Er…yeah, spectacular.” Harry replied.

No one at the table believed this, not even Harry.

Everyone finished their breakfast in silence, even Luna. The owls’ arrival broke the silence, reminding Harry of how much he simply missed the letters from his late Godfather. Harry felt vaguely surprised when he saw Hedwig’s snowy white coat amidst the flock of other owls. She flew down gracefully and letter or rather scrap of paper in her beak.
“Hedwig” Luna and Neville said simultaneously. Ron leant over to read it as Harry removed it and opened it. Hermione, on the other hand, seemed to be trying to respect his privacy. Hedwig pecked gently on Harry’s finger before stretching her wings as she was stroked gently by Ginny.

Yer haven’t bin to see me yet. Are yer too busy tonight or can you pop round me cabin ‘round 7-ish.

“Yeah, that’s right, Harry, you haven’t been to see him yet.” Ron said, in between mouthfuls of food.
“Neither have you.” Harry said quietly.
“Oh… well…I. We…” Ron began looking towards Hermione.
Harry looked up, and asked, “When did you go then?”
“Oh well, me and Hermione were on prefect duty and we met him in the corridor at the end and went to his cabin for a bit.” Ron said, looking at his knees, Ron looked as though he regretted saying anything.
The idea Ron and Hermione had been to see Hagrid made Harry feel slightly isolated. ‘Like how they hadn’t thought to come and get me’ Harry thought sarcastically. ‘Oh well better get used to it, that’s how it will be after I tell them the prophecy, they won’t stay’.
“It was too late to come and fetch you, and Seamus said you had already gone to bed. Ron’s right though, you really should go and see him; you haven’t really talked to him in the care of magical creatures lessons.”
“Me and Hermione will come to” Ron said quickly.
It was always Ron and Hermione this and Ron and Hermione that. Harry knew Hagrid first before Ron or Hermione. Harry had no idea what made him say it, but it came out before he could stop it, “I’d rather go on my own, thanks.”

The whole table was emerged in silence. Ron looked down at his own plate of food but didn’t eat it; instead he moved it around using his fork. Hermione looked away so Harry couldn’t see her face, but he was sure he had upset her. Neville however looked straight into Harry’s eyes and gave him a small but sympathetic smile, showing there were no hard feelings. It made Harry feel a little better inside, how Harry hadn’t instantly became with Neville he didn’t know.
They all quickly finished their breakfast. It became less awkward as time went on, Luna and Ginny began to chat freely about the first Hogsmeade weekend. In this time Harry apologized for snapping at his two best friends.

It was nearly time for their first lesson of their Friday morning; charms. It passed quickly and quietly and was then followed by break.

“Come on, We’re going to be late.” Hermione said hurriedly after looking at her watch, grabbing her bag and carefully grabbing Harry’s arm instantaneously. Harry nearly fell of his seat as she did. Neville and Ginny, who were also there, snickered under their breath.
The potions room had the familiar atmosphere of coldness about it. The rest of the class was already down there. All the Slytherins grinned to each other as Harry and Hermione entered, nearly out of breath from the hurrying they had had to do in order to get there on time. Snape was sat at the front of the class, looking irritatingly happy, both Gryffindors knew why.
“20 points from Gryffindor for being late, Miss. Granger and Potter, detention and 40 points, now sit down!”
Hermione elbowed Harry in the ribs to keep him from answering back. She then took out her books as Harry then did the same. Harry was used to this; Snape was always unjust when it came to Harry. Even if they did manage to make it just on time to the lesson they were still punished. The thought of having to sit through double potions was simply dire and the boredom he would have to cope with was excruciating.

“Now that Potter has finally managed to grace us with his presence-” Snape began, Malfoy in particular and the other Slytherin sixth years snarled happily. Draco’s eyes were glinting. “We shall begin; today you shall be making Scintillation Solution.” Harry slid lazily back into his seat, this was going to be a very long lesson “Potter, If you could tell us what it does since you obviously seem to be under the illusion that you are too good for this class, which I can certainly assure you is of an upmost delusion.”
Draco’s laugh came first it was high and callous, Crabbe and Goyle then followed as if on queue. Snape’s eyebrows rose at Harry, showing he was waiting for an answer.

Hermione looked at Harry, her expression obvious; it was showing a face which clearly said ‘do not retaliate’, too late.
“In case it had escaped your notice, Sir, but you’re the professor here, not me. It’s your job to at least try to teach, not mine.” Harry retorted quietly. There was no need for volume as the whole class was listening eagerly with abated breath.
Harry was sure the professor was inwardly thinking of hexing him, as Harry was doing so. Snape looked absolutely livid. Harry was sure there was smoke coming from his greasy hair.

