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Living Arrangements

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"Not a problem."

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Frank and I decide to drive back to Jersey and talk to our families about our plans to move in together. It’s pretty obvious Frank is nervous about asking his mom. She’s very traditional and Frank and I moving in together before marriage doesn’t really go along with her beliefs. In the end we decide it will be best to ask Aunt Donna first. She’ll probably be more open to the plan.

I keep hold of Frank’s hand as we walk in through the back door of my house. Donna is in the middle of making dinner. It smells like some kind of pasta dish.

“Hi kids,” she says smiling at us.

“Hey,” I reply, hugging my aunt from the side.

“So how was your week? Did you guys have a good one?”

“Yeah, it was great. We just have some questions to ask you if it’s okay.”

“Sure, anything,” Donna answers rinsing her hands off in the sink before turning to face us, “Alright, shoot.”

Frank and I sit down before I start to explain things, “Okay, we’ve been talking about our current situation….”

Donna cuts me off before I can continue on, “What situation is that?”

“Our living arrangements,” Frank answers.

“Oh thank God. I thought you two were going to tell me Amber was pregnant.”

I smile, “No, not pregnant.”

Beside me Frank tries his best to hold back laughter. It takes me kicking him under the table for him to finally regain composure.

Aunt Donna looks very confused, “Then what’s up?”

“Well I love Gerard, don’t get me wrong. He’s my best friend but it kind of sucks sleeping on a couch every night in a studio apartment with a guy who hardly showers.” Donna laughs softly. “Frank’s roommate is a huge asshole. He can’t stand him and he doesn’t want to live there anymore. So we were thinking…”

“That you guys want to get a place together. Am I right?”

“Well… yeah.”

“So what do I need to do?”

Frank chews on his lip ring while I continue to explain our plans to Donna, “Well Frank found a few places that we can afford if we get jobs. The only problem is that we need a down payment and the first month’s rent, which we can’t really afford right off the bat unless we save up. We were kind of hoping it would be soon though.”

Donna nods, “Well, alright…. If I were you I would get those jobs first. Then check out the apartments you can afford. After that we can talk about me helping you with the down payment.”

“So you’re okay with us living together?” Frank blurts out.

“I let you two sleep in the same bed, don’t I?”

“Yeah, but this will be our own place. We’ll be with each other all the time. We can do whatever we want,” I add on.

Donna’s eyebrows rise, “Are you trying to get me to disagree?”

“No, I’m just making sure you’re serious so we don’t do all of this stuff just to have you get angry at me.”

Donna smiles, “I don’t mind Amber.”

I smile back, happy that she is so open to the idea, “Yay…thank you so much Aunt Donna.”

She smiles for a second before her face goes serious, “Linda might not be okay with it.”

Both Frank and I frown. Maybe we should have started with the parent in need of most convincing first, now we’ve got our hopes up.

“Yeah, that’s what we’re afraid of,” Frank answers for me as Frankie paws at a string hanging off my jeans.

“When are you going to talk to her about it?”

“Tonight,” I answer picking the cat up off the ground.

“Good luck.”

“Thanks, Aunt Donna.” I get up and hug her. “I’ll be back later for dinner…don’t feed Frankie any table scraps. ”

“Of course not,” Donna smiles, “Let me know how it goes.”

I kiss my Aunt’s cheek as Frank takes my hand again. I am lead across the alley and over to my boyfriend’s house. His mother is also in the middle of making dinner.

“Hey mom,” Frank says, going to plant a kiss on her cheek.

“Hi honey, how did your week go?” she asks as Frank and I sit down at the kitchen table.

“Pretty decent,” Frank answers. “There’s something I want to talk to you about though.”

“Amber, please don’t tell me you’re pregnant.”

My eyebrows rise,” Why does everyone keep asking that? I’m not pregnant, Jesus.”

“Phew, I was scared there for a second. So what’s going on then?”

Frank smiles, “Well, you know what I told you about Patrick, right?”

“Your roommate,” Linda questions, dumping some beans into a pan.

“Yeah,” Frank says, intertwining his fingers with mine.

“What about him?”

“Well, he’s a dick and I hate him. He came onto Amber today so I punched him.”

“Frank you cannot go around hitting people,” Linda answers.

“Mom he was making her uncomfortable…he fucking grabbed her. What would you do in my situation?”

Frank’s mom just frowns, “I will not have that language used in my house.”

“You’re missing the fucking point. He scared the shit out of Amber. I don’t want to live with his sorry ass anymore.”

Watching Frank get all hot and bothered over another guy touching me is sweet. The way his body shakes, breathing speeding up, his fists clenches. It’s hot in a weird way. Although I could sit here and listen to Frank spout curse words at his mother for the rest of the night I know it won’t help us. Standing up, I press the palm of my hand to Frank’s chest…his muscle twitches. Gently I run my nose over his jaw bone, humming a little. After a few seconds he is calm and we have retaken our seats.

“Have you thought about asking to change dorms?”

“I’ve thought about it but I found a better alternative.”

“What’s that,” Linda asks as if the whole scene before never happened.

“Well Amber’s staying with Gerard and it’s hard for them because they’re in this tiny studio apartment and she’s sleeping on the couch every night. So we were thinking about maybe getting a place of our own, just the two of us.”

There is a moment of silence as Frank’s mother thinks this over, “You think you’re ready for that kind of commitment?”

“Well yeah,” Frank answers. “I know we’re young but if we both get jobs we can do it. Our schools aren’t very far part and we’re together all the time anyway. If we find a place in our budget we just need help with the down payment. I think it’ll work out all right. We’re happy. We love each other. It’s not like we’ve never slept in the same bed before.”

“It’s different when you move in together, Frank. What’s hers will be yours and what’s yours will be hers. You’ll have to share everything. Chores will have to be done. You’ll start to notice things about each other that you never noticed before. You might find that you don’t get along very well after all.”

Frank and I smile because we both know his mom is full of shit.

“Well then better to find out now, right?”

Linda sighs, “How much is the down payment?”

“We don’t know yet,” I answer. “The jobs are our main priorities right now. Once we get that figured out we’ll check some places out and then we’ll know for sure.”

Linda stirs a pan on the stove, sending the smell of her delicious Italian cooking our way, “Well just let me know.”

“You’re okay with this?” Frank asks.

“It’s not like I can stop you. You already had your mind made up when you walked in here. You weren’t asking if I would give you permission. You were asking if I could loan you some money.”

Frank and I smile, “You’re right but I’d still like your blessing.”

“Well Frank, if you want my opinion you’re still too young to be living with your girlfriend. It’s not like I’m actually worried that you guys might not work out. You’ve been friends since you were kids. You’re never apart even when you’re supposed to be. You love each other and I honestly don’t think or want you to end up with someone else. So I suppose morals are going to have to be pushed aside for this one. Might as well just help you out while I can, right?”

“Sounds good to me,” I answer.

“Well then let me know.”

“You rock, mom.”

“I know, but I have one condition,” Linda turns to us with a serious expression.

“What’s that?”

“Invest in birth control.”

Frank smiles again, nuzzling his face into my neck, kissing me before replying to his mom, “Not a problem.”

“Then I’m fine. But for God sake don’t start a conversation like that ever again. I about had a heart attack,” Linda says before crossing herself.

Frank and I just laugh.

Note: So my babies are growing up and moving out of the house, haha. Don't worry there is still quite a bit more to go before I put this story to bed. Hope you enjoy :)
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