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My Final Breath

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If i told you it would ruin it. Read and find out what happens but i will say.. no i am not going to ruin it.

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:DDD Another story :D was in the mood to write so came up with this :P


Also this si a one shot do not be expecting any updates

Disclaimer : i do not own MCR unfortunatly >.< if i did i would share them with you XD

im going to let you read now 8D

"I love you" I know i had told him a million times, he was probably sick of it knowing him. But i just hoped that he knew the love that i have for him, I know he loves me too, but he is not like anyone i have met before, i felt like noone was in the world other than just the two of us when i am around him. When he is gone i feel like all the people surrounding me is trying to take him away, it is like trying to take a 7 year old out of Disneyland, pretty hard. I eventually moved in with him, mainly because others didn't like our relationship, when we go out and i am holding his hand people look at us with disgust in their face, what did we do to them? is finding someone you love, finding someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, someone to tell everything to, someone to cuddle close to when your down, someone that will take care of you, protect you, love you, want to be with you, listen to you, help you, try new things with, show eachother things that the other hasnt seen, experience things with, go places together, spend every second they can with that special person a crime? in this place it really seems like it. We just don't understand why people don't treat us like other couples, it was like we were the odd one out in a puzzle or the piece that does not fit into the puzzle. I don't care, I love him and noone will change that. When i was pretty much kicked out of the house for loving him, he took me in, his parents were the only ones who let us be us, who made sure we were happy and content, they even let us fly out to spain for a holiday a few years ago, We soon got our own house and have been happy ever since. Yes we do argue, but what couples don't? we argue about the slightest thing, for example dinner or t.v or comic books or which cd to listen to. But then we always feel guilty and i always say to him put your cd on, then he says no you put yours on, we go like that for about 2 hours before just busting out laughing and falling over eachother on the floor. Then someone would come and visit us and find us pissing ourselves. They would laugh to because they would know what we were laughing hysterically at. We also got married a few months back, he proposed to me on my 27th birthday at midnight. I literally cried with happiness, love and joy. For the rest of that party i was literally just looking at the gold band on my finger, out of the corner of my eye i could see him smiling like a mad man at me. He eventually caught me looking at him and just scooted closeer to me and kissed me, that kiss was different because i was ENGAGED to him, it was a weird feeling. I remember planning that wedding, we would argue and laugh like we usually do and then decide on something different, the preparation was alot of work but we eventually did it, the day i got married was March 23rd. That was the beginning of the rest of my life with him, the beginning of everything. He looked so handsome in his suit, He was like a angel, i sometimes think that he is an angel, MY angel, sent from heaven to be with me, throughout highschool i was just the outcast and noone important. Then i met him and he completly changed my life around, we were into the same stuff and we were happy with eachother.
"I love you too, I don't want you to forget that, your the only one that has ever been given my love, yeah i have had lovers before you but i honestly have loved you the most, i am actually glad i have you" He smiled taking my hand into his and squeezing it, then kissing my forehead, i looked up at him and gently kissed his lips. As usual his lips were gentle and soft, like a new born baby. Delicate, smooth and fragile.
"I won't" I whispered and looked into his eyes, they were filled with comfort, trust, love, happiness and faith.
"Good" He smiled. See he had cancer, I knew he was going to die soon. I was sitting with him in my room, he was lying on the bed and i was lying with him. I am not ready for him to go yet, but i can't decide how long he has left to live although i really wish i did. If i got the chance i would cure his cancer, i would find a cure for cancer so that noone would have to go through this again, no more pain, no more hurt and no more sufferring.
"Do you want anything to drink?" I asked him smiling.
"If you don't mind" He laughed
"What would you like?" I said standing up and stretching,
"a glass of water just" He yawned
"Okay" I smiled and left the room to get him his water. I let the water run and put some ice into the glass, it was really warm in here and he was probably warm too. I filled the glass with water and walked back into the room and handed him the glass.
"Thankyou" He smiled.
"No problem" I smiled
"I am glad you have stuck with me through this, if i didn't have you i don't know where i would be, i am glad i found you" He whispered into my ear after i lay down.
"I just wish it was me that had the cancer, you don't deserve it" I said
"I didn't have the choice, i have cancer and that is it" He said.
"I am not ready for you to go" I said squeezing his hand
"I don't want to go, but i have to, and promise me that when i do go that you won't be afraid to keep on living or afraid to walk this world alone, you probably wont walk this world alone as you will probably find someone else to spend the rest of your life with, when you do i will be looking down smiling and be happy for you" He said a little upset and closed his eyes
"I promise Gerard, I promise" I muttered
"Thankyou Frank" He said and kissed me passionatly and full of love. he closed his eyes again and i listened to his heartbeat die away, it was also our 20th wedding anniversary.
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