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Love and Lust... Mainly Lust

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*Frerard smutt* One shot. Gerard's such a kinky little thing... Frank loves it.

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So, this is the first thing like this that I've written in a while, I'm not sure if I can really do it anymore... tell me what you thought? please? I will give cyber hugs to any of you perverted little fuckers who read this and reveiwed / rated it :)

Gerard’s POV

“We’re up! We’re up! Time for the show guys! Get up! Get up! Get up!” yelled Frank as he jumped around, grabbing his guitar and running towards the stage. Fall out boy had just finished their set on the tour we were currently on, there were about fifteen bands on the tour with us and now it was our turn.
“Hyper-active little midget,” I giggled as I followed him. I pushed my raven hair out of my eyes as a whirlwind of thoughts swirled around in my head. He was my best friend, how could I have these feelings for him? Just looking at his tight little ass bouncing around as he jumped made my already tight, restrictive pants feel even tighter. That adorable little boy that bounced around with such enthusiasm for everything he did.
“I heard that! You fucker!” yelled Frank as he jumped on me, wrapping his beautifully tattooed arms around me and clinging on like his life depended in it. I gasped as he began to tickle me, he laughed as I withered and struggled to get away from him. We fell into a laughing heap on the floor, his small, muscled body lying on top of mine, his face just inches from mine, his ragged breath hitting my pale face. I thought I saw a hungry look in his eyes as his tongue ran quickly over his slightly parted lips.

Mikey cleared his throat behind us. I looked over to see him smirking down at us. I looked back at Frank, his expression had turned back to normal as he climbed off me. I must have imagined the lustful look in his eyes.
“LET’S GO LET’S GO LET’S GO!” Frank began to yell once more before bouncing off towards the stage. I was left sitting on the ground wondering what had just happened as Mikey stepped past me towards the stage, chuckling softly.
“Come on man, we gotta show to do,” said Ray as he offered me a hand and helped me up.
“Let’s do this!” I said as he pulled me up. I ran after Frank and Mikey towards the stage.


Frank’s POV

Why did Gerard have to be so damn sexy on stage? Well, he was sexy off stage as well, but now he was all sweaty, putting everything he had into the performance, a look of such passion on his face, I wanted him to look at me with that amount of passion… but that would never happen, sure, we fooled around on stage a lot, but that’s all it ever was, for him at least… All I had ever wanted was for one of our kisses to mean as much to him as they did to me…

As he usually did, Gerard erupted in a series of orgasm worth moans as he plunged his hand down his pants and began to rub himself, he smirked as he strutted towards me, hand still in his pants, moaning while the girls (and a few of the guys) were screaming in delight.

He pulled his hands out of his pants and started grinding up against my guitar, his moans growing louder. He stepped behind my guitar and began to grind against me, I threw my head back and moaned as I felt my pants rapidly becoming much tighter, the restricting material of my skinny jeans pressing at my rapidly forming erection painfully. I tried to cover up my erection with my guitar, but he looked down and smirked. I felt my heartbeat quicken as his lips slowly became closer to mine. My eyes slid shut, but just as I felt his hot breath on my lips, just as I wanted him so badly it hurt, he pulled away. The sassy little tease!

Well two can play at that game, I thought as I pulled out a condom from the back pocket of my jeans. Gerard watched, still singing as I slowly ripped open the packet with my teeth and put it over my microphone. I almost laughed as his jaw dropped and he forgot to sing when I started sucking on it, pulling at it with my teeth and licking up along the microphone. My cock twitched as I thought of how much I wanted it to be Gerard’s dick in my mouth. I laughed around the condom as Mikey nudged Gerard, reminding him that he was supposed to be singing.

The rest of the show went much like that, both of us trying to tease the other, many kisses which were far too short for my liking, or grinding up against each other and moaning, the crowd loved it, but not nearly as much as I did.


“You have been an amazing audience Sydney!” Gerard screamed into the microphone at the end of our set, “thank you and goodnight!”
We all walked off stage while the crowd were still screaming. I couldn’t help but stare at Gerard’s ass as it swung sassily from side to side as he walked. My erection was throbbing painfully by now and I desperately needed to relive it. I knew that Panic! At The Disco were currently on stage, so there would be no-one in their change room, so while the others backs were turned, I quickly slipped in there.

I moaned as I unbuttoned my jeans and took them off, imagining that it was Gerard doing it. I palmed myself through my boxers before ripping them off and firmly grasping my throbbing, red, weeping cock in my hand.

“G-G-Gee!” I moaned as I slid my hand up and down my cock to relive the pressure. I couldn’t help it, my moaning became louder and more desperate as I began to pump my throbbing cock even faster.

“Frankie,” I heard a familiar, angelic voice almost moan from the doorway. I looked up to see Gerard leaning against the doorway, his mouth wide open, sweat from the show drenching his hair and face and his own hand down his pants, grasping his erection. The sight was so beautifully erotic that with a scream of pure bliss, I came in my hand.

