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Relax...take a deep breath, he thought to himself as he gazed out through the window and shutting his eyes, he let out a deep breath, trying not to move an inch of muscle in his right arm and shoulder. It ached every time he tried to move it or put too much pressure on it whenever he did anything physical. He slowly lifted his right arm above his head to stretch and let out a groan but as he let his arm fall to his side, he felt a hand against his shoulder where he was in pain. He cocked his head to one side and let out a deep sigh of relief as he felt her massage his shoulder. He sat down at the edge of the bed and spoke not a word as more darkness crept into the room, except for the moon that shone brightly in the night sky. His eyes fluttered open and outside, as it began to pour down rain, and he could hear thunder roaring in the distance. He smiled and turned around to face her, catching her one hand, he brought her it to his lips. Softly, he kissed it and laid one hand the one side of her face, stroking it lovingly and he watched as she pressed her face gently against the warmth of his hand.

“I shouldn’t have doubted you,” Thor said quietly as he let go of her hand. “But I did...and-“he started to say and he felt her press her hand to his mouth to stop him from saying something foolish. “You cannot blame yourself. Even to this day, you cannot undo what had happened, especially what happened to Loki.” Breathing slowly, he clenched his left fist at the mention of his brother who tried to kill him and his friends using the Destroyer but Loki was gone -lost to Asgard and to... him. Somehow, he felt he was to blame for what happened to his brother but no one, not even his father suspected that Loki would commit such betrayal and treason. Yet in the end, it all made sense that he would find a way to ruin Thor’s coronation.
Despite of what happened, he still mourned for his brother and he often wondered if he was worthy of redemption if he tried to bring him back to the good side. There was nothing he could do now, for Loki was gone and it hurt him deeply that he couldn’t do anything to find him. With the bifrost destroyed, something in his heart made him feel that he hadn’t seen the last of Loki but even as he thought about his brother, he knew things would be different like a sharp blooded blade wedged between them. “I should have seen it coming, though. Why had I not seen it?” He let go of her hand and rose up from the bed, shaking his head as he walked towards the window.

“You and I both know Loki is one for mischief,” Sif paused and there was a slight smile that came across her face. “I never thought I’d speak the same words of Fandral but with everything that had happened leading up to Loki’s betrayal, none of us would have been as strong as you to stop him.” Then she frowned and their eyes met, gazing at each other and for a moment there was nothing but complete silence between them but before Thor could say anything, Sif got up from the bed and moved towards him. Standing next to him, she stared out through the window and hugged herself for she felt the cool night air touch her bare skin. He watched her for a moment and he too gazed out into the night sky as it rained. “Thor, I’m so sorry for your loss. I really do but my feelings for Loki and the things he had done does not change how I feel about him. He has always been jealous of you. Yet, we were all too late to see what he had become. I’m sorry I didn’t see it coming either. I guess I’m not as strong as I thought I was.”

She heard him chuckle and she turned quickly to glance at him with a raised eyebrow. “What?” Shaking his head, he took her hands into his. “Not as strong? I think you’ve forgotten of what I once said of who proved wrong all who scoffed at the idea that a young maiden could become the fiercest warrior this realm had ever known and who supported you?” “You did.” “And I still do, despite what happened to my brother, you cannot blame yourself. Not even Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg. You’ve never failed me, Sif. Never forget that.” He pulled her close to him and Sif, who trembled a little at his touch, drew her hands out and rested them on his bare chest. “I won’t,” she quietly said and leaned in towards him, giving him a soft kiss on his cheek. Then she slid away from him and as he watched her leave his side and exit his chambers, he sighed. Is it possible to have feelings for two women at the same time? He thought. It had been a while since he had seen Jane Foster whom he had given his word that he would return to Midgard for her. He hadn’t spent much time thinking about her for he was focused on mending his relationship with his father and picking up the pieces of what transpired at the rainbow bridge. With the bifrost destroyed from their fight, Thor knew there were other ways of getting out of Asgard to the other nine realms but it was only a matter of time that he and Jane could reunite. One way or another.

She silently closed the doors behind her and stood there thinking wither to go back inside but even though she felt tempted to do just that, somehow she managed to resist the urge to do so. While she loved Thor dearly, she never quite understand his fondness for the mortals especially Jane Foster. Every time she knew she had to find him, wondering if he was even there when she needed him but sometimes she could barely stand him and often wondered why she even care. The last thing she wanted was a broken heart but as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait. As she was about to head back to her chambers, she heard her name. “Lady Sif.” She turned around and found Fandral standing not too far from her, leaning against the side of the wall with his arms across his chest with a slight smile on his face. “Not now, Fandral,” she said as she rolled her eyes at him and began to walk away from him. “Come now, you didn’t even let me start. Rushing off somewhere, I suppose?” That’s when she quickly turned around, “It is not any of your business. Nothing happened.” “What!?! And how am I supposed to believe you, my lady? I thought the whole plan was-“

He never finished his sentence when she cut him off. “Oh please. Fandral. This isn’t the right time for this.” “Of course this is and I meant no disrespect but I see the way you look at Thor, even when he’s not in the same room as you.” “This is none of your business so do me a favour and please stay out of it.” “Perhaps I could do just that but with all that happened on Midgard with that mortal of his, I don’t think there isn’t much you can do.” They arrived in front of her chambers and Sif turned to face him. “You make it sound like I don’t have a chance with him, is that it?” “What? No.” Shaking her head, she opened up the doors to her chambers and before stepping inside, she gave Fandral a warning look in his direction. “Perhaps you would like another challenge? We shall not speak of this again.” “Then my challenge would be to keep my mouth shut then. Alright. You have my word, Lady Sif. Carry on,” and with that he drew himself away and retreated back to his own chambers.
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