“50 points, from Gryffindor for your cheek potter, for your information Potter, the scintillation solution is a potion, which, if made correctly, will emit a jet of powerful light to show only what a person wishes to see. For example if one lost something, the solution will create a beam showing the object , if made incorrectly it has been known to fully blind some. It is most commonly used by followers of the dark lord who wish to torture someone for information.”
“So it’s mainly used by you then” Harry responded, knowing he had gone too far. Although he had said it under his breath and the rest of the class hadn’t heard, he was sure Hermione and Snape had heard.

Snape, to Harry’s surprise, ignored his comment. Although he was sneering more than usually, Harry noticed. He enjoyed the feeling he was irritating Snape, although was sure he would suffer for it later.

“Instructions are on the board. You have just over two hours. Potter you will work on the front row, alone, move. Begin.”

Through out the lesson, Snape didn’t comment once on Harry’s potion. In fact, Harry was at the front out of the way and Snape seemed to be ignoring Harry completely. Snape only scoffed at his potion as the professor sat down at his desk at the front of the dark room.
Through out the entire lesson, Snape’s eyes were glued to Harry. Every time he looked up he saw the professor’s eyes watching his. Snape’s wand never left his wand. It was as though he was a statue; all he did was watch Harry’s every movement, whilst twirling his wand subconsciously in his palm. Even when Harry looked back, his gaze didn’t break. Even the noise of Malfoy showing off didn’t cause him to look away.
Harry couldn’t remember any point in his life that had lasted as long as that lesson. When ever he turned to look at Hermione all he heard was “Eyes on your potion Potter.”
After a while Harry found himself sitting silently waiting for his potion. He locked eyes with Snape, and wasn’t going to be the first to break eye contact. It reminded him of the game muggles often played where they wouldn’t even blink or they would lose. Even the burning of his potion didn’t distract him.
When Malfoy’s potion went off in flames, Snape was forced to move. Harry’s body was now as stiff as a board. Suddenly finding he could blink, made Harry feel rather sleepy.
He hadn’t been sleeping much of late, and even despite his forced attempts his eyes were dropping. The sound of the classroom was becoming distorted and fuzzy. The unusual aroma from his cauldron was irreverent and before he knew it: he was else where.

The room was dark, a large window was against the back wall and chair in front of it had its back to Harry.
“Hello Minister” a cool voice said. Harry knew it was instantly Voldemort who said it.

Apparently the man in the chair with his back to Harry/ Voldemort did as well. The chair wobbled as through an almighty earthquake had struck.

The man in the chair turned and fell instantly to the floor. In different circumstances Harry would have enjoyed the image of Fudge rolling around on the floor; in fact he would have found it positively hilarious. But the fact that Harry already had a good idea of this man’s fate had him in no laughing mood.

Voldemort laughed a high laugh as did another in the room. A masked man was in the corner against the open door. Harry guessed they had just walked right in and killed any one in the way. Fudge seemed to be looking desperately towards the door as well.

“Stand up” Voldemort ordered to the man.
He stood up. He was shaking completely. His mouth flapping like a fish out of water. He looked incapable of speak.
“So you finally believe I am back” Voldemort began in a conversational tone.
Fudge seemed to be struggling to breath as he stuttered, “…W…Wh…What… do … you wa… want… want with me.” His eyes were darting to the window and then his wand on his desk.
“Ahh...Yes… well it appears your attempt at calming the public… what was it... oh yes ‘Have no fear the dementors are in no danger of going to you-know-who… your powerful ministry is still in control and is stronger than ever’… well… the dark and great Lord Voldemort doesn’t appreciate your lies… Cornelius.”
Fudge stammered and fell backwards and supported himself against the wall.

“It appears Bellatrix that Fudge seems to have…well… lost his usefulness.” He said casually as if discussing the weather.

The green jet of light seemed to be getting more familiar as time went by. As the ray was in mid air heading towards Fudge’s frozen whitening face, a noise sounded, distracting Harry.

“POTTER, POTTER! POTTER WAKE UP” Snape’s voice rang.
“Whatsthematter” Harry mumbled as he raised his head, the room seemed so very light compared to the ministry office. Then remembering the vision he sat bolt upright in his chair.