Gerard closed the door and walked slowly towards me.
“G-Gee?” I panted, still recovering from the pleasure. My face blushed a deep scarlet and I looked down to try and hide my shame.
“Frankie,” he half moaned, “you were doing that over me?”
“Yeah,” I whispered, embarrassed that he had caught me.
Before I knew what was happening he was down on his knees, his tongue licking up my cum that covered my lower abdomen.
“Gee!” I gasped as his tongue flicked over the tip of my already re-hardening dick. He took my cock into his mouth and started to such lightly on my half hard member.
“Gerard,” I moaned as I began to buck my hips up. My cock rock hard once again.
“I’ve wanted you for so long Frankie baby,” he mewled before licking up and down my erection. I pushed him off me and grabbed the bottom of his shirt.
“These need to come off, now!” I said in a low, husky voice before ripping his sweaty shirt off. He smirked at me as I got down on my knees in front of him, nipping at the dark, tight material of his skinny jeans.
“Fuh-Frankie! P-please!” he moaned as he began to buck his jean clad crotch into my face. I giggled as I unbuttoned them and took the zipper in between my teeth and pulled it down slowly, looking up at him and giving him the sluttiest look I could possibly give him before swiftly pulling his pants down. I was delighted by his lack of underwear. He let out a dirty moan as I took his cock into my mouth, caressing the tip with my tongue and swallowing more of his length down until I reached the base.

“Uh Frankie I just wanna fuck you’re tight little ass so hard!” he groaned as his hips started to buck softly into my face.
“Then why don’t you,” I said after I took my mouth away from his cock. Within seconds he had me on the ground, lying on top of me, my wrists tightly grasped in his hands and pinned up above my head as he kissed me forcefully, his tongue flicking around wildly in my mouth. Who new Gerard would be such a kinky little fucker?

I let out a desperate moan as he rolled his hips down on mine, grinding our erections together. He brought two fingers to my lips.
“Suck,” he demanded. I took them into my mouth and sucked on them as seductively as I could, swirling my tongue around them. He threw his head back and moaned before pulling them out and flipping me over onto my hands and knees. I stuck my ass out and wiggled it a little in the air to tease him. The next thing I knew there was a single finger slowly being pushed into my ass, I relaxed my ass muscles as he slowly moved his finger in and out, making me moan quietly.
“You like that?” he asked.
“Yes! Gerard! Please, more!” I begged.
“I’m gonna have you moaning like a little whore when I’m done with you,” he growled sexily into my ear. He slowly pushed another finger in, I could feel a slight burn now as he stretched me, readying me for his cock. I let out a dirty moan as he began to scissor his fingers inside me before adding another finger. I couldn’t take it anymore, I stated to rock my hips back on his fingers, fucking myself on them.
“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you? You little whore,” he laughed before latching his lips onto my neck and biting down hard until he broke the skin. I shivered as his tongue ran over the wound, lapping up the crimson red blood pooled there.
“Fucking vampire,” I moaned as I rocked my hips back harder.
“You love it,” he said before removing his fingers from my ass. I whined in protest of the loss of contact.
“Don’t worry baby,” he mewled into my ear, “you’re about to get something much bigger than just my fingers.”
I felt his hands on my ass as he spread my ass cheeks and placed the tip of his rock hard member at my entrance.
“You ready baby?” he asked, his voice sweet and caring.
“Hurry up and fuck me Way!” I snapped, I needed him so badly it hurt.
“You got it Iero,” he growled as he slowly began to push his cock into my ass. He was going slow, trying not to hurt me. Fuck! I just wanted him so bad!
“Oh just do it!” I moaned before I pushed my hips back into his, forcing his dick further inside me until his balls slapped against my ass.
“You little whore,” he gasped as I let out a filthy moan.
“Fuck me Gee, please?” I begged.

He obliged.
He grabbed onto my naked hips, digging his fingers into the soft flesh and began to thrust in and out of me, searching for that spot that would make me scream for him.

He found it.
After a few thrusts, he hit that little bundle of nerves inside me, making me scream out in pleasure.
“You like that babe?” he panted as he angled his thrusts to hit it again and again.
“Y-y-yes! Gee! OOOHH!” I screamed as he hit my prostate with more force.
“I’m gonna turn you into a begging, groaning, moaning mess of a slut!” he growled sexily at me. God, I thought I already was, could this possibly get any better?
He brought his lips down to my neck and bit down on the wound he had caused earlier, re-opening it and causing blood to rush from the open wound. He moaned as he lapped the blood up with his tongue and collected some on his fingers, he put the blood stained fingers in front of my mouth.
“Suck them, drink your own blood,” he ordered. With anyone else, this probably would have creeped me out, but Gerard was just so irresistibly sexy when he was like this, so without any hesitation, I ran my tongue over his fingers, lapping up my own blood, savouring the rich metallic taste.

“Fuh-Frankie! I-I’m gonna cum!” he screamed as his thrusts became harder and faster. His blood stained hand moved away from my mouth and reached around to pump at my cock.
“Uh uh uh uh! Gee!” I screamed as I came in his hand. My ass muscles clenching as the waves of pleasure rocked through me. That was enough to send Gerard over the edge. With a final scream he came inside me, filling my ass with his seed. Gerard pulled out of me, panting and grinning.

“I love you Frankie,” he said once I flopped down on my back next to him.
“I-I love you to Gee!” I said, ecstatic that he actually loved me, that what we had just done wasn’t just meaningless sex.

Someone cleared their throat from the doorway of the dressing room. My eyes widened as I saw Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross standing in the doorway with their hands down each other’s pants.
“Well that’s hot,” said Brendon with a smirk.
“We’ll leave you two to it then,” they said as they walked away hand in hand, shutting the door behind them.

“Fuck,” said Gerard.
“That’s what we just did,” I said with a giggle.

so, what did you think? hope you liked it :) please please please R&R? Tell me if I should do more? :) until next time you perverted fuckers :) I mean that in the nicest way possible ;)
-Sarah xx
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