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Welcome to Vengeance University!

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What happens when Gerard Way transfers to an extraordinary school where he is accepted? where he makes friends? ...where he meets Frank Iero? (suckish summary, I know...)

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Gerard's POV

The cold September air sends a shiver down my spine. why does it have to be so cold! I think to myself. I'm not dressed for this wether! I rub my arms, in a poor attempt to warm them up. I pull a tattered old Misfits hoodie from my messenger bag and put it on. I continued on my way down the street.

Why am I out in the cold? Well, I'm on my way to school. Actually, it's my first day at this particular school. You see, I got accepted there because of my art teacher at my old school, Mr. Martin, he said staying at Belleville High was just holding me back. I needed to go somewhere where I could 'let my talent shine' and whatever. He said I would benefit from being around 'my type of people'. So basically he wants me to go to a school full of art nerds, and draw rotted corpses all day long. At least its better than being the schools personal punch bag.

I ckeck the time. Shit! I'm 5minutes late! I clmb up the grey stone steps of the building, and go inside. wow. This didn't even look like a school, let alone a school for art nerds. The walls were purple, with black lockers lined up against them.

I looked around for somewhere that resembled a reception area. To my right there was a young woman sitting at a desk, typing quickly on her laptop. She brushed a stray black curl behind her ear, looked up and smiled. "You must be Gerard Way." "Yes ma'am" I answer politely. She rummaged through a drawer in her desk and pulled out a few sheets of paper, a purple notebook and a key. "Here's your journal, your timetable, your locker number and key, Mr.Way" She says handing me the items. I stuff the journal in my messenger bag, and the key in my pocket. "Thank you ms..." I looked at the sign on the desk "...Armstrong." She smiled. "Your welcome, dear." I nodded and turned around to find my locker.

I looked at the piece of paper in my hand 304, I looked back up at the lockers. 294... 296... 298... 300... 302... 304! Finally! I pulled the little key out of my pocket and opened the locker. I stuffed all my books in, and looked at the timetable. Registration, Art History, Drama, Music, then first break. The bell rang. Guess I just missed Registration.

The halls began to fill with people going to their next class. What the actual fuck!? These people looked NOTHING like art nerds! Mr.Martin was right, these were my kind of people. The majority of the kids looked like you could actually have a conversation with them without bitching about something, everyone actually seemed to feel at home with eachother. No jocks shoving guys, no cheerleaders snickering at other girls. There was even one girl kissing another, bafore walking hand-in-hand into a classroom, and NO ONE bothered them, not even a second glance!

ROOM 14 this must be my Art History room. I sat in a free seat, beside the right wall, second row from the back. I looked around the room and observed all the people filing into the room. I noticed the two girls from earlier sitting beside eachother holding hands. They looked like such a cute couple. One girl had mousy brown hair, just below her shoulder. Her velvety pale skin complemented her kind, chocolatey eyes. The other girl had bright red hair and milky, white skin which made her green eyes stand out. She leaned over and placed a soft kiss on the brown eyed girl's cheek. She just blushed, and smiled at the red-haired girl.

I was lost in thought, whislst observing all the students, which seem way cooler than the people I expected to attend an art school, until my view was blocked by someone standing infront of my desk. I looked up to meet a pair of big, black-rimmed, grey eyes staring into mine.
"uh, s-sorry, is this your seat?" I ask nervously, not prepared for the unexpected confrontation. A smile tugged her black lipstick-covered lips, causing dimples to appear on her soft, fair skin.
"No, but that one is." She said tapping her fingers on the desk next to mine. I shifted in my seat a little bit and glanced over at the seat next to me, then back up to meet her silvery-grey eyes. She giggled and set her messenger bag down on the floor next to the desk, then slipped into the seat next to me. I fiddled with the sleeves of my hoodie, people never chose to sit with me in Belleville high, unless they were planning on annoying me the whole way through the class. This girl seemed genuine enough though.

After taking out her art history book, which was so originally titled: Art History, a notepad, and a pencilcase, she turned her attention back to me.
"So, I haven't seen you here before, are you just starting here?" She asked curiously.
"uh yeah, I just transferred from Belleville High. My art teacher thought I'd be better-off going here instead." I told her. She nodded and made a noise of approval.
"I'm guessing that art's your thing, huh?" The girl continued.
"I guess so, yeah." I answered. She grinned in return.
"Art is my thing too, so is music. I play piano and electric guitar," She began. "I hate accoustic guitars. The damn strings are too thick..." the girl frowned, thoughtfully. She was silent for a moment before snapping back to reality.
"OH, my name's Ellie, by the way!" she exclaimed before giving me one of those 'oh shit, sorry' smiles. She stuck out her hand, for me to shake. I smiled back at her, from behind my messy hair.
"and I'm Gerard." I shook her hand.
"...Gerarrrrd" she repeated, exaggerating the 'r' sound. "Cool name."
"Thanks" I blushed. I dont usually get complimented by girls... or guys, come to think of it.

I jumped at the sound of the door slamming, and looked up. There was a man sipping a coffee, strolling to the teacher's desk at the top of the room. No way I thought to myself. There is no way that dude is a teacher. He looked to be in his mid-twenties. He had black spiked hair, a considerable ammount of tattoos (including a black star... ON HIS FACE!), and he dressed in tight black pants with chains hanging from the belt-loops, a leather jacket, and eyeliner to complete the look.

He leaned against the desk and took another sip from the Starbucks cup, before turning to the class.
"Sorry I'm late, kids. The caffeine was calling me." He smirked and raised the cup, before sipping again. I could do with some coffee right now I thought to myself, gazing longingly at the paper cup. He caught me looking, and grinned knowingly.
"You like coffee, Mr.Way?" he asked, teasingly.
"Umm yeah?" I replied cautiously, it was a wierd thing to ask, there was no 'why are you here?' or anything.
He gave me an approving nod, "Good answer, kid. Welcome to Vengeance University" he grinned, again, then turned to the computer on the desk to take the attendance. What a wierd place...
I grinned, I think I'm gonna like it here.
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