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I hate Christmas.

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Gerard hates Christmas but can a certain someone change that? Ferard oneshot.

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I hate Christmas. 

The fucking lights and annoying decorations, stupid presents no-one wants and don't even get me started on the music. It's the one time of year shops can lure people in and get them to buy useless crap they don't want or need at ridiculous  prices. People have to be uncommonly kind when they don't really want to be and everyone is so fucking hyped and excited and I just want to blow my own fucking brains out.

I'm not always this pissed off, really I'm not. Only at Christmas. The one time of year you're supposed to be freakishly happy and I am the exact opposite. Great.

I flick the TV off after deciding there's nothing on and lean back into the sofa, sighing.
'Why are you always so down at Christmas?' my younger brother asks, walking into the living room and sitting down next to me silently, with his freakish stealth ninja skills.
'Its Christmas Gerard, cheer up! No school, presents and all the fucking food you can eat.' he says, taking another bite out of the mince pie he has in his hand, his gaze never falling from my face. I sigh again.
'I just don't like Christmas,' I say. Mikey smirks at me.
'You might like it better this year, what with Frank coming over and all,' he says, raising an eyebrow at me. I groan.
'Oh fuck off Mikes, theres nothing going on between me and Frank.'
'Oh right, so that's why I heard you moaning his name the other night, jerking off no doubt.'

I freeze. What. The. Actual. Fuck. My heart does this funny leap thing and starts beating faster, Mikey still staring at me with his infuriating smirk.
'I was not!' I say, pretty unconvincingly. Mikey just keep smirking at me until-
he moans.
'Oh Frank. Oh, oh Frank.' Anger bubbles up inside me at my younger brothers, fairly accurate, impression of me masturbating over his best friend. I know, I'm sick, but have you actually seen the guy?!
'Oh Fraaank! Frank, Frank, Frank!' I'm just about to throw the TV remote at Mikey's head when-
'Yeah?' I look up to see a slightly confused, very amused, very sexy Frank Iero leaning against the doorframe of my living room. Mikey stops moaning. 
'Hi,' he says, smirking at Frank, 'how long have you been stood there?' 
'Long enough,' he replies, winking at me and sitting down on the sofa next to Mikey. Great, just fucking great. My cheeks burn crimson and I duck my head, hiding behind my ebony hair. Frank sighs.
'So what's the deal with the sleeping arrangements?' he asks, 'Am I in Mikey's room, on the sofa, in Gerard's room...?' he says, smirking. 
'My room,' Mikey replies.
'Shame, I was kinda hoping for Gerard's' Frank says, making my cheeks burn darker if that's possible.
'I'm gonna make a coffee,' I say and stumble up into the kitchen, putting the kettle on and leaning my forehead against the fridge. Fuck my life. Why am I such an idiot? If I was Mikey, I would have jumped on Frank, said some sexy line and fucked him dry ages ago. But I'm not Mikey, Frank isn't Pete Wentz and this situation is entirely different.
Instead, I hopelessly pine, and wank, over a boy who is far to perfect and cool and funny and sexy and just plain urgh to ever see me the way I see him. I bang my head against the fridge, again and again and again until I feel a hand on my waist. I stop banging my head and tense immediately at the sudden contact
'You'll get a headache if you keep doing that,' Frank whispers in my ear, sending a shiver down my spine. 
Before I even have time for formulate a reply or acknowledge that Frank Iero has his HAND on my WAIST, the touch is gone and I can hear Frank getting mugs out of the cupboard. I very slowly lift my head and turn to face him. He's stopped getting mugs out of the cupboard. He's looking at me. Like, right at me, just staring. It's freaking me out and I shift uncomfortably from one foot to the other. He doesn't say anything just stares at me, looking me up and down, his sight lingering on my crotch for a little longer than I think is necessary. He just keeps staring at me. 
I can't say anything because there's a lump in throat. I'm rubbing my palms together, I nervous habit of mine, because he makes me nervous. Stood there with his eyes wondering, teasing me, a stray strand of hair hanging across his beautiful, brown eyes, his plump, pink lips slightly parted. Jesus, he is so hot. So....intoxicating.
The door slams. Someone locks it. Me and Frank both look towards it, confused.
'I'm not letting you out until you suck him off, okay Iero? And Gerard, return the favour, yeah?' Mikey calls from the other side of the door. I groan but a smirk creeps over Franks face.
'You got it Mikes,' he says in response before we hear my brother walk towards his room. I slide down the fridge and sit on the floor, burying my face in my hands and sighing. This cannot be happening, this cannot be happening, this cannot be happening.
Note to self: FUCKING KILL MIKEY WHEN YOU GET OUT OF HERE. If you out of here.
Someone sits in front of me and a pair of soft hands take my hands in their own and pull mine away from my face. I look up to see Frank smiling at me. Not smirking, just smiling warmly and it makes me feel all strange and fuzzy inside. I only realise Frank is still holding my hands when he starts to rub circles over my knuckles with his thumbs.
'I heard what Mikey said earlier,' he says, looking down at our hands. Fuckshitbuggerasstitwankface. He heard Mikey say tha-
'When he said he heard you, moaning my name.' He heard Mikey say that.
'Frank, fuck. Look, I'm really sor-' he took one of his hands away from mine and placed a delicate finger to my lips.
'Ssshhhh.' He removed his finger and replaced it with his lips. He kissed me sweetly, his lips barely ghosting over mine before he pulled away.
'I jerk off thinking about you all the fucking time,' he said, as if it's a casual quip about the weather. Frank Iero just said he jerks off over me. FRANK IERO. JERKS OFF. OVER ME. He has got to be kidding because there is no way he jerks off over me. No fucking way. Not ever.
'Wa-w-w-what?!' I manage to choke out, trying to swallow the lump in my throat.
'I jerk off over you, like, all the time,' he says, keeping his nonchalant demeanour. I just stare at him, pretty sure my mouth's hanging open but who gives a fuck, Frank Iero jerks off over me. Oh my bejeebusing motherfucking christ. He smirks.
'You're just so hot,' he begins, leaning closer, 'With your dark hair and pale skin,' even closer, 'the way you're so uncertain around me,' dangerously close, 'and your stunning eyes,' FRANK IERO IS CENTIMETRES AWAY FROM MY FACE, 'and your fucking lips, oh god those lips.' He looks down at my lips and licks his own.
'When I touch myself, I imagine it's your lips.' I let out an involuntary moan at the thought of Frank touching himself. He leans in and presses his lips to mine, harder this time, more passionately, moving forward to straddle me as I put my hands on his waist, kissing him back with just as much passion. He pulls away and rests his forehead on mine.
'I've wanted to do that for such a long time,' he says.
'Fucking tell me about it!' I reply, making him giggle.
'Well, Mikey did say he wouldn't let us out until we sucked each other off, so...' he said, fiddling with a strand of my hair. I smirked.
'It can be your Christmas present,' I say, 'but you can have it a day early.' Frank leans in and kisses me again.
'I love you,' he whispers.
'I love you too.'

I love Christmas.
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