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Darling, What Is Going On?

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Just a little Bob/Ray thing I did a few weeks ago... Im not sure about ratings, so I just guessed.

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"Situations! Are irrelevant now!..."

Jesus... Ray's at it again, fucking singing Escape The Fate at the top of his lungs. Why did this have to come on the iPod? He's slightly out of tune, but only on some notes... It's kinda cute... But it's really annoying me, cuz hearing him sing this song is really turning me on...

"I touched her (ooh), she touched my (aah), it was the craziest thing!"

Oh Jesus... This shouldn't be so hot, but it is... Just seeing him dance around and hearing him make those incredibly erotic noises is making my pants go uncomfortably tight... He has got to shut up before I explode...

"R-Ray? Could you stop singing that please?"

"Why Bobby?" oh god, the lip is out, he's pouting, this is too much hotness to bear... "Don't you like my singing?"

"Of course I do, Ray, but I'm trying to concentrate. Maybe just sing it later, or something?"

"Ok Bob..." he walks over and turns the iPod dock off and starts playing on his DS in the corner with a sad face on. Aw geez, now I feel really bad... Why not just let him sing it? I stride over and switch the dock back on.

"Go back to singing if you want to, it's too quiet now..." I sigh, sitting down on the sofa.

"Yay! Thank you Bobby!" he jumped up and hit play. 

"Don't worry, I'll be gone when the morning comes! Darling, what is going on?..." he pranced around, yelling the lyrics. Fuck, he's so cute... I could just kiss him all day...

"...Higher heels and lipstick napkins, lying is your favourite passion..." Oh fuck, now I'm imagining him crossdressing... Fuck that's sexy... Jesus, the things my mind comes up with...

"...She can't behave, and I'm just her slave! Don't worry I'll be gone when the morning comes!"

Fuck, I can't take this anymore... I've got to make him shut up...

"What is goi-mmmph..."

Oh shit, I'm actually kissing him, he's going to think I'm fucking mental... Mmmm, he's a really good kisser... Wait, is he... Is he kissing me back? He is! Oh my god, he likes me!

"B-Bob? What was that?"

Oh god, what do I say? "I don't know, I guess... I guess I kinda have major feelings for you, man... Have done for a while now... You're not, uh, freaked out or anything, are you?"

"Bob, I feel the same way! I never thought you'd like me back though..." oh god he's so hot... "Of course I'm not going to freak out! Wow, I can't believe this is happening... You actually like me back... I think I'm going to collapse..."

I kiss him again to stop his bewildered waffling. He leans into me and grabs onto my shirt. I keep kissing him and slowly walk through to the bunks, pulling him down on top of me. We kiss and touch each other for a little while, memorising each other's scent and taste.

"Bob, how far are you willing to go? I don't want to push you..."

"All the way, babe... But please be careful, I've never done this before..." I whispered, then kissed him, rubbing the bulge in his jeans. He groaned and kissed me back hard, undoing the buttons on my shirt. I pulled it off and pulled on the hem of his shirt, lifting it partway up his chest. He yanked it off and I leaned forward, pressing my lips to his and letting my hands roam all over his chest and back, trying to memorise every single well-defined contour of his chest. He moaned and started clawing at my belt, desperately trying to undo it. I gently pushed his hands away and undid the buckle, pulling it out of the belt loops and throwing it across the room. I then did the same with his belt, and moved on to removing his jeans. I unfastened his button and pulled down his flies, yanking desperately at the waistband until he raised his hips and allowed me to pull them and his underwear off. I moaned as his bulging erection, which looked to be around 7 or 8 inches long and quite thick, came into view and instantly wrapped my lips around the head of his growing shaft. I gently sucked on it, causing him to moan softly and thrust gently into my mouth. I pulled my mouth away and started licking up the sides, making sure he was well lubricated so that what happened next wasn't too sore.

"Ray, fuck me... Please, I need to feel your cock inside me..." I whined, turning over onto my front. He got between my legs and gently slipped one finger into my ass. I was nearly pushed over the edge just by that. I had never felt something so amazing before and the fact that it was Ray made it so much better. I pushed my ass upwards, hungering for the feel of his finger inside my ass. He gladly gave it to me, pushing another finger in. It felt a bit uncomfortable, but nowhere near as sore as it was when he started scissoring his fingers, stretching my ass out in preparation for his cock. He pulled his fingers out and I whined at the loss of the feeling. Then, as I was wriggling my hips in need of some more attention, two things happened; Ray pushed the tip of his cock into my ass, and Gerard walked in. Attempting to stifle my moan, I ended up making a short, loud squeaking noise. Gee must've heard, because he asked "Bob? Are you ok?"

"Y-yeah, I'm ok... (oh fuck) don't worry." Ray was thrusting into me as I said this, obviously trying to torture me.

"Ok... I'm gonna go for a walk now... Seeya later Bob..." Gerard said, slightly confusedly. As soon as the door closed, I let out a loud moan and Ray started fucking me hard. I was moaning and shivering in sheer ecstasy, grinding my hips back in time with his thrusts, pushing him deeper into me. After a few minutes of quite hard thrusting, I whispered to him, "Ray, could you sing that song again please? From the quiet bit? I'm really close, and I want to cum after the gasps..."

"O-ok... I kissed your lips, you pulled my hair, it was the craziest thing, I love the girls who love to hate... Ah, ah, ah..."

"WWWWHHHOOOOAAAAHHHH!" I yelled as I came, arching my back and trying to time my yell with the song. I relaxed, flopping down, and felt Ray's thrusts stop and cum shoot into my ass.

"Oh god, yes Bob!" Ray moaned, pulling out of my ass and laying down next to me. I wrapped my arms around him and he did the same to me, sighing happily as I giggled.


"I can feel your cum dripping out of my ass, and it feels weird... It's nice, though..." I smiled and kissed his chest. "I love you Ray..."

"I love you too, Bobby."

The End
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