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Well Let's Go Back To The Middle Of The Day That Starts It All

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Gerard and Frank cross paths.

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I have so many ideas for this story, I'm actually getting excited about writing it :)
I've planned out most of the story line already and I'm hoping you all will like it.
Hopefully I'll have the next chapter up before Christmas but incase I don't,
Merry Christmas everyone! Or..err..happy holidays?
Whatever it is you celebrate, have fun opening your presents you greedy bastards ;)

-ASM x3

Gerard's POV

The second I step out of my dimly lit home, I'm greeted with the harsh rays of the mid afternoon sun. Wincing at the sudden exposure to the intense light, I snatch my black sun glasses out of my back pack filled with clothes and all my important belongings, and put them on in one swift motion. The sun glasses cover both of my eyes completely and are thick enough that you can't see through them. This is useful right now that my pupils are the size of a dime.

I'm starting to feel the effects of last night and begin to sway as I descend the drive way and head towards the side walk. I grab hold of an old oak tree on my front lawn and steady myself. I know I shouldn't be wandering around in the state I’m in right now, it's not safe. But as of last night I've decided that I no longer care about my safety. I lean against the tree even more, resting my entire body weight on it so I can get myself together. My eyes wander to the concrete drive way in front of me and land on an oil stain puddling under where Mikey's car should be.

Mikey. My brother. My baby brother. My best friend. The only reason I've bothered to wake up each morning since this depression began to impact me full force. The only person in this world that I thought I could always count on to prove all my insecurities wrong. But he made it very clear last night that I am worthless. I always knew I was, but hearing Mikey say it out loud caught me off guard. He had every right to. All I am now is a worthless junkie that screws up everything. I don't deserve to walk the earth anymore, and I don't plan to for much longer.

I spent all last night planning everything out. Before I die, I want to travel somewhere far away. Go some place new where no one knows who I am. Somewhere where I can do all the things I've been too scared to do whilst living in New Jersey. I know it's selfish, all I'm doing is prolonging something that would bring joy to a lot of people's lives, but I need to do this. I want to live before I die. And I mean actually LIVE, not just exist like I have been for the past eighteen years of my life. Then when I've had my fun, I'll end it once and for all.

While getting wasted last night, I began to fantasize about how I'll do it. Maybe drown myself in alcohol? Find my way to the bottom of a full bottle of Xanax? Put a .45 to my temple? There are endless possibilities. But I'll decide on that later. It kind of scares me that day dreaming about this has almost brought a smile to my face. I'm even sicker than I thought. Starting to feel a bit more stable through the haze of self medication, I push myself off the tree and begin to make my way towards the bus stop at the corner of the street. I wait patiently for the bus to arrive and take me to the New Jersey Airport.

Frank's POV

Here we go, just one more stop and we'll be arriving at the airport. The bus I'm on is considerably empty considering the usual hustle and bustle of the city. I guess it's just the hour, most people are still stuck at their nine to five jobs right now. I shutter, silently promising myself that I'll never trap myself in a boring, dead end job at some office building, no matter how badly I need the money. The bus eases it's way to its last stop on the route and opens the mechanical doors.

I keep starring out the window to my left, opposite direction from the bus stop, not expecting anyone to board. Just when I think the mechanical doors are about to close again, a figure makes its way through and drops a few coins for bus fare, staggering slightly. The guy can't be much older than me. Dark, raven hair brushing his shoulders, pale complexion, and dark sun glasses shielding his eyes. I start to form the thought that he's pretty good looking until I realize why he's swaying at the entrance to the bus. He's drunk. Or high. Maybe both. This instantly disgusts me and brings back memories of my father, some of which I was hoping I could block out of my mind forever.

Gerard's POV

"You okay there, sir?"

I look up to see a middle aged bus driver staring at me, looking me up and down curiously.

"Huh?" was my clever response. Everything's spinning so much right now I can't form coherent thoughts.

"I said, are you okay? You don't look so hot"

Gee, thanks for pointing out the obvious, Sherlock. I mutter a "Fine, just sick." under my breath before making my way to the back of the bus. To my relief, the bus is relatively empty except for an old married couple, a middle aged mother and her daughter, and a teenage boy, probably around my age, sitting at the back who currently has his face turned away from me. I decide to take a seat closer to him, not wanting to be bothered with any crap from adults right now.

