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2- Poisoned Fate

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Rian has fallen in to a killers grasp. What does her future hold?

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Rian was a smart girl. She'd never failed a class before, never done anything remotely wrong in a world filled with rules. She didn't know a thing about being out on the streets and so now as she sat in the passenger seat of a strangers car, shivering violently she realized things might not go so well. She had attempted to steal from him. He could take her to the police station or he could do something bad to her all by himself. Either way she figured she was in for a world of pain. It was this man or her father. As she stole another glance at the quiet stranger she realized she wanted it to be him to hurt her. It would be much better to get hurt by a stranger than it would to get hurt by your own flesh and blood, once again. Though she didn't really want to get hurt at all. She wanted to go back to the abandoned shed she had found with her sister and comfort her sister. It was getting darker out. Her little sister hated the dark.

Gerard Way was twenty three years old. He was lucky enough to go to college while his parents continued to fund his personal account with money, meaning he didn't have to work his way through college. He used his spare time murdering. The blood... the screams... made him feel so right. His parents didn't keep in touch, only his little brother did. Gerard knew his parents knew there was something wrong with him and though they loved him... They knew he was dangerous. They just didn't know how or why. They'd spent so much money on therapy, trying to fix the issue they could only sense and all that did was teach Gerard to keep his feelings to himself. It taught him to be sneaky. They gave him the tools to be a better killer. Never before had such an opportunity presented itself to him as this young girl who had attempted to steal from him. She wasn't even screaming, she didn't struggle or attempt to leave the car... She was just staring at the window with a resigned look spread across her dirt ridden face. Gerard planned to meet with Lucy tonight, his ex girlfriend. He planned to take care of her tonight but now... Now with this girl... He could have so much more fun.

Gerard made a turn, close to a parking lot he knew would be empty as he thought of what he could do with the girl. She was shivering but he wasn't sure she understood just how dangerous the situation was. She might just be cold. He could easily take her home to his two bedroom house that his parents owned. It was deserted enough. The idea played through his mind as he pulled in to the parking lot, silently daring the girl to attempt to get out of his car. The child lock was on, meaning she would fail. It would be a nice scene though, probably something that would even tear a scream from her lips...

As Gerard turned to take in the girls entire appearance she looked away, out the window. She was filthy. He would have to clean his car and god... now that he noticed, she reeked. He wrinkled his nose in disgust as he tried to guess her age. He really couldn't tell. She was tiny but it didn't look natural. "How old are you?" He finally asked as she turned to stare at him in return.

Rian was taking in Gerard's appearance as she tried to think of what to say to his question. Should she be honest? She didn't want to risk him calling her parents. Whatever else he wanted... She could give him, in hopes that... In hopes that she could return to her sister. She didn't know much about the streets but she did know that women sometimes sold themselves. The idea always horrified her but here she was... Was that what this man wanted? Could she do that? "Old enough." She stated, gathering all of the courage she had. It still wasn't enough. Her voice shook, the words coming out quietly.

"For?" Gerard asked, amused. He could tell she was afraid. He liked that. He knew he was sick... He wanted others to fear him. He needed it.

Rian bit her bottom lip, sucking it in to her mouth. Gerard watched, licking his lips in anticipation of taking her mouth with his own. It took so little to turn him on yet so much to get him off. "For whatever it is you want..." She whispered, staring at him with puppy dog eyes. "You aren't planning on taking me to the police, are you?"

Slowly Gerard shook his head, a smile the devil would envy gracing his lips. "I'm planning on doing something a little more personal with you since you're... /old enough/." He chuckled. "And the police don't need to know about what we do, now do they?"

Rian quickly shook her head, "No." She whispered, "They don't. I'll be good." She just wanted this to be over with. She had to go back to Piper. She had to be with Piper. Her little sister relied on her. She wouldn't let her down...

