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Learn to Fly - 11

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Sequel to Fly Away, Dance on the Milky Way. Over a year has passed, and Gerard is reunited with his daughter Gia. She has a lot to hide, and Gerard finds that she has grown up and changed.

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A/N: I have to warn you, this chapter contains some... ehm, mature content (sex), and if you're uncomfortable with that, it won't really matter if you skip some parts of this chapter.

Chapter 11: Heartbreaker

Gia stumbled downstairs, still all tired out by the previous day when she had been welcomed back to New Jersey by her family. Everyone had stayed over very late, and they didn’t leave until Cherry and Lily woke up to demand their rights to get into their own cribs.

Seeing everyone again had been not only emotionally exhausting, but also physically, as she was the one who kept Bandit company, and she also had to keep Frank entertained. It was really no wonder she slept as late as she did.

It was already way past noon, so she knew she was alone in the house. It was Saturday, but Gerard had to work and Bandit and Lindsey had a play date to attend to. So, Gia had the house to herself for the day. Her plans consisted of nothing more than sitting around in front of the computer and eating whatever she could find in the kitchen that wasn’t already claimed by Bandit.

Yawning and stretching her arms, Gia ventured down to the kitchen to get some coffee. She missed the days when she didn’t need four cups of that delicious black teeth-coloring poison every morning. Unfortunately there was no going back, and she found herself cursing the coffee-addict genes that had decided to show up.

When she was filling the coffeemaker with water in order to satisfy her caffeine addiction, the doorbell rang.

Not even caring that she was only wearing underwear and one of her dad’s oversized band shirts which covered her up only so-and-so, and the pink glittery unicorn slippers Mikey bought her for her last birthday. She assumed it’d be only Frank who sneaked out of work when no one was looking, and came by to continue the greetings from where they left off yesterday.

However, once she opened the front door and saw the boy standing there, Gia instantly wished that she had had the sense to at least comb her hair and put on some pants. Suddenly she was very glad that she hadn’t bothered to wash off the makeup last night, so the purple and yellow bruise on her face wasn’t visible.

“Hi,” Gia said to him, feeling her heart start beating so fast that it was nearly painful. She hadn’t expected to see him, and now that she did, she nearly couldn’t believe her eyes.

Lucas looked nervous to say the least. He hadn’t changed much at all, except that his black hair was now somewhat shorter, he was taller and his previously scrawny frame had gotten more muscle. But to Gia, it was like only yesterday that she had last seen him, and in her eyes he was still the same boy who moments before she left for over a year, swore to her that they’ll be together, somehow, some day.

He didn’t speak, only stared at her, so she asked: “What are you doing here?”

“Uh… I ran into Hazel… She told me you were here… Back, you know…”

Gia could tell he was nervous by how he rambled and how his voice was slightly shaky. “Do you want to come in?” she asked.

Lucas nodded, and stepped into the house. Gia closed the door, and they stood awkwardly in the hall. The gap between them seemed to be miles long, which made the situation even more awkward than it already was. But still, looking at him after all this time, Gia felt all those old feelings come crashing back to her. Suddenly she had never even left, Sean no longer existed, and Lucas was the only one who mattered. But at the same time, she realized that it wasn’t reality. It had been a long time, they had both moved on. He wasn’t her boyfriend, not even her best friend anymore.

It was an odd situation, not at all similar to how it had been when Gia met up with Hazel. Then again, Lucas and Hazel played very different roles in her life.

“I don’t know why I came,” Lucas admitted, obviously as confused as she was by his motives.

Gia nodded, understanding how he felt. She had dreaded seeing him, but at the same time, her thoughts had circled around him ever since she returned to Belleville.

“I would’ve brought Jersey but I didn’t know if you were home. I wasn’t even sure if you still lived here,” he explained.

“That’s okay, I’ll see him later. How is he?”

“He’s good. And… How are you?”

“I’m okay,” Gia said, shrugging. “I’m sorry I’m not all that presentable right now, you know… With the lack of pants and all.”

“Good. I mean, you look good. I mean… You’re…”

Lucas gulped, and his eyes looked straight into hers. The tension between them got thicker, and Gia’s breathing got heavier when she realized what he was about to do, what she actually wanted to do more than anything.

“Uh… Is there anyone else here?”

Gia shook her head, knowing where he was getting at. “No. They’ll be gone for hours.”

He clearly hesitated for a moment, until he apparently didn’t care anymore. Only a short moment later Gia felt him push her against the wall and his lips press harshly against hers. Her arms went around his neck, her other hand gripping on the hair on the back of his head as the kiss got deeper and more passionate. Gia gasped in surprise when his cold hands went to her back, under her shirt, and the shivers the coldness produced shook her whole body.

Lucas picked her up, her legs wrapped around his waist, but they never broke the kiss. He carried her to the living room where the contact was finally broken when he dropped her on the couch.

Gia bit her bottom lip and looked up at him as he got rid of his hoodie and shirt. He threw them on the floor and without hesitating, climbed on top of her. His face lingered above hers for a moment before he closed the gap, pressing his lips on hers. He felt intoxicated by the scent of her perfume which was mixed with the familiar scent that he remembered all too well. She still used the strawberry shampoo she had favored even before she left, and the scent of it had stayed in his brain all this time.

Gia’s legs once again wrapped around his waist as their bodies melded together. His warming hands under her shirt produced vibrations, and she couldn’t explain why she felt this way. But it felt good, and it brought a sense of belonging to her, like he was the one she was meant to be with.

