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Bigger Than Brangelina

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Truce fic (Tony/Bruce) pure dialogue, a late night convo between the two billionaires. warning: slash

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A/N: this is what I do during lectures... I recently discovered the pairing of BrucexTony, and decided I wanted to write something. The first line came too mind, and I was going to build a story around that sentence, then I decided to try something a little different. This fic is purely dialogue. This is my first attempt at this pairing so sorry if it's not what you're expecting
note the improbable/impossible line is from the third episode of season 3 of Big Bang Theory

Hope you enjoy it


"We could be bigger than Brangelina!"

"What are you talking about Tony?"

"Think about it; Tony and Bruce. They could call use Truce!"

"Oh and why does your name get to go first?"

"I suppose you'd prefer something like 'Brony' or 'Waynark' or 'Bat-' oh wait that's already morphed."

"Well I-"

"Truce is by far the more superior choice. Besides, you always lead with your best foot first."

"And here I thought you were going for age before beauty."

"Funny Wayne, you wish you looked this good."

"You mean 40?"

"Why do I bother talking with you if all you do is cut me down? It's hurtful you know, here I thought I would be nice and-"


"But nooooo, you decided to be your usual charming self with all the cheer of Ebenezer Scro-"


"Shooting down my ideas before I even get a chance to-"


"Bruce, it's rude to interrupt ya know?"

"You're impossible."

"I can't be impossible. I exist. I believe you meant, 'you're improbable'."


"Yes Brucie?"

"It's 4:30 in the morning, and unlike you, I can't call in sick to the meeting tomorrow morning, I'm meant to have grown up some."


"Forgive me for wanting to sleep."

"But you're not sleeping, you're in the Batcave."

"Why did I give you that number anyways, self-torture?"

"Ha ha Wayne, you know I would have gotten it, eventually. Its better you gave it to me rather than Jarvis, don't you think?"

"You'd hack the Batcave to tell me about the melding of our names?"



"Well when you put it that way it sounds stupid."

"It sounds stupid anyways."


"Tony, I'm not gonna do this right now."


"It's late."

"I know."

"I gotta go."

"I know."

"Hey Tony?"

"Yea Bruce?"

"Truce sounds lovely."

"I knew you'd like it."

"Oh, did you?"

"Yes I did."

"Well then, you know I gotta go."

"Yea, I know…you coming by Friday?"



"Tony, I gotta go, but I'll try."

"See you Friday."

"Tony I-"

"Night, love ya Batsy."


"Night Tony, love ya too."

sigh guess I'm going to Malibu Friday…
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