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The Only Hope For Me Is You

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Typical frerard story with a twist :) My first story

Category: FAKE - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Warnings: [!] [X] - Published: 2011-12-24 - Updated: 2011-12-24 - 198 words - Complete

A Strange Thing called Lust

( Frank's P.O.V )

I sit here analyzing his every move, I can see the muscles under his shirt and it makes my hunger for him grow. His black hair is brushed to perfection and it glimmers in the sun-light.
"Could you pass me the eyeliner Frank?"........
"Oh,sorry Gee, I'm not thinking right at the moment" I just want to grab Gee, pull him close and never let go, it would be amazing. I could stare into his beautiful eyes for eternity and never get bored. He's just so, so...... Perfect!
"Ahh, Do ya feel sick Frankie? Awwwh come here, you need a Gee hug!" he couldn't have said anything better right then.
I got up slowly trying to hide my eagerness to hold him. He pulls me close and I feel safe in his embrace. He smells soooo good, like lavender. He pulls away and my heart sinks, I want him so bad if only he was mine.
"Now can I have that eye-liner?" he says it with an in-patient tone but I can tell he's just playing, but I still pass him the eye-liner. I'd do anything for him.
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