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What if Bellatrix had a daughter? who's the father and is she evil.....? choas shall unfold

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: G - Genres: Crossover - Characters: Bellatrix,Draco,Lucius,Narcissa,Sirius,Voldemort - Published: 2011-12-22 - Updated: 2011-12-22 - 298 words

It was night in the Malfoy manor the moon light streaking through the gothic panelled windows causing a sliver shine on the marble floor, The peace was soon interrupted when a pair of young children ran along the corridor.

“Auntie Narcissa, Uncle Lucius” The smaller of the children cried as they ran to the dining room bursting through the door. The adults turned wands pointed at the two infants that had just interrupted their meeting. Both of the children gulped and clung to each other in fright. The tension was cut by a young blonde women rushing over to the children.

“What is the matter children you should be in bed not here quickly go” The women said rushing them out the room in a very protective fashion.

“No Narcissa let them stay” a cold voice instructed “I wish to meet the Malfoy boy and Black girl I expect they will be of some great use to me in the future,” He hissed smiling menacingly at the children before him. The woman tried to hide the children but curiosity got the better of the little girl as she let go of the shaking boy behind her and pushed her way out of the older woman’s grip eager to see the man who spoke so evilly. She left the boy as she walked slowly over to see this strange man, when she reached him she stopped in shock for this man didn’t look human but she still curtseyed refusing to let fear get the better of her, slowly she rose back up letting her young grey eyes challenge the strange man who had frightened her cousin.

“Sir my name is Ara Opela Black” she said with as much strength as her four year old frame would give
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