Lucas’ lips trailed down to her jaw, and to her neck. When he found her shirt to be in the way as he proceeded to her shoulder, he rose a bit so she could pull it off. Gia was left only in her underwear, and had Lucas slowed down even for a moment, he would’ve wondered about the fading bruise she had on her ribcage. But at that moment his mind was infected with lust.

Gia’s fingers quickly undid the belt buckle and the zipper of his jeans, and she tugged at the denim so he’d remove it.

Lucas took his pants off in a hurry and then proceeded to remove his boxers. He went back to kissing Gia, his hands going to her back, trying to get her bra off. After he had fumbled around with the hooks for a little too long, Gia smacked his hands away and took it off herself.

Lucas pushed her back so she was lying on the couch again and deepened the kiss before descending down her neck and to her now exposed chest. He bit her right nipple and Gia softly moaned as Lucas got bored and moved to take off her underwear. His finger gently grazed her thighs, making her shiver.

Their minds were completely filled with the old feelings that had come crashing back, and it didn’t even occur to them that they were in a relatively dangerous place. It was unlikely that someone would come home at this hour, but there was still a risk. Gia felt herself sink deeper and deeper into that place in her mind which was poisoned by the only thing she felt. Lucas was the only other person in the world, all she cared about. And she needed him.

Lucas panted heavily as he looked at her in the eyes. Gia gasped when she felt him slowly thrust into her, the familiar feeling of pleasure washing over her. It made her back arch and her toes curl, and her nails dug into the bare skin of Lucas’ back.

Lucas started to rhythmically thrust, going faster and harder. Gia bit her bottom lip to keep herself from screaming. Lucas however wasn’t so subtle, he let out a very audible groan as he moved his hips. Her eyes closed as a feeling of pleasure spread over her like a warm wave, and Lucas kept moving, pushing down with more force, going deeper and deeper.

Nothing coherent or rational went through their minds as the sensation had completely taken over the two of them. They lost track of time, and Gia could no longer resist moaning out loud. She felt his whole body stiffen, indicating that he couldn’t take it anymore, and Gia let herself give in as well. Her nails dug in deeper into his back as they came in an explosion of heat and noise.

Lucas was fatigued, and his arms gave out. He fell on her, and she heard his heavy breathing as his head was right next to hers. He didn’t move for a while. Gia’s fingers rested on his sides, feeling the places where her nails had left marks. She was sure they were going to stay there for a while. When his upper body finally rose, she pulled his face closer to hers and kissed him.

“I missed you so much,” Lucas said after they broke the kiss.

“I missed you too,” Gia answered. She wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, and her mind still wasn’t working properly.

“What happened to your eye?” Lucas then asked, only now noticing the bruise under the makeup.

Gia didn’t particularly feel talking about it with him, especially when she felt so good for once. “Do you want to talk or do you want to go again?”

Lucas grinned, and with no difficulty chose the second option. There’ll be time for talking later.

“But first, I have to get some water,” Gia announced. Lucas frowned, clearly displeased when she pushed him off of her and picked up her shirt from the floor. The frown was replaced by a small smile as he watched her pull the shirt on. “What?” she asked, noticing the smile.

“I really did miss you.”

“Are you going to cry?”

“I won’t if you take that shirt off right now”, he grinned, and grabbed her hand, swiftly pulling her on top of him. She sat on his waist, legs on each side of him. She placed her hands on his bare chest and he rose to sit up, and kissed her more gently than before.

Both of them were still recovering from the previous body-shaking experience, but ready for another round, when all of their worst nightmares came true.

They hadn’t heard anyone come in, and for sure they hadn’t expected anyone to. It wasn’t until the person cleared their throat that Gia and Lucas noticed him standing there.

Frank stood at the living room entrance, his mouth wide open in shock. Gia’s eyes widened as she realized what was going on, and she screamed. Getting over the initial shock, Frank screamed as well.

“Oh my god! My eyes!” Frank shouted in agony, slamming a hand on top of his eyes. Gia quickly rose off of Lucas who quickly grabbed a pillow to cover himself up.

"Okay, I’m just going to not look. I suggest you two put some clothes on and Lucas, you better go home. Gia, I’ll be in the kitchen," Frank announced and pointed to the direction in which he thought the kitchen was. His eyes were still covered, so he had no idea where to go.

“Frank, the kitchen is the other way,” Gia said, but she was too late. Frank had already crashed against a wall.

“I knew that. I’ll just… go over there.”

Gia was so confused that she didn’t really even understand the situation. Frank was gone, but he was waiting for her in the kitchen and she didn’t particularly feel like following him there. Lucas however grasped the gravity of the situation perfectly, and freaked out.

“Oh fuck no,” he groaned, grabbing his boxers from the floor and pulling them on. “I am so dead.”

“What?” Gia asked, not really following.

“He’s gonna tell your dad and then he’s gonna kill me and – Oh no.”

“What now?”

Lucas simply shook his head. His face was now pale as a ghost’s, and there was obviously something bugging him other than the fact that her father might actually murder him. He was pulling on his jeans when Gia picked up her underwear from the floor and slipped it on.

Only a few moments ago it had been like they were under a spell. Now that the moment was broken, their minds began to clear up. The passion and the lust were replaced by confusion, and eventually even shame to some extent. Gia didn’t even dare to glance at him as she waited for him to leave, and Lucas stood there awkwardly, already fully clothed.

“Look, I’m sorry,” he finally choked out. “I have to go. Good luck with, you know…”

Gia knew what he meant. She’ll be the one who has to face Frank. Gia found herself praying that a meteor crashes on the house and she dies, just so she doesn’t have to look at him in the eyes.
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