A group of Slytherins were cackling harshly as they made the way out of the door. Malfoy was watching him intently his eyes flickering between Harry and Snape, he looked as though he would rather stay and listen, but left with the others. Hermione was standing in the background staring worriedly at him. Snape had his face right up close to Harry’s.
“Granger, Will you do as you were told and leave, now!” Snape said angrily staring at Harry. Spitting slightly as he spoke. There was something strange about his eyes, Harry noticed.
Hermione grabbed her bag and quickly left the room.

“Now Potter I don’t know what you’re playing at, but do not ever fall asleep again in my lesson-”
“But sir, Voldemort-”
“Quiet” Snape ordered. “Now, Don’t. You. Ever. Ever. Suggest. I. Torture or have tortured. Anyone. In. My. Class. Ever. Again. Or else. And as far as I am concerned unless you can block that pitiful brain of yours you deserve to see every murder that the dark lord commits.”

Harry was momentarily stunned. Snape didn’t care Harry had had a vision or what ever, Snape was only concerned it would get out that he was a death eater. Well serves him right’ thought Harry. Wait, Harry thought, Snape knows about Fudge already, of course, Voldemort told him, wait so does Dumbledore know this, did he hide something else from me.
“POTTER, out!” Snape said, obviously trying to get Harry’s attention again.
Outside he was met by statues of armour, hanging tapestries and Hermione waiting the corridor. It seemed everyone else had cleared off, leaving her alone in the passage. She was leaning against the wall and a tapestry.

“Harry, what happened? It was clear you were going to fall asleep, I tried to get your attention, but Snape was watching you.” Hermione said quickly, as if she couldn’t wait to get it out. Harry was inwardly wondering how he had looked when he fell asleep. Hopefully he hadn’t screamed or yelled or anything like in his divination class in fourth year.

“I had a dream, well vision-y thing; you know where I see through Voldemort’s mind. And yes I know, it could be fake but I don’t think so I’ve had them all year and it felt so… real. Voldemort went to see Fudge and well-”
Harry stopped suddenly. The tapestry on the wall of Wendelin the Weird, on a stake while surrounded by muggles, moved suddenly. It looked as though it had sort of twitched. But a wall hanging couldn’t twitch unless…Harry suddenly remembered that that particular tapestry concealed a hidden passageway. Hermione seemed to be thinking along the same lines as she drew her wand. Harry followed suit.

He then tugged the tapestry and lit his wand. In the near distance, he could hear the sound of fading, running footsteps. Without one look at Hermione, he tore off his bag and ran whilst listening intently. As he followed round corners he could briefly make out billowing robes ahead. He was gaining on the figure but then as he turned around the next bend he came to a layer of fabric. He ran through it and by the time he had pulled it from his face, the figure had gone. Harry was standing alone in another empty corridor. Harry had the feeling that he was somewhere on the 2nd floor. Hermione hadn’t appeared behind him and he couldn’t see her when he looked through the other side of the tapestry depicting Elfrida Cragg, who had a portrait in the Grimmauld place.

He cursed loudly as he made his way to the great hall for lunch, muttering angrily under his breath as he went. He saw Hermione and Ron whispering quietly as he arrived and sat down.

Evidently Hermione had told Ron all about it. “Did you catch him then?” Ron asked eagerly.
“What makes you think it was a he?” Hermione asked defiantly.
“Oh, come on Hermione, now isn’t the time.” Harry whispered, still angry.
“Did you catch him…or her?” Ron asked again.
“No, they got away.”
“Any idea who ever it was?” Hermione asked, looking around the hall.
“No, I didn’t see him.” Harry said distantly. As he put his elbow up on the table and his head resting on his hand. Who ever it was now knew that Harry had had a Voldemort related vision and worse, that he had been having them for most of the year so far. That couldn’t be good.
“Couldn’t you have used the map?” Ron asked.
“Oh, yeah, I should have, it’s in my pocket.” Harry replied, annoyed at himself, he didn’t dare take it out at the table; it would be useless now anyway though.

Hermione then looked around clearly and leaned in towards Harry, Ron did the same, “You never finished your sentence before Harry, what did you see?” Hermione asked quietly.
“Oh, yeah, Well Fudge is dead, or is probably dead.” Harry said casually as he picked up a bowl of soup.
“WHAT?” Ron said loudly enough, so that many Gryffindors turned round to stare. He also sprayed out some of the pumpkin juice he had been about to swallow.
“Shhhh” Hermione and Harry said at once.
“Tell Dumbledore Harry” Hermione said quickly, looking up at the head table.
“No. Snape already knew I think, and probably already told him, and if he didn’t want to tell me it might happen, why should I tell him? Anyway he’ll know what shit at occlumency I am.” Harry said decidedly, almost challenging them to argue.

