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biographia dell'autore

Lorna N.I. (birth name Lornaigh Lauren Serica Stiofain Ni Ionnrachtaigh-Ni Choinealla) was born in The Falls, Belfast, Northern Ireland on April 14th, 1993, or, as she likes to refer to it as, 'the best day EVAR OMGZ.' Okay, not really. She was born there and a whole lotta violent shit happened and then her parents split up when she was five, which is like, hella awkward, cuz `the whole Catholic Church were a bit pissed. She moved back down to the Republic that year with her two older sisters, Moira and Eliza, and her father. After a few years filled with boring shit she turned thirteen, and thanks to a certain family member, developed a huge interest in a little band called My Chemical Romance.

It was during this time that Lorna began writing fan fiction. Granted, it was shit, completely plot-less and filled with hopefull cursewords, but goddamit she knew she aspired one day to be a fan fiction writer who could make her audience bow before her. Silence tens of trolls with a single swish of her pen. Gross out her peers with detailed, sloppy man smut. She chanced her arm with a few original one-shots (the only one deemed acceptable to be released to the world is 'Kitchen Candle') before dipping her toe into the murky depths of pure My Chem slash/pairings. She dabbled in Frikey and general band smut for a few years (even having one experience with Waycest; *hangs head in shame*) before fiding her almighty muse; the Godliness that is Frerard. (Frank Iero x Gerard Way, elementary, my dear Watson.) She ignored the details of their personal lives and began to write shamelessly about two idols in her life.

Unfortunately, like some authors, Lorna is not the most social and outgoing. Her involvement in writing fervent, dedicated fan fiction meant that she forgot about the real world for a little while. Her mother and her sister both committed suicide within a month of each other as well as her precious cat, Ray. This lead to a overbearing depression that made her a pill zombie at the age of sixteen. As of April 2011 N.I. suffers from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) in which she won't write on her laptop until she's turned off the light seven times. She also has supermassive hyperglycaemia, a diabetic sub-disease, and Post-Traumatic Stress after seeing a man shoot himself when she was seven. After this, her fiction got darker and more morbid. She disovered the genius of Edgar Allan Poe and became engrossed in the macabre.

This, dear reader, is the result of that morbidity. You are reading the story of someone is deemed mentally unstable (thank you, thank you, you're too kind) and clinically insane. We hope you enjoyed it.

When she is not writing, Lorna stays inside and judges your ass. Nah, just kidding. She lives for punk rock music and Russian politics-because she's awesome-and does not go a day without about eight times your daily amount of Coke Zero. If you ever want to come to Ireland, don't go to Dublin cuz it sucks. Come to Belfast and you can stay with your favourite fan fiction author, seriously, she makes one helluva black pudding. She doesn't go out much so unfortunately she isn't often available for autographs (*pretentious author's laugh* haw haw) but she's about five three, blond, with pale skin and usually wearing a band shirt and Vans. (Nirvana, currently, In Utero album cover.) Lip stud in place and wrist tattoo: check. If you come up to her and say you're from FicWad she will most likely jump a foot in the air and drag you away and talk to you about My Chem and biscuits and unicorns and other such vital topics.

She also attends school and shortly will be attending Berkeley University in the US (fuck yeah) and studying Geographical War Science. Yup, she's that much of a nerd. She's in a band that personally describe themselves as 'shitty-Daft Punk-cover-band-with-a-britpop-twist-er-yeah-pretty-much' called the Synth Militia and plays about 876397569 instruments but she likes the bass the best because well Mike Dirnt is the fucking bomb diggity. She plays the golkenspiel, I just thought you should know. She, in case you don't know, is taking the piss out of writing this because she knows she's a very shit writer but she's bored on a Saturday night and has nothing to do. There ya go. Her idols include Billie Joe Armstrong, Brian Molko, Ray Toro and Adnarim Smada. She blasts Placebo, Green Day, The White Stripes and The Smiths into her eardrums at least once a day. She often tries to escape the world's ugliness and trialty by taking to her computer and writing her fan fiction.

She currently lives in Belfast with her boyfriend, her two cats & a neverending supply of cheesecake.
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