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Take To The Highway : Appollonia Iero's Story

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*Sequel to Ghost's That Are Never Gonna Catch Me* Appollonia tries to move on from her brothers death. Will she? or will she fall into something worse?

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Sequel :D This will only be a short sequel or i may make it long i have not decided yet XD


Appollonia :

"Apple, come on it is time to leave for the church now" Fae said, her voice was slow and quiet, she had changed since Frank died, I have not said a word since it, Frank was the only one who understood me and listened to me, it got to the point that noone listened to me, that is why i don't speak. I got put out of school for not talking. Frank' body didn't arrive back home for 2 weeks. As soon as i seen the body i began to cry even more but never spoke. Fae has been trying to get me to talk but it is not happening. I nodded at Fae, my foster mum let me stay with Fae until after the funeral was over. I was turning 11 in 4 months, not like anyone cared. I sighed and follwed Fae downstairs, we were in Evie's house as we thought it would be better if Frank spent his last night in Evie's because Evie had the biggest house out of all of us. We made sure that my so called 'Parents' were not invited. I told them that if they come I would gladly shoot myself in the head. So it is only me, Evie, Fae, Emily, Wynter, Allie, my 2 aunts Ellen and Emma, my 4 cousins Jack, Matthew, Rose and Charlotte and finally Angel, Victoria and Chloe. When we reached the bottom of the stairs the room fell silent.

"Time to say goodbye to Frank, we all said our goodbyes, we are just waiting fdor you, take your time" Ellen smiled and put her hand on my left shoulder. I returned the smiled then walked over to the oak coffen where my DEAD brother Frank layed.
"I want to talk to him alone" I muttered. Everyone looked wide eyed at me but left the room. I spent a few minutes staring at Frank. The blood was cleared off the body, his eyes were closed, his lips were a dark shade of purple and his hands were crossed over his stomach. He was wearing a black blouse, with black trousers, black shoes and a white tie. He looked so peaceful and undisturbed. I grabbed a chair and set it beside the coffin, i then put my hand on top of his and took a deep breath,

"Hey, so this is it, after all we have been through, Your gone, I am on my own, but i know somehow you are still with me, i don't know how i am going to cope without you, i may not cope at all, Just aslong as that fucking bastard a.k.a dad stays out of my life and as long as i have Evie, Fae, Emily, Wynter and Lexi and Allie and Angel with me i will be okay, it will be different because i told you everything, you knew me like the back of your hand. You were always there for me and this is my final goodbye to you. I know that didn't want me to do anything silly or something that i may regret which i wont, i promise you that now. Goodbye Frank, I love you lots" I felt a tear fall down my face and i kissed his forehead then looked at him again and noticed that inbetween his hands was the rose petal that i mailed him when he was away.

That was when i broke down i fell to my knees and let all the tears i had in my body out, it was the only way to let my feelings out. I then screamed and Fae and Evie ran into the room and ran over to me,
"Shush, Appollonia, it is okay, it is going to be okay shush" Fae said. Evie was rubbing my back. Fae lifted me up and hugged me, i hugged her back as if she was my life supporter, not wanting to die, not wanting to leave this world. She then began to run her hands through my ahir and Evie continued to rub my back. Fae would sometimes say shush and we sat like that for around 10 minutes although i just wnated to sit with her, in the past we never used to get along but now i feel far more connected to her than what words could say.

"Come on" Fae stood up and put out her hand, i took it and we walked outside and then Frank's coffin was carried out and I just stared at it as we walked towards the church, Inside that wooden box was my brother, best friend, carer, comforter. Frank was practically my parent. Wynter kept looking at the grund and everyone else was looking straight ahead. The rain then began and Fae put an umbrella up over the both of us. The clouds were gray and the rain pured as if there was no tomorrow, As the rain fell my head began to play the memories again.

"Frank" I smiled and walked over to Frank, who was sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee.
"Hey" He smiled"Whats up?"
"Frank i want to go out" I smiled
"Where do you want to go?" He smiled even bigger, his eyes filled with comfort, love and all that comfort and love was surronded by a green circle of happiness.
"The park" I then sat on his knee
"Okay" He said then kissed my forehead.I clapped my hands then ran and put on my jacket. He seemed like he had something to tell me which to my suspicion i was right.
"Appollonia" He looked at me again, the happiness was replaced with worry
"Yeah" I said my smile beginning to fade.
"I need to introduce you to someone" He muttered, but i made him out.
"Who?" I asked a little curious but scared at the same time.
"Come on" He took my hand and we walked out of the house and approached a 2 story house that was made of brick and had a wooden door. Frank knocked on it and a girl with long dirty blonde hair smiled at us.
"Hey Frank" She then hugged him. Who was she?
"Fae I want you to meet my litttle sister Appollonia, Appollonia this is my girlfriend Fae" He then smiled, the girl smiled at me, I suddently felt replaced, was she going to take Frank away from me? was she going to stop Frank from seeing me?
"Hi, Frank has told me alot about you" She said leaning down to my height.
"Hello" I said trying to not let my annoyance show.
"We are about to go to the park, do you want to come?" Frank smiled at her
"Sure" She said "Come in" She let us into her house, the walls werew papered and numerous pictures hung on the wall. Fae left the room and i looked at Frank
"What do you mean by girlfriend?" I asked, i was only an eight year old child.
"It means that I love her and i want to spend the rest of my life with her, you will meet someone so special that you want to be with them no matter what happens" He explained.
"Do you not want to spend your life with me?" I asked suddently upset. He laughed
"I will, i will just also spend it with fae, don't worry your still my number one girl Appollonia" He hugged me and patted my back. I smiled
"Ready?" Fae asked returning to the room.
"Yes" Frank said and put his arm around her.

"Appollonia!" Fae shook my shoulder snapping me out of the memory, we were in the church and sitting down. I turned my head round and looked at her, she had a worried expression on her face.
"Oh i thought you passed out" She said relieved. I just gave her a small smile.
"We are here to celebrate the life of Frank Iero" the preacher began.
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