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Frank likes perfect, unbroken snow.

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Over the night, a storm came and unapologetically took over the town, leaving a blanket of white in its wake. The storm did not make its presence known; it was silent as it blocked in cars and took over the roads.

That was one of Frank’s favorite parts of snow storms, the silence. There weren’t loud thunder clashes radiating through the sky as the storm made it’s was through town, it was just quiet as the small flakes fell to the ground. The freeze in time that the white blanket gave the residents of the town was also another small part of the storm that left Frank with a warm heart. In this small town of Belleville, stores shut, schools closed, and families were allowed a time to just be a family.

When Frank was growing up, he and his parents would spend snow days drinking hot cocoa, having snowball fights, and curling on the couch, watching old movies (Frank would whine and complain about the choice of movie even though he secretly loved the black and white films his parents watched). That’s why Frank loves snow so much, it’s reminds him of something constant, something safe.

Frank had since moved on from hot cocoa to coffee, but everything else stayed the same.

As Frank awoke this morning, wrapped in the strong arms of his lover, he noticed the way the clouds covered the morning sun, but the scene around his third story window was bright. The reflection of the bright white snow radiated the town, leaving a glow that was not caused by sun, but by snow.

His smile grew as he lifted himself carefully out of Gerard’s arm, as to not wake the sleeping man. He stood up and the full view from his window exposed itself to the twenty seven year old man. The sight was magnificent, unharmed sheets of snow filled the courtyard of his apartment complex while the trees were coated in a white armor of snow. Frank had never woken this early before; he’d never seen the perfect way the world looked with fresh snow.

A muffled groan from the bed behind him shook Frank from the fascination of the snow. He turned around with a wide smile on his face and walked quickly to the bed,

“Gee, it snowed last night.”

“Yeah?” Gerard asked noncommittally. He was still mostly asleep and wanted to roll over and go back to sleep. But Frank was persistent.

“Yeah! It’s so beautiful, Gee. Get up, I wanna go outside,” Frank said as he sat on the bed, staring expectedly at Gerard.

The older man just groaned, pressing his face into Frank’s pillow, “Not now. Too early.”

Now it was Frank’s turn to groan. And he did.

“No, Gee, come on, it’s so nice outside. No one has even touched the snow yet.”

“Frankie it’s,” Gerard paused, lifting his head from the pillow to look at the clock, “six thirty. I’m pretty sure it’ll still be fresh, or whatever, in a few hours.”

“It won’t, though. The Petersons have to walk their dog, they’ll ruin it. Please?” Frank pouted, looking down at the older man.

“No, babe,” Gerard shook his head once before collapsing back against the pillows closing his eyes.

Frank just sighed and climbed out of the bed, walking back to the window. He stared at the calmness for a few more minutes before he quietly left the bedroom. He walked down the small hallway and down to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. While the coffee was brewing, he walked into the living room and sat on the couch, watching the world once more.

Frank loved to watch snow. In fact, if he had known it was going to snow, he would have stayed up to watch it. (Goddamned weather women don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.)So
now he just had to suffer and watch the settled snow.

When the coffee pot went off, he got off the couch and walked into the kitchen to make himself a cup. His mother had knit him and Gerard these coffee mug mittens and he didn’t know when he could use them. They had seemed so impractical and ridiculous, but as he opened the drawer to get the sugar out, he saw the dark red mittens staring up at him. Today could be the perfect day to finally get some use out of them.

He took them both out of the drawer and took out a mug from the cabinet. Once he figured out how to wrap the white mug with the mitten, he smiled triumphantly and began to pour his coffee into the now warm mug. After he fixed his coffee the way he liked, he walked back out to the living room, resuming his spot on the couch with the coffee mug in his hands and began once again to watch the still world.

He’s not really sure how long he sat there. His coffee was about gone and the remaining bit was cold and the Petersons, along with a few other residents of their apartment complex, had bruised the snow with their feet, but he soon heard movement from bedroom of the apartment. He sighed softly to himself and watched as a toddler, whose name, Frank’s pretty sure is Vincent, picked up handfuls of snow and attempted to throw them at his older brother. The snow was no longer perfect and clean. The blanket had been torn and dirtied.

Gerard eventually came out of the bedroom, dark hair a mess and pillow lines on his face, and mumbled a low, “Coffee?”

Frank waved a hand in the vicinity of the kitchen without turning his eyes away from the kids playing. He watched as the father tried to build a snowman with the two young boys and the mother watched, cheering them on with a proud smile adoring her face. Was she proud because she had gotten to the clean portion of the snow before anyone else? Probably, and Frank couldn't help but feel a little bit envious.

Gerard soon came stumbling into the living room and dropped down on the couch next to Frank. He cuddled close to the younger man, burying his face in the warm neck of his lover.

“Mm, morning, Frankie.”

“Morning,” Frank mumbled, bringing the cup of coffee to his lips and draining the last bit of cold coffee.

“Wanna go out in the snow now, babe?” Gerard asked, nuzzling his nose against the stubble on Frank’s jaw.

“It’s not perfect anymore, Gee.” Frank said quietly, staring out the window.

“What? Of course it is.” Gerard said, sitting up and leaning over the younger man to look outside.

“No it’s not,” Frank mumbled. He was acting like a child, sure, but didn’t snow bring out the inner child in everyone?

Gerard just smirked, watching the younger man sulk, “It is perfect and you wanna know why?”

Frank rolled his eyes and turned his head to look at Gerard, “Why?”

“Because it’s snow, Frankie. Snow will always be perfect.”

Frank huffed, “Not when it’s full with baby footprints and dog piss it’s not.”
Gerard laugh, unwrapping one of his hands from his coffee mug - which was covered in a red knitted mitten, Frank noted- and wrapped it around Frank, “So we’ll find our own little section of the snow. One without dog piss or baby footprints.”

Frank didn’t move or make a sound, he just continued to the look out the window so Gerard pressed on, he too could be a persistent little fucker.

“Come on, baby. What do you say?” Gerard leaned forward, pressing a small kiss to Frank’s cheek, “I’ll even help you make the perfect snow angel.”

Frank hummed in thought, pursing his lips forward to go over the proposition.

“I’ll let you use my good scarf on the snowman,” Gerard continued, pressing another kiss to the corner of Frank’s mouth.

Frank’s eyes went slightly wide as he thought of the perfect stripped scarf that Gerard never wore, but wouldn’t let Frank use on a snowman.

“And, “Gerard continued once more, “I’ll even let you pick the movie when we come back inside.”

Frank smiled, turning his head to look at Gerard, “Even if it’s black and white and doesn’t have blood?”

Gerard scrunched his nose but nodded, “Even if it’s black and white doesn’t have any blood.”

I'm finally back writing again. It's been so long! I hope to be writing a lot more before the semester starts up again.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think. :D
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