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Life Is Shit

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Nancey and her family move into a new house and meets many people. Including the young Tate. Thrilling, Horror, Romance.

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Life so far has been pretty normal. But i'm not normal. School, stupid teenagers, whores, annoying siblings, idiotic parents. The list goes on. Today i'm moving, again. Mum's pregnant and Dads been stressed from work. Also Jess; my sister, well lets just say she is a bitch. I guess school life can really fuck you up.

I sat in my dark room, waiting for my mothers piercing voice to shout the words "LETS GO!" to me. So i can leave this house. We always move. I'm used to it, we never stay. Goodbye room, we've had some good times. When i used to cry, still do, when i almost committed suicide, when i was happy for a month. I looked around my almost empty room and for some reason, i wasn't really sad. Its a new start, hopefully this one will be a good one.

"C'MON SWEETIE LETS GO!" shouted my mum from downstairs. Time to go. I picked up my blue suitcase and weakly walked out of my room painted purple. I walked down the creaky stairs almost in slow motion to find my mum standing there with her hands on her hips, giving me the "Are you serious?" look. I threw her a smile and we both walked out the door. Bye house full of sad memories. I jumped into the car and my dad was there at the front, staring at what used to be our home.

"You okay?" i asked, knowing that hes probably not. He nodded slowly. Hesitation, it always tells the truth. Mum got in the car and Ed started off the car. New home, here we come. I put my headphones in my ears and looked outside the window, like the way you do, feeling like you're in some kind of movie. The further away from our house, the more creepier it got. There was at least 20 forests we've passed now. I hate car journeys. I shut my eyes, and before i knew it.. We was there.

The house was HUGE. I felt like i was in some country side. There was similar houses all over the road, very huge brick houses. They looked about one million years old. I liked it. Its like the house has a soul. I hope we can stay here.. I opened the car door and saw like ten people all lined up in front of our new 'home'.

I slammed the door shut and suddenly all their eyes beamed on me. I'm guessing they are our neighbors? Everyone there looked pretty normal, but one. There was a boy, he looked about my age. He had dirty blond shaggy hair, and his skin was as pale as a white piece of paper. His eyes were dark, like little black holes. He looked left and right, like a nervous, shy little child. But something about him makes me want to talk to him.

Me, Jess, Mum and Dad all walked up to the people and they all shouted "WELCOME!". I looked at the boy with the shaggy hair and he looked back. Then quickly looked away. I wonder whats that all about? We all walked inside our new home, also the people standing outside our home. My mother got a huge bottle of wine.

"Thankyou, we plan to stay here for a long time. And hopefully we will get on with you lovely people. Cheers!" she said as she opened the bottle of wine. I rolled my eyes and walked off, as the swarm of neighbors gathered around my pregnant mother. I looked back at them and noticed.. the boy. He wasn't there. I decided to go looking for him. I walked through my living room and into the kitchen. There he was, standing there. He looked like he had no feelings, he was expressionless.

"Uh Hi" i managed to say. He looked up at my face and stood up straight.

"Hello, are you scared of darkness?" he said.

"Uh nope, whats your name?" i replied. He walked closer to me and i stepped back a bit. Something about him, i don't know what.. it makes me want to be friends with him..

"Tate" he whispered.
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