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I spend most of my day locked up in my room, Frankie sitting on my bed with me, quietly purring as I pet his head. I’ve got the turtle Frank gave me tucked under my arm. What if Frank’s mom decides he can’t see me at all? I know how he is. Frank will say something stupid in the heat of the moment and then his mother will snap. I don’t know what I’d do if that happened. I kind of need Frank to live.

Gerard, who is also on Spring Break, comes up the stairs with a grilled cheese sandwich and a soda. He sets it on the chair beside my bed before sitting down on the floor. For a very long time he just looks up at the crystal snowflake that is hanging in my window. I’ve taken down all the rest but refuse to remove that one. Frank needs to know that he’s always welcome.

“Did you two get into a fight?”

I shake my head, “His mom caught us this morning. I was lying on top of him with my hand in his pants.”

Gerard still holds a blank facial expression, “Oh, you guys didn’t have sex did you?”

“No, we’ve both agreed I’m not ready for that yet. You’re not disappointed with me are you?”

My older cousin shakes his head, “No I’m not disappointed, just worried. I don’t want you to do something you don’t want to because you feel pressured.”

“Frank wouldn’t do that to me. Like I said, we’ve agreed I’m not ready.”

Gerard nods, “I might drop out of art school.”

This concerns me. Ever since he was little Gerard has lived for art. Hearing him talk about dropping out of school makes me wonder what’s going on.


“I just don’t enjoy it that much anymore.”

I instantly know what the problem is; he’s done this once before, back when I was in freshman year…he was a junior, “What’s her name?”

“Annabelle and she’s perfect but she has no idea that I exist. I can’t go to classes everyday and see her and have her not even look at me,” he answers, sounding kind of like an over dramatic teenage girl.

“She’s not good enough for you,” I answer. “If she won’t give you the time of day then she doesn’t know what she’s missing out on. You’re wonderful, Gerard, find someone who will appreciate that.”

My cousin smiles at me, “You’re amazing Amber.”

“I know,” I answer with a laugh and a cocky smile.

“So his mom really walked in on you with your hand in his pants?”

I laugh, tossing a pillow at Gerard. He just shakes his head before standing up and leaving. I’m glad he’s so understanding. Anyone else’s ‘brother’ would have freaked out over what I told him.

Around five I hear the familiar crackle of the walkie. I pick it up, waiting patiently for Frank to say something. I hope the punishment isn’t too bad.

“Hey Ambo,” Frank starts off, not sounding terrible upset.

“What’s the verdict,” I ask, getting right to the point. I have to know.

Frank sighs, “Well, there will be no more spending the night with each other…and I’m grounded for all of Spring Break. I convinced my mom to let me take you out once though.”

Well this sucks. I was looking forward to spending as much time with Frank as possible. What am I supposed to do now? Most of my other friends are on vacation and I don’t really like doing things on my own.

“Oh,” is all I manage. I really don’t know what else to say.

“I’ll be on the walkie everyday. My mom is making me get a job so when I find one I’ll let you know and you can come and visit me. Spring Break is only two weeks. We can manage.”

I smile. Frank some how always manages to find something good about a situation. I wonder if that’s how he got through me being raped.

“I think I might go see him,” I announce shocked by my own words.

I’ve not seen Garry since what happened; in fact I’ve not even been out to the fair grounds. Although I’m mostly healed I think facing the demons might help. Most people would think I’m crazy. I just hope Frank understands.

“Not by yourself right?”

“No,” I answer, chewing on my lip, “Frank, instead of taking me to the movies or bowling would you take me to the fair grounds and then the prison?”

He laughs a little, “If that’s what you want.”

“It is…I miss you.”

“Yeah, I miss you too.”

Suddenly I get yet another absurd idea, “You’re in your room right?”

“Yes, ma’am,” answers Frank sounding a little confused.

“Go to your window.”

I get up off the bed and stand in front of my window. I can see Frank, walkie held in front of his face, “Can you see me?”

“Yes, ma’am.”


I put the walkie down on my window seal and lift up my shirt to flash Frank. Although I’m wearing a bra I’m sure he’ll still get a kick out of it.

“Did you just flash me?”

I pick the walkie back up, “Yeah…did you like it?”

Frank laughs, “It was the best long distance flash I’ve ever gotten but I think you might have scared the shit out of the Jones’ kid. He crashed his scooter into the garbage can.”

I look down at the kid. He is shaking his head and getting back on his scooter. Now I feel like an idiot, “Oh my God, did I seriously just flash the Jones’ kid?"

“Yes, ma’am.”

I laugh feeling rather silly for not checking to make sure no one was out.

“I bet you just made that kid’s life.”

“Fuck yeah, I did.”

“I love you, Ambo. You’re my best friend.”

“Ditto, Frankie.”

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