I sit across the aisle from him and throw myself on the hard, plastic seat, relieved to be off my feet. I must have startled the boy across from me because he jumps slightly and turns his face in my direction. And holy shit, what a beautiful face it is. He has a peculiar haircut I'd never seen before, except for maybe on models posing for punk magazines. And by the looks of it might explain the occupation of the gorgeous boy in front of me. He has a soft complexion, not as pale as mine but just the right shade of a light tan. He has tattoos adorning his right arm, and few others partly hidden from view. He has a lip piercing resting on his plump bottom lip that shines in the light and another piercing on his nose. The last thing that grabs my attention and makes my knees go weak are his eyes. A beautiful shade of honey brown with hints of subtle green hidden inside. It's a shame his dark hair falls slightly over one of them, hiding a bit of it from few.

I realize I've probably been gazing at him for longer than considered acceptable and blush bright pink. Thank god these sunglasses cover most of my cheeks as well.

"What the fuck are you starring at?"

I melt even more at the sound of his angelic voice before I realize the hostility of what he said. Great, the guy's an asshole. I should have guessed. No one can be that stunning and have a nice personality to match. I say nothing, but turn away from him and look out the window to my right, trying to ignore the sting his words leave on me.

Frank's POV

I feel slightly regretful for being so harsh to the stranger in front of me, but then I remember he's under the influence. Idiot probably won't even remember this in a couple hours I think to myself, and settle back into my seat. The rest of the trip is over a few minutes later and I start to gather my things and make my way off the bus. Once I stand up, I hear a giggle behind me. I ignore it and walk down the steps of the vehicle and head inside to claim my boarding ticket.

Gerard's POV

A giggle escapes my lips when the boy who was sitting across from me stands up. He may be gorgeous but god damn, he's so short! The giggle surprises me to say the least, I haven't laughed or found anything even slightly amusing for months. I shrug it off, blaming it on one of the various medications I'm on at the moment and walk into the airport. I feel a bit lost in the huge crowd of people, all hurrying to catch their flights or meeting with loved ones who were awaiting their arrival. It takes me a few minutes to find an information desk and ask a perky blonde behind the counter for assistance.

"Um, hey, where's the next flight leaving the terminal heading to?" I say, not caring where it's going, just wanting to get the hell out of New Jersey as soon as possible.

"Good afternoon sir, hold on a second while I check."

She types something quickly into the computer in front of her and looks over the screen for a moment.

"The next flight departs at 5:00 p.m., heading to London, England."

Hm, not too shabby. I've always wanted to travel to the United Kingdom.

"Great, I'll take a one way ticket."

I look up at the huge clock hanging a few feet behind the blonde and read that it's 4:00 p.m. Guess I'll go get some Starbucks or something to kill time. Before I know it, the employee hands me my ticket and I smile to myself. This is it, I'm actually doing it.

Frank's POV

I rush towards the front desk, hurrying to get my ticket before it's too late. Being the stupid caffeine addict that I am, I decided to buy a cup of coffee before buying my ticket. While in line, I looked up at the television screen in one of the corners in Starbucks and saw that my flight would be leaving soon. I hadn't even checked in my bag, so I quickly paid for my coffee and found my way out of the cafe.

Balancing my bag in one hand and my coffee in the other, I make a run for it, determined to purchase my ticket before they sell out. In my frantic state, I fail to see the person crossing the path in front of me. I bump into said person full force and we both fall to the ground, my coffee spilling all over them in the process.

"Oh shit! I'm so sorry! I was just in a rush and-" I freeze when I look up and see who the person is. It's him. The guy from the bus. Great.

"Watch where you're fucking going next time."

Whoa, he's a charmer. I can't help thinking that I like the sound of his voice however, even if it's laced with anger at the moment. I stand up and try offering him a hand, but he ignores it and storms off, trying to wipe the coffee off his shirt. I feel guilty and slightly angered but I put the feelings aside, once again concentrating on the task at hand. I run the rest of the way to the front desk and ask the employee working behind the counter if the tickets have sold out yet.

"Nope, you're in luck. There's one more seat left on the plane."

I sigh in relief and make my way towards my gate after purchasing my ticket. London, here I come.

Sorry to anyone who wanted lovey dovey frerard-ness from the moment they met.
But don't fret, that is soon to come ;)
One thing I didn't like about this chapter is that I was constantly switching
between Gerard and Frank's POV's. Let me know if you thought it was too much,
I personally think it was ):
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