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Haircuts & more? [one shot]

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Frerard: basically Frank gives Gerard a haircut while on tour and things happen..

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Hai! First one shot, if you read my other story, I'm sorry I need some more time, ugh, and I need some more suggestions for a story line, so please help? It would be appreciated so so so much! :-) Anyway, here you go, not sure if it's any good or not. Oh yes, btw I do know Gerard's hair is not red anymore, but for this story I've decided it to be red :3..

Gerard's POV

"Oh god, I need this cut so badly. Ugh." I say looking into the mirror at my hair, strands falling infront of my face impairing my vision.

Every time when I'm on stage it always gets in the way, I can hardly see what I'm doing. Normally I'd live with it and flip it back out of my eyes, not this time, it's getting too long now. If I let it fall onto my face most of the red strands come to my lips and when I'm eating I do not wish to taste my hair.

I walk out the bathroom, pushing my hair back once again. The bus is completely trashed, Mikey's underwear on the side, like I want to see what he wears under his jeans. My sketching stuff on the table. Frank's, iPod and earphones ontop of my new sketch that has now been folded..WHAT?!

I run to the table banging my knee on the way and alerting Frank on the sofa that I'm in the room. My drawing is folded in half completely, I pick it up and carefully unfolded it.

"Woah, woah Gee who did that to your sketch, man?" I turned around to see Frank standing infront of me with a confused expression on his face.

I give him a look, my eyes seem to be piercing him like daggers. His eyes look at me from my feet back up to my eyes then to his iPod left on the table.

"Oh...I'm so sorry, Gee! I thought it was one of Ray's pieces of paper where he doodles down random notes, I'm so sorry!" His eyes pleaded forgiveness. I couldn't be mad at him, he's so cute and adorable and he looked like he really meant it.

"It's okay, Frankie. I could always do it-" I was interupted by Frank's small frame squeezing my hips in a tight hug. Yeah, he was sorry.

He snuggled his head into my neck and I put my head onto his, my arms hugging the small of his back. Frank lifts his head up and stares at me, I look down at him and my hair falls infront of my face. Again.

"You need this cut." he giggles as he tucks it behind my ear.

"yeah, I know, but where can I get it cut?"

Frank gave me a small smirk and his eyes lit up.

"You know...I could go it," his smirk turning into a smile from ear to ear, before I could protest he pushes me onto the chair that is tucked under the table, "I won't mess it up, please?"

I sigh and I give in, "Okay, just don't fuck it up, Frank." He would have most likely tackled me to the floor if I had refused. He jumped up and down like a 12 year old girl and squealed - yes squealed - and ran off to the kitchen at the other end of the bus.

Frank's cutting my hair, Frank's cutting my hair, oh my god I kept saying to myself as I leaned back into the chair to wait for him to arrive back.

Breathe, Gerard..

But he's going to be close to me..

It doesn't mean anything!

But he's going to be close to me and he's going to be touching me..


I'm you too and I didn't mean it that way! You're the pervert.

You just called yourself a pervert.


While I was arguing with myself I had failed to notice Frank had returned with scissors from the kitchen and was making his way to me.

Swaying his hips so seductively..


"You ready?" Frank's voice came from behind me, his arms wrapped around my neck, I could see the scissors in his hand, they were so close to my eye.

"Frank, you're going to take my eye out in a second.."

"Oh, shit. Sorry, hun."

Hun? What the hell, he had never called me hun, EVER.

I felt his fingers run through my hair and start to snip at the back. I can't believe I'm actually doing this. I'm letting Frank cut my hair, Frank fucking Iero.

A few minutes went by and my brain still hadn't gotten over the fact that Frank was touching my hair and my head. He moved infront of me and he placed his hand over my forehead trapping my fringe. Frank bent down infront of me so his eyes were level with mine. His nose just an inch away from mine.

"How do you want it?" His hot breath filling my nose; coffee, cinnamon and pure sexiness.

"flooorghj" I manage to squeeze out my mouth. Mentally face palming myself.

"What?" Frank laughs at my sudden loss of words.

"Urm..just..just a tim. TRIM!"

"What's up with you?"

Apart from your nose being less than an inch away from mine and me wanting more? Nothing at all, my dear Frankie.

"Nothin'.." I manage to spit out.

Frank gives me a confused look and gets the ends of my hair. My eyes follow his fingers as they run down my hair, I watch as he brings the scissors to the ends and snips, my hair falling to the floor slowly like feathers. Uh oh..behind his fingers I can see his skinny jeans, which are bulging. Surely he's not that big?!

"Fuck me, wow.." I whisper to myself.

"What? Fuck what?"

Oh no, he heard me, shit, shit, shit..

"Urm, you're good at cutting my hair, Frankie baby."

"Frankie baby? Gerard what's wrong?" I closed my eyes hoping that when I opened them Frank wouldn't be there and I would be sitting in the chair with a coffee infront of me. I open them, nope he's still there and sitting on my lap with his arms around my neck. Oh my, God. What?! Frank is sitting on my lap with his arms around my neck, staring at me with his beautiful russet eyes and his perfect skin.

"Frankie, what are you-" I felt a soft pressure against my lips as I opened my eyes to see Frank's lips against mine, his eyes shut.

I put my hands around his waist and pulled him closer, his arms around my neck tightened and the pressure on my lips increased as I kissed back. His tongue ran across my bottom lip wanting entrance, I obliged and his tongue slid into my mouth. His breath tasting like mint but at the same, which is weird but it was so nice.

I pulled our lips apart sure enough that if we had continued I would have passed out due to lack of oxygen.

"I'm sorry, Ge-"

"Shh," I put my finger over Frank's mouth silencing him, "Don't say sorry, I enjoyed it." I smiled and took my finger off of his mouth.

Instead of a reply I felt another pressure on my lips, this wasn't like last time, it was hungrier and harder. Frank gained access to my mouth again and our tongues wrestled and he won our little fight.

"I've - wanted - this - for - a long - time - Gerard." He told me inbetween breaths.

I put my hands on his cute little butt and squeezed, making him smile into the kiss, he was so adorable. This time I ran my tongue over his lip wanting access, he was more than enthusiastic as he opened his mouth, my tongue explored his mouth and he let out a moan. God, he was hot. I stood up holding Frank's thighs, his grip around my neck becoming stronger, I walked over to the wall near the door and pushed him against it.

Our mouths attached again once more as I pushed my hips against his.

"Hey guys, I was thinking for dinner we'd get a chin-"

Shit, Mikey.

Mikey was standing in the doorway holding three chinese takeaway menus, mouth open and eyes looking like they're about to pop out of his skull.

"What're you guys doin'?" Like he didn't already know.

Me and Frank both looked at eachother and I eventually managed to let out a: "Urm..well-" when Mikey suddenly broke my sentence.

"FINALLY! Ray! C'me 'ere!" Mikey's face exploded with a smile. Which was repeated by Ray when he walked into the doorway and stood by Mikey. I was still holding Frank by his thighs up against the wall. I let him down slowly so he was standing up straight, he put his arm around my waist giving me, Mikey and Ray a reassuring look.

This was going to be the start of a beautiful thing~

Omgomgomgomgomg, did you like it? Omg I'm sorry I had to cut it short I have to get off the laptop. What did you think?! R&R please? Pretty please? Okay, maybe you don't have to but it would be nice! :3 Thank you guys for all your reviews on my last story! Oh, and merry christmas for yesterday :-)
Jess XO
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