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Author's Note (Possibilites of a Sequel)

by DisenchatedDestroya 11 reviews

Just me being annoying and wondering about doing a sequel... Comments and thoughts would be most helpful! :)

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres:  - Published: 2011-12-25 - Updated: 2011-12-25 - 187 words

Ever since I finished this story (all of two days ago now) ideas have been buzzing through my head revolving around where this left off. The thing is, I kinda want to do a sequel to this in the new year, one that is (in theory, but probaby won't be) less depressing than this story. I'm thinking about basing it around Mikey's friendship with Pete (which started in the epilogue to this story)evolving into a loving relationship and Gerard being, surprise surpise, way too overprotective about it. So, if this sequel were to happen, it would most likely contain Frerard and Pikey with maybe a glimmer of Frikey depending on what direction it heads in.

So, I was just wondering what you guys think and whether it would be worth doing? Please tell me what you think of this idea (please be honest); whether it should happen, if you'd read it, if the idea sounds crap or not, any other ideas as to where I could take this storyline.

Sorry for wasting your time and thank you very much for reading! Oh, and...

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