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Chapter 10

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Getting ready for the big day.

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Ok so CHAPTER 10 GUYS. I decided I am going to write this AND MCR got to Hogwarts at the same time :3 So updates may be slow until this is complete. I'm sorry that once again it is short.
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Chapter 10.

Cassie’s P.O.V

It is the day of the wedding. We decided to have it on the 10th of December. Don’t ask why, we just did. I was sitting bouncing my knee up and down whilst having my hair pinned into place. Yes I’m nervous. Not because I’m having doubts, I’m scared something goes wrong. I want this to be perfect. ‘Will you please stop moving whilst I’m trying to do this? You’re worse than a child.’ My best friend Jenny told me.
Someone knocked at the door. ‘Come in!’ Bob walked in as my hair was finished. I stood up and I was ready. ‘Well what do you think?’ I asked as I did a little twirl.
‘Cassie you look amazing. I just hope Frank can keep his hands of you till after the reception.’ He chuckled.

Yes to explain about that comment. Bob will never let the fact go that he heard Frank and I... Well I think you get it. After that we decided maybe it would be better if I move in with Frank.

I blushed. ‘Will you ever let that go?’ He just shook his head.

After a few minutes of talking mum burst through the door.

‘Oh darling you look so beautiful. Bob! You look amazing too. Who knew you could scrub up well?’ I chuckled and Bob gave us both a death glare. ‘I’m so excited I have been looking forward to this day ever since I found out I was pregnant with Bob. One of my children’s weddings I mean. I’m not surprised it’s you settling down first to be honest. Bob being a rock star and all.’ From the corner of my eyes I could see Bob rolling his. This is so typical mum. ‘Then again I’m still shocked it’s happening to you as well. You were always so shy. Oh just look at yourself.’
I haven’t actually seen myself yet. I walked over to the full length mirror. I gasped as I saw the girl looking back at me. Surely that can’t be me.

‘Caz of course it’s you.’ Bob chuckled. Wait did I say that out loud.

After about five minutes of talking about when we were children Bob got a message from Ray telling us it was time. I decided I wanted Bob to give me away seeing as my dad left a year after I was born. Ray was being the best man seeing as Frank had known him longer.
We walked to the big oak doors of the church and the music started.

It was time. The big day that I was going to remember for the rest of my life. The day I become Mrs. Iero.
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