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"Well at least we figured out the key."

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In the morning Frank wakes up before me as usual. He pulls the blankets up over me so that we are covered. He spoons me, holding me tightly. As Frank kisses my shoulder I shift around so I can look at him.

“Good morning, beautiful,” he says.

I smile, planting a kiss on Frank’s nose, “Morning.”

Frank plays with my hair and strokes my cheekbone. Then, after a few minutes, he kisses my deeply.

We kiss for a long time before he pushes my knees apart and moves himself between them. I throw the blankets over our heads for privacy since Frank’s room mate is till here.

“I’m going to try something,” Frank whispers when he pulls away.

I just nod.

Frank kisses my lips again quickly before moving down to my chin and over my throat. He kisses my chest, moving his way down my body, kissing my breast, my stomach and my belly button. He moves my legs so they are flat on the bed before kissing me lower. My breath catches.

For a moment I stay frozen before relaxing into Frank. My breathing is ragged as I tangle my fingers in Frank’s hair. All my fear and doubt disappear…I want him.

“Jesus, you guys are like fucking rabbits,” Patrick says quietly. Frank releases me to look for something that his room mate had thrown over.

“Thanks,” Frank says when he finds what he’s looking for.

He tosses the blankets back over himself, pushing his hand up my body so show me what Patrick threw over. I stare at the purple package for a second before nodding, letting Frank know I want to continue. He just nods his response, tearing the wrapper off. Frank’s movements pause while he slides the condom on. He then returns to my level, hovering over me. We lock eyes for a moment before my fingers graze over his neck. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

“Will you marry me?” Frank whispers.

I nod slowly.

Frank runs his thumb over my jaw and leans down to kiss my forehead. I close my eyes as he eases himself into me. I sigh, enjoying this. It is almost like the time in the car. Frank and I are completely lost in each other. I moan gently and hold onto him.

Finally Patrick gets up and leaves the room. I decide to take advantage of this and let Frank know just how much I am enjoying this. I moan louder as he puts his fists on either side of my head, picking up the pace. I dig my nails into his arm and arch my body against his. After a few more minutes Frank stops. We are both breathing heavily.

“You okay?” Frank ask, his eyes opening and locking with mine.

I nod, “I’m fine, just…having a rough time breathing.”


Frank climbs off of me and pulls the blanket down so that I can breath. He lies down next to me, placing his hand over my heart

“I feel better now,” I announce.

“Jesus, I feel like I’m gonna have a fucking asthma attack.”

I laugh, “Well at least we figured out the key.”

“I had a theory. I just wanted to test it. Turns out I was right.”

I nod, “Yeah that was amazing.”

I roll over on my side to rest my head against Frank’s chest. He tangles his hand in my already tangled hair.

“You’re amazing, babe.”

I smile and kiss Frank’s tattooed chest, “Ditto.”

“We should probably get dressed though before Patrick comes back.”

“Good idea.”

Note: Hey guys sorry its been a little bit since I last updated. I've been busy with family and everything. Hope you enjoy :)
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