Hermione and Ron fell silent as if unsure of what to say next.
Hermione sighed quietly as she picked up her fork; Ginny also arrived at the same time. She sat herself down next to Harry.

“What?” Ginny said, detecting from their quietness that something was up.
“Doesn’t matter” Harry said, not looking up.
“Ron?” She asked, her face becoming more serious.
Ron took another look at Harry and then replied, “Ginny, just… go away… it doesn’t concern you.”
“Fine, just fine, nice to see you all to” She retorted irritably. She then quickly got off the bench and walked off towards the door.
“Ronald!” Hermione said shock evident on her face as she looked at Ginny’s fast retreating figure.
“What? It doesn’t though” He said confused.
She sighed angrily and walked off, following in Ginny’s footsteps. Harry and Ron just shrugged at each other and carried on eating their lunch and discussed tomorrows Hogsmeade visit.

Harry felt quite paranoid in his last lesson of the day; Defence against the dark arts. It might have been because it was in a practically pitch black room, or the fact that he still didn’t know who knew about the direct connection between his and Voldemort’s minds, or it could have been because the professor was calling them up one by one to do a duel with him.

This would have been a difficult task normally, but considering that it was in a dark classroom, Harry thought it seemed like an almost impossible task.

Harry was pleased to see Malfoy be stunned instantly but even Hermione didn’t fair better. She was body bound within seconds. Desdemona was muttering the incantation so quietly that people only knew a spell was going to hit them, when it hit them. This professor was undeniably a skilled wizard. In fact, he was so fast; Harry thought he must have had quite some practice at it. Harry didn’t know if that made him feel good or not. After all he hadn’t actually learnt much last year with Umbridge but something about this professor seemed off.

“Potter” Desdemona’s voice said slowly, as if calculating him.

Harry stood up and stood in the centre of the room, away from the desks. The whispers of the class were like an annoying buzzing, which slowly quietened down. If Harry was knocked out in front of Draco, he would be so ashamed, but then Draco hadn’t been very happy about losing before. He hadn’t even argued or mentioned this father hearing about this, Harry had noted.

The shadow was staring at him. The hood of the cloak lowered completely over his face, how he could see Harry, Harry had no idea. The wand in his hand was outstretched and waiting.
As Harry with drew his own wand, the first spell hit him. The professor hadn’t even said the spell; he had done it wordlessly. This struck Harry as a little unfair; after all, none of the other class mates had been defending themselves against wordless magic.

“Protego” Harry said quickly, resulting in a shield erupting from his wand.

Harry then dodged and weaved through the series of spells and hexes. Before long there was sweat plastering his face. After about two minutes he had had about 20 different spells thrown at him. His shield wasn’t powerful enough to defend him and so he had been moving and ducking at lot. The longer he lasted the more different and powerful they became.

Just as Harry was thinking it would be a really dark jinx that got him his wand was flying out of his right hand. It was as though he was seeing it in slow motion. His wand, the wand that had saved him from Voldemort in the graveyard, the wand which was a brother wand to Voldemort’s, the wand that saved his life from a Hungarian horntail, was slowly flying towards his professor’s outstretched arm. How ironic he was now about to lose his wand to the spell that had saved his life in his fourth year, oh the irony, he thought to himself.

That wand had been the thing he had been most looking forward to getting when Hagrid had taken him to Diagon alley. The only thought running through his head was getting it back, as it was still flying towards his attacker. Harry had only briefly thought of using ‘accio’ when the wand was already flying back towards him. It was as if the wand wanted to be with Harry as much as he wanted to be with it. It hadn’t even been able to get to the professors hand, it had turned in mid air.

The class took in a collective breath, Ron and Hermione looked positively gobsmacked. Just as Harry looked down at the wand in his wand, he felt the stunning spell hit him splat bang in the middle of his chest.

Harry wasn’t surprised to find the room in darkness when he awoke. Hermione and Ron were leaning over him. Hermione had just Enervate-ed him.
“Harry, mate, you alright?” Ron asked.
Harry nodded and sat up, the classroom appeared empty. “Where’d everyone go?” He asked, half expecting them all to jump out at him.
“Desdemona released the class a few minutes ago” Hermione said, as Ron pulled up Harry.
“Where’d he go? Why didn’t he enervate me?” Harry asked, pocketing his wand, and brushing of dirt from his robes.
“He seemed in a hurry to go, left before most of the students, said ‘Weasley, Granger, I trust you can revive Potter’ as he went out of the door.”
“Oh” Harry said lamely. “So it’s empty in here, and in his office.” He said getting an idea.

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