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Chapter 10

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George gets back at John and Ringo.

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The next day, George wasn't late for work- in fact, he was the first one to arrive. When the Paul entered the studio, George was sitting on the couch.

"Hey there, George!" greeted Paul.

"Oh, hey, Paul!" said George. Paul took a seat next to George. "So have you figured out something to get back at John and Ringo if they tease you about yesterday?"

"Yeah, I've got a plan set up. I know John won't get off of my back about it, but if ol' Rings makes a fuss, too, I've got something for him. Which reminds me--," George said, getting up, "It's Ritchie's birthday today, and I got him something. I'll be right back."

"Ok, I'll keep your seat from being sat upon!" Paul said.

"Thanks!" George laughed as he left the room. A few minutes later, John and Ringo came in.

"Hey, Paul!" said John. "So, did you have any sexy dreams?" John joked. Ringo laughed with him.

"Are you guys still laughing about that?" Paul asked.

"Laughing about what?" George asked as he walked in.

"Oh, nothing, George," John said, about to sit down. But before he could make another remark, Paul kicked him away. "OW!" he cried. "What was that for?"

"That seat is for Geo!" Paul replied.

"Oh, I see!" John said. "You just want George to sit there so you can try to sneak another peek at the man's chest!" He and Ringo started laughing again. "Or perhaps are you searching for more than that now?"

"Ah, fuck it, Lennon!" George said, bopping John on the head. "You too, Ringo!"

"How come you didn't hit him?" John whined. "And you didn't call him by his last name, either!"

"That's because it's his birthday!" George declared, handing Ringo a small box. "Happy birthday, Rings!"

"Aw gee, thanks, George!" Ringo said. He opened the box. Inside was a ring with the letter R on it. "Thanks, George! Just what I needed!" He stuck the ring on his finger. "It's a little tight, though…" he said, trying to pull it off.

"Oh, sorry Rings! I didn't remember your ring size, so I got you two--that must be the smaller one!"

"That's alright, George!" Ringo replied. "I've had plenty of rings stuck on me finger, and there's one trick that always works!"

"And what's that?" Paul asked.

"Running it under warm water and trying to pull it off there." Ringo said as he left the room. Then, John moved closer to George.

"So, how was the night before?" John teased. "Paulie here wouldn't give me any details." George rolled his eyes. "Come on! Tellmetellmetellme!"

"Well, for your information, Lennon--," George started.

"GAHHH! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SINK?" a voice shouted from the bathroom. Ringo came into the room. He had a shocked expression on his face and his crotch was soaked. The others--mainly George--laughed hysterically at the enraged drummer.

"Looks like somebody had a little accident…" John laughed.


"Oh, yeah--I noticed that the sink was kinda broken, so I decided to fix it…" George laughed.


"Oh, well hot water was coming out of the left side and cold water was coming out of the right side."


"Oops! My bad!"

Ringo grumbled something under his breath about a new pair of trousers in his car and left.

"I do have to admit," George commented after catching his breath, "I do kinda feel bad for the guy…"

"Yeah, you really got 'im!" John said. "How'd you do it?"

George smiled. "It's quite simple, actually…" They went over to the bathroom and George crouched down to work his magic by twisting some knobs as if he were a plumber. "…and that should do it! All that needs to happen is this--" He suddenly turned the water on, and John became soaked with the water bursting out as well.

"GAHHHH!" John yelped as George and Paul laughed at him. "TURN IT OFF!"

George turned the handle and turned the water off, still laughing at the enraged John.

Paul laughed. "Where do you learn this stuff?"

"Peter and I used to do this all the time whenever someone was being a jerk in some way."

"Nice! I guess it just goes to show--" Paul then turned to John. "Never mess with a Harrison."

"No kidding," John muttered.

George smirked. After all, Paul was speaking the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

I decided to change this chapter to make it THE LAST CHAPTER. FINALLY. I'm sorry it's taken a while, but I was thinking about making one last chapter explaining George's tricks, but I thought it'd be too short (go figure).




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