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We're not Invincable

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"Everything is nothing without you." Victory Poison is a rookie killjoy and when his sister; and only remaining family, is taken from him he must learn to stand tall to protect what he loves, for t...

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Hiya, So I'm suffering from writer's block at the moment, it sucks -.- but i hope this story might cure it, i'll just see how it goes(: Please let me know what you think, and Merry Christmas xo

Silence echoed all around the deserted zone, it was the kind of silence that seemed to deafen you. The silence that felt as though it was pressing against your ears, leaving you in a lonely, isolated state, driving you to the edge of madness. In a zone which, not long ago, was known as the safe zone. Many refugees migrated here, but now it's like a deathly shadow loomed ahead of the small area.
I lived here with my older sister, Ariana. She took care of the both of us after our father was captured and killed by Korse and a few Dracs two years ago. He spoke out the most about his beliefs, he didn't agree with Better Living's ideas, he never gave up.. He refused to fall. But they caught up with him.. They shot him infront of everyone.. It was terrifying. They used him as an example to what happens to you if you used your voice. I'm quite proud to be his son.. He was the light in the darkness. Everyone was shaken by his graphic death.

I keep replaying last week in my head over and over. It was someone I couldn't put behind me. It seemed to drown me in myself..
When we heard the Dracs coming, Ariana gabbed my arm and dragged my to the back door of our tiny, shack-like home. By the time we got outside, a few ray guns had been shot. Some people tried to flee, but we all knew the consequences that would come if you did, from where I was looking I could see a couple of bodies sprawled on the hard, cracked ground. Dust had risen from the mayhem that was caused, creating an easier escape for Ariana and I.
She still gripped my arm tightly and ran. We ran all the way out of the boundaries of Zone 3 and into the unknown desert. Ariana constantly looked over her shoulder and she ran, making her long crimson hair whip behind her in the strong wind.
I looked back to the zone, people were being loaded into blinding white vans that sported the haunting BL/ind logo on each door.
"Here!" shouted Ariana behind her, as we approached the old car junk yard.
"Ari, no! They'll search here!" I protested.
"It's all we've got." She said as we entered the yard.
A mountain of wrecked cars stood before us. Ariana looked up at it.
"Come on," She lead the way, climbing on to a rusting car, kicking various loose parts out of her way. I looked back to the distance at Zone 3, smoke and dust was beggining to rise from the area. I heard the loud screaching of tyres.. the vans were retreeting back to BL/ind headquarters.
"They're coming Ariana!" I called up to her, ignoring the shake in my voice.
"Come here." She said, ignoring me.
I climbed over various cars, which creaked loudly with every step. I reached Ariana.
She pointed to a small space between two cars.
"Hide there." She said, i noticed the tears in her eyes, which wasn't like Ariana, she always knew what to do, she had enough bravery for the two of us. I looked at her but she didn't make eyecontact. She frowned nervously at the oncoming white vans.
"Ari, there isn't enough room for the two of -"
"Just hide, don't worry about me, I'll hide down there. Don't reveal yourself, no matter what." She said, pointing a few cars below me. I nodded and slipped into the small space, I had a clear view of the entrance of the yard. I swallowed deeply and looked for Ariana. She was jumping effortlessly down the cars. I looked towards Zone 3, which was now totally deserted. A few vans sped past the entrance, I held my breath, anxiously biting my lip. I looked over to Ariana who was kneeling behind a car with the hand to her mouth, muffling the silent tears that rolled down her pale face. She breathed heavily and closed her eyes, reaching for her deep purple ray gun in her boots.
A door slamming echoed the whole area. I quickly turned to the entrance where a van had pulled into and two Dracs emerged from the vehicle. I swallowed and remained still, never moving my eyes from the two masked figures. One climbed onto the cars and kicked parts out of the way, just as Ariana had done moments ago. He moved closer and closer toward the place i was hiding, if he got much closer he'd find me for sure. The other Drac stayed on the ground and scanned the wreck with his eyes. I looked down at Ariana, she was watching the Drac closer to me with fear swimming in her peircing blue eyes. She then looked distant, like she was deep in thought, watching something a million miles away. I felt my heart rate increase dramatically as the Drac moved closer, I carefully pulled my red ray gun from my belt, clutching it like a life line. I'd never fired it before, I've had no reason to do so. Whenever I was in danger there was always Ariana to save me, who was naturally skilled with her gun. I looked down to Ariana's hiding place, but she wasn't there. I felt my insides freeze as I rapidly searched for her in the wreck. Suddenly she appeared, jumping out from behind the isolated car's door, aiming her gun at the Drac closest to me, tears still staining her pretty face. She shot twice at the drac, hitting my in the back and neck. He fell, rolling down the ruin of cars. I crouched paralised on the ground, she'd asked me to stay hidden but I couldn't. I got to my feet in time to hear another gun shot and a shriek of agony. This time it wasn't from Ariana. The second Drac had got her in her right leg, making her colapse onto the dry, cracked ground, her gun falling from her hands. The Drac, who was reasonably close to her ignored his now dead companion and scooped up my struggling sister. I felt my throat run dry, I tried to shout but nothing came out. I took my gun in my shaking hand and aimed at the Drac who was hurrying to the van. My aim was ridged, tears pricked my eyes as I began to panic, I was too far away. I leaped from one car to the roof of another. I broke under my weight, and I fell, twisting my ankle and smacking my head on the car mirror below. I heard the car door slam as I staggered to my feet.
"Stop!" I yelled, I started stumbling quickly towards the van, ignoring the searing pain in my left ankle and the spin interupting my vision. There was a screach of tyres.. She was gone. I didn't stop running. I ran to the entrance of the junk yard, screaming for my sister. I stop, panting. I realised this was her intention from the moment the Dracs entered Zone 3. I breathed sharply and heavily, the pain catching up to me in my head and ankle, I collasped onto the baked, dried up earth and felt my head spin. Then everything went black..
I awoke underneith the stars with a icy chill looming the air. I slowly sat up, gripping my thumping head. I stood carefully and began cautiously amble back to Zone 3, for it was so isolated from everywhere else.. There was no where else I could go.

