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Chapter 1

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A young film student and her boyfriend decide to shoot a movie in the woods, but all is not good when they find the monster that lurks.

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I let out a large sigh of relief as I finish packing the car.
“We’re ready to go.” Ryan says smiling.
“Awesome.” I smile back. Brendon walks out of the door, his 4 year old daughter, Tabitha, following him closely, carrying a small Barbie suitcase.
“We can come too, right Auntie Cameron?” She asks putting her sleeping bag in the back seat. I lean down and kiss her on the top of the head.
“Of course you can! You are my most important part of this movie!” I laugh and pat her head.
“Really?!” She asks; her face lighting up with joy. I nod and she skips off into the house.
“So.” Ryan says leaning on the car door.
“So.” I say back.
“So.” Brendon chimed in. We both looked at him. “What? I felt alone.” He pouted and looked at the ground. Moments later Tabitha came out of the small house carrying a pillow, a Dora camera, and her Blue’s Clues blanket.
“Ready?” I ask everyone. They all nod and Brendon puts Tabitha in the back seat next to him. I sit in the passenger seat and Ryan drives. We start the car and drive off. Bring on the 7 hour car ride.
About an hour into the trip Tabitha had to use the bathroom. Ryan pulls into the nearest resting area, which is pretty much just a small park and a place with some bathrooms. The woods behind it was creepy though, but there was a chain-link fence separating use from the dark woods.
“I’ll be back.” Brendon says taking Tabitha into the bathroom. Ryan says something about going to get a Pepsi from the vending machine. I got out of the car and lit a cigarette. I looked into the woods and notice something. A man? No it’s too tall. Maybe a branch? No that’s definitely a person. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach as I stared at the figure. I start to sweat and my pupils dilate. My hands go straight to my throat and I start to scratch, trying to relieve this burning feeling making its way up my esophagus. What’s going on?! I try to look away, but I couldn’t. I tried to move, but it felt like I was stuck to the spot. The figure extended it’s long arms out towards me. My eyes got wider and I fell to the ground.
“Cameron?!” Ryan yelled running towards me, two Pepsi cans in his hands. My eyes stay locked on the creature as it retreated back into the forest. I could still see it hiding behind a tree, just staring at me. How the hell was it staring at me?! It didn’t have a fucking face! Ryan! Thank god Ryan, I think you just saved me.
“Ryan.” I whisper, my hand still on my throat. It was extremely hard to breath and my stomach still felt like it was being torn to shreds.
“Oh my god what did you do!” He screamed moving my hand, which was covered in blood. My lower lip quivers as I weakly bring my hand up and point to the woods. It’s gone! It’s fucking gone!
“I don’t see anything.” He said putting my hand back over my throat gently. “I’m going to get some tissues or something.” He says backing up and turning around.
“No! Don’t leave me!” I scream, grabbing his wrist.
“Then come on.” He whispers helping me off of the ground.
“Cameron!” Tabitha screamed and ran over to me. When she noticed the blood dripping down my hands from my neck she started to scream. “Daddy! Daddy!” She screeched.
“Tabitha it’s ok. Cameron just got into a little accident ok?” Brendon explained to his young daughter. She nodded and walked over to the car with Brendon holding his hand. We walked into the little shack that held the front office.
“Excuse me, do you have any tissues or a towel?” He asked politely. The lady at the front desk looked at me with wide eyes. Her blond hair up in a messy bun and her glasses hiding large blue eyes.
“What happened?” She asked reaching into her desk and pulling out a white towel.
“I saw something in the woods,” I started and looked onto the ground and held the towel to my neck. Another lady with long black hair came out of the back room. As soon as she saw me she stopped and started to scream things in Spanish.
“¡No! Tienes que salir ahora mismo! El hombre delgado que ha elegido y que nos matará a todos! Vete ahora!” She screamed, trying to shove me out of the door.
“Ryan what is she saying?!” I yelled as I was being pushed.
“She said something along the lines of ‘You have to leave. The Slender Man has chosen you’ and then something about killing us all.” He rolled his eyes and walked out of the door. He helped me into the car and then he got in. My throat had finally stopped bleeding, but I couldn’t get rid of this sick feeling in my stomach.
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