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Just Go With It

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Frank asks a question, and gets one hell of an answer. Little plot. Frerard SMUT MUTHER FUCKERS!

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Gerard pulls his lips to Frank's, nervous and uncertain.

He moves to pull back, but the younger man pulls him closer still, locking their lips together. Frank pulls back slightly, eagerly licking Gerard's lips, and happily Gerard obliges, happy to grant the younger man access. Happy, Gerard was. He'd never expected kissing his best friend and long time crush would get such a good reaction.

Gerard moans as he explores the other man's mouth, both fervently wanting more. Frank pushes Gerard down on his bed, straddling the older, keeping their tongues locked and rubbing together the entire time.

Gerard moans into Frank's mouth, and Frank mirrors the noise as Gerard runs his hand down the pierced one's chest, down his torso, back up from under his shirt.

Frank groans, breaking the kiss to violently tate his own shirt off.

Gerard moans loudly as Frank returns to the kiss, the kiss sweeter and the fire renewed by the momentary seperation.

Gerard slowly runs his han up Frank's naked torso, causing the younger's breath to hitch as Gerard reaches his nipple, rolling it between his fingers, teasing it out, making the normally soft skin turn hard.

Frank sighs, breaking the kiss and making Gerard panic, his dismay quite apparent. But not a moment later Gerard understands, and leans up, helping his friend greedily rip his short off.

"Are you sure, Frankie?" Gerard asks, trying to catch his breath over a throbbing erection.

"I've wanted this for years." Frank confesses, whispering I Gerard's ear, causing shivers to run marathons down the older one's spine.

"O-okay." Gerard whimpers as Frank begins to kiss his neck, sucking and nipping Gerard's neck.

Gerard, gaining confidence, runs his hand away from Frank's nipple, down his torso, circling his belly button a few times before coming down to his friend's ripped skinny jeans, moans being elicited from both the entire time.

There is no hesitation as Gerard slips off Frank's skinnies, Frank moaning like his bitch the entire time. Gerard smiles, happy to know Frank is just as excited as himself, if his throbbing erection is anything to go by. Both men moan throatily as Frank rubs his erection down on Gerard's, teasing through the fabric.

"Oh God Frankie..." Gerard says, his voice dropping ever so low, making the addressed even more excited. Frank wants to hear Gerard moan his name, scream it as he rams into the boy he's loved for so long. And Fran Iero usually gets his way.

"You like that Gerard?" Frank teases the other, his voice throaty and dripping with desire.

"Yessss..." Gerard hisses as Frank rolls his hips down on his friend's.

Gerard moans, sending delicious tingles sparking down Frankie's spine.

Frank brings his head up from Gerard's neck, and allows the fight for tongue dominance to restart.

Frank reaches down, to Gerard's skinnies, and Gerard lifts up his hips, allowing the younger one to pull the skinnies off entirely.

Frank moans as he looses his boxers to Gerard's hands, and soon Gerard looses his own undergarment. Both men express their pleasure through a series of loans as they rub their naked erections together, their cocks desperately begging for attention.

"Gerard..." Frank hisses as the friction between them increases.

"Yeeeeah?" Gerard moans.


Gerard reaches out to his bedside table, pulling a bottle out of one of the drawers a and handing it to his partner.

The younger grins, squirting some of the oily substance into his hands, rubbing it together almost like sunscreen, applying it to Gerard's erect penis.

Gerard moans at the touch. "What're ya-" But is cut off as Frank lowers his ass over Gerard's cock, the younger calling out in pleasure-pain, ecstatic to have Gerard inside him.

Slowly, getting over their initial reactions, Frank lifts himself half off Gerard's cock, only to slam down, pulling up and shoving down, riding Gerard like he only has moments left to live.

"Frank!" Gerard screams, losing himself, cumming into the smaller man, mind blown. Frank, after a moment, slides off Gerard, erection twitching, pre-cum leaking from the head of his cock.

"Mmmm... Touch me, Gerard." Frank begs, locking his eyes with Gerard's, pouting slightly. No, pouting a lot.

Gerard grins, still high on sex. "Anytime." And moves his hand down to the younger man's shaft, playing with the head, fingering the slit.

"Oh God Gerard..." Frqnk moans as Gerard starts to pump his hand up and down Frank's throbbing length.

"Oh! Gerard I'm gonna-" his muscles and stomach ripple as he ropes out sticky white substance on the both of them, Gerard's hand getting covered in the stuff.

"Gerard..." Frank pants.

"Yes?" Gerard asks, smiling at what thy had just done in his post euphoric state.

"This... Isn't going to be a one time thing, is it?" He asks between breaths, still failing to catch his.

"I hope not."

"Good." Frank grins, happy, now together with the love of his life.

"We should get cleaned up. Mikey's coming over for dinner." Gerard smiles softly.


Gerard chuckles. "I know, I know. Did that answer your question, though?"

"What question?" Frank asks, obviously forgetting the question that led up to his little escapade.

"You asked why I live alone. So I can do that, my dear Frankie."

"You live alone so yo can have sex?" Frank asks, his eyebrows raised almost in disbelief.

"That about sums it up." Gerard confirms with a nod.


Oh. My. God. My first smut scene! Tell me if there's something that doesnt make sense, gay sex sometimes confuses my brain. Goodbye, innocent Frerard writer. Hello, perverted creeper!

Heh. This was my first try. Please comment.

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