I've been alone for a week, having many sleepless nights under the stars and crumbling in dispair. When I was without Ariana i felt vunreable. She was like my amour. Whenever I was scared or depressed she would be there. When fear was the ocean she taught me how to swim, when sadness was the sky she taught me how to soar. I don't know how to make it on my own.

I am nothing without her.

I stood under the distant, ablazed stars igniting the cloudless night sky and felt like the sky was emphasizing how small i considered myself. I brushed my yellow-blonde hair out of my eyes and looked down at my dark red ray gun, which i held limply in my hand. It once belonged to my father, he gave it to me just before he was killed. I was fourteen. Never once have I used it, I could have saved my sister's life with it of fear hadn't gotten the better of me. I wish I could be like my Father or my sister.. I wish I could have courage.. A bit of bravery..
I read the word's that my father had engraved on the butt of the gun; 'Fearless.' I sighed slowly to myself. I don't know what to do, it's like i'm in this constant darkness of anxioty and doubt.
Through it all i've made my mistakes that I will never let it go. I am responsible for what ever happens to Ariana.
I shoved my gun in my belt again and look around at the ruin of Zone 3. It seems foreign now that it was once considered the safest Zone out of all of them. There are a few bodies cascaded over the grounds, I havn't got the gut to see who it is. Instead, I think of pieces of memories from my sister and I and i can't let it go. She's risked so much for me. I look out past the boundaries of Zone 3, into the empty darkness of nothingness. I can't leave Ari alone. Dead or Alive, I need to save her. I have nothing to live for anymore, I have nothing to lose.

I trudged out of the zone, not knowing where I was going, still feeling the aching twinge in my ankle. I gritted my teeth and kept my eyes straight ahead until I was swallowed in this unknown darkness and I didn't look back.

Ariana was the only hope I had.. Because when we're together I know I'll never fall.

Please Rate or/and review, let me know what you think and if I should continue or not. Thank you so much for reading! And if you're wondering, this story does have the original Killjoys in it, they'll come in soon(: xo
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