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Reid's Lover- One Shot

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Back into Reid's memory, that still haunts him. Any questions you should ask in the reviews. I used google translate so if you need me to tell you what it says, ask![:

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Las Vegas, Case. Prentiss POV

"The body was found in a swamp two weeks after she was reported missing. Every bone under her neck was dislocated. Her hair was burned from some type of acid, and fingernails were gone." I stated shakily. I wondered how someone could do something like this. Nobody said anything for a while.

I looked at Reid to see if he could think of anything, but his eyes were wide, jaw dropped.

"Are you alright?" I asked. He shook his head, got up, and walked out.
"Where are you going?" Rossi yelled.

Reid’s POV

I felt sorry that I ran. It all just hit me at once. “How could you forget her, dumbass?” my brain taunted. I wanted to throw up. I ran to my car and just drove. “You really thought that he wouldn’t get out eventually? You thought they wouldn’t lie to you? You won’t catch him again. When people realize who did this, they’ll blame you for not making him pay. All over again. You couldn’t even do this for her” my brain kept taunting.
I eventually stopped when I got to the library. I tried looking up to see if there were any reports on him getting out. I finally found it, COLDSTONE KILLER SET FREE-5 YEARS LATER. I slammed my fists into the table.
“I’m sorry..” I whispered.

10 years ago- Reid
I missed my friend Earl, who left to Russia in exchange for one of their students.
“Hey, look at that,” my friend Jeremy said, making me turn around. There was Jake Keller, the football team Captain, talking in a fake Russian accent.
“Hi Luschka. Want to help me blow up the world?” he mocked.
“глупые лохи! We didn’t want to blow up the world, but I’ll be happy to blow you up!” she yelled, smiling.
The bell rang before he could do anything else. Amazing.. I thought to myself.

AUTHOR: So basically, I’m going to skip the whole introductory part so you guys can have SOME imagination in this. Plus, I don’t want this to be a half-hour story. ;3 Moving into 3 weeks later at the park.

“So the stars really do all of that?” Luschka asked in astonishment.
“Yeah. It took me a while to believe, too. It’s wonderful.” I replied.
She checked her watch and sighed. I knew that meant she had to go. So we stood up and I walked her home. She only lived a few blocks away from me, so it was alright.
“Thank you for all of that.” She told me. I nodded, smiling.
“Well, goodnight.” I replied, still holding her hand. She kissed my cheek, and went inside.

REID’S MIND- It was wonderful from there. You remember. She taught you music, and you taught her knowledge. She also taught you some killer martial arts moves. But, you know that couldn’t save her. Neither could you.
A Few Weeks Later;
“Are you sure you don’t need me to walk you there? This neighborhood is not that great.” I told her worriedly.
“Hun, I’ll be okay. How bad can a city be? Plus, you know my mad martial art skills. I love you, a lot.” Luschka said, hugging me.
“Alright. I love you too, and don’t forget it.” I said, and I watched her walk off.

A few hours later, her parents called me.
“Please tell me Luschka is with you. PLEASE. She doesn’t have any other friends besides you. “ her mother wept into the phone.
“No. I asked her to let me walk her home, but she told me she was fine. I am so sorry.. “ I drifted into the phone.
Her parents didn’t hesitate to call the police. Ofcourse, being the last one to see her, they asked me first as a suspect. I gave them all of the information I knew. I told them about how people didn’t like her because of reasons I didn’t understand. I told them about the fight with Keller. From there, I kept searching. I would skip the last 3 classes and search.
Weeks went by and nothing. Soon it went from December to late January. One day after school, I got a phone call. I didn’t think anything about it when they asked me identify someone down at the swamp, because lately I’d been doing it a lot. I drove down there, and they took me deep into the woods.
“Is that Luschka Evans?” they asked. I froze, barely blinking.
“Sir, are you okay?” they asked, shaking me to make sure I wasn’t dead. I nodded, kneeling down on the ground. I opened her eyelids, and I recognized her blue, sparkly eyes. I shook my head, unable to speak. Every bone dislocated, to acidic erosion, to no finger nails. It hurt to even try to imagine what happened. Only a few days went by until they found out who killed her. Keller.
Present day- Suspect Interrogation. Spencer’s told the group, they caught him. Reid’s POV.
I walked in the Interrogation Room almost spitting fire.
“Reid.. how nice to see you. After ten years? Tell me, how is Luschka?” Jake asked, smirking.
I balled my hands into fists, but kept control.
“You should know.” I spat.
“Tell me after all of these years, how does it feel to know that I’m the one who got with her?” I slurred.
I lost control and punched him in the face.
So worst comes to worst, I got suspended for a week. He got permanent jail, this time no escaping at all. I finally felt like I made Luschka proud.
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