"Is that right?" Gerard asked, surprised with her compliance. She wasn't even acting frightened. Upon getting a quick nod in response Gerard wrinkled his nose again, "And what makes you so appealing little girl? You smell like you haven't showered in days. You're covered in dirt and god knows what else. You're disgusting." The look of hurt that crossed the girls face was enough to make Gerard smile again, knowing he had hit a nerve. She didn't appreciate how she smelled or how she looked either. "I guess... I could always take you home so that you could shower first." Gerard sighed in distaste, wanting her to feel like a burden. As much as he enjoyed murdering... He also enjoyed head games. He liked messing with people's minds, making them feel like dirt. It gave him another sick thrill. What was wrong with him? He didn't know. The therapist was never able to tell him. Then again he had lied to her quite well. She thought he was a fine young gentleman. Oh, how wrong she was.

"Please." Rian squeaked, cheeks red in embarrassment. She had seen prostitutes/hookers depicted on television programs and movies and they never seemed all that clean yet here she was... not clean enough for this man? She was disgusting. He was right.

"Please what?" Gerard asked, grinning with amusement now. "I kind of like what you called me earlier. What was that; Sir?"

"Please Sir." Rian whispered, compliantly.

Gerard chuckled and started his car again, pulling out of the parking lot. Lucy crossed his mind and he pulled out his cell phone, texting her to reschedule his 'date' with her. He wasn't done with her. She would die, very soon. As he thought about it another chuckle escaped his lips. It was so weird to plan someone's death, knowing that they had no idea as to what their future held.

Rian was watching out the window but the warmth of the car quickly got to her and she started drifting off next to this deadly stranger, quiet snores filling the car soon after. Gerard looked over at her, confused by the sounds until he realized she was asleep.

Gerard turned his music off but soon arrived home. Once he shut his car off he turned and stared at the young girl, wondering why she was being so compliant. She was in a dangerous situation and was obviously not a prostitute so... why was she so quick to whore herself out? It wasn't often that Gerard thought about other people or cared to question their motives but... he just didn't understand the girl at all. He figured it had to just be the money. Money he hadn't actually promised her.

The cold air hit Gerard's body as he got out, coming around to the passenger side of his car. He opened the door and loudly addressed the stranger, getting no response. As he shook her she still didn't respond and he figured she had to be either exhausted or a really hard sleeper.

Gerard's pale arms slipped around the girls waist as he picked her up out of his car and gently held her body to his own, her head falling on to his shoulder.

It was a small hassle to carry the girl to his front door but he managed, sliding the door open as he walked inside and made his way to his bed. That's when she began waking, slightly panicked. "Let-go." She snapped, hitting him with her small fists. Gerard dropped her as her fist made contact with his jaw, her body hitting the ground instantly. Gerard rubbed his jaw and looked down as Rian rubbed her eyes, confusion covering her face. "Where am I?" She muttered, sleepily.

Gerard didn't say anything, turning on his bedroom light. The girl blinked furiously as her eyes adjusted and then she saw him and attempted to stand up and straighten herself, "I-um, sorry. I'm sorry, I must have fallen asleep... Sir." She added quietly, lowering her eyes.

Gerard nodded, keeping his face void of emotion. "The shower is in the other room. Get yourself cleaned up. Leave your clothes on the floor. I'll bring you in something. I know I have some old clothes from my ex. She won't be needing them anymore."

Rian just nodded, making her way to the other room. Gerard walked to his closet and pulled out the box filled with personal items from those he had murdered. Call him sentimental but he liked to keep... some things to remind him of what he had accomplished, of nights he had felt on top of the world with blood soaked hands.

He pulled out a plain yellow dress and smiled at the memory. The girl thought she was better than him. She thought she could play with him like some toy. She wanted him... but just for the night. At the end of the night when she told him how easy he was... He proved to her that a night with him could be fatal. It had all been the plan anyway but her attempting to make him feel like less of a man just made it all so much better. The girl would look good in it. She would pull off the innocent look a hell of a lot better than his victim had.

Gerard pushed the box back in to his closet and walked to the bathroom, pausing as he listened to the water from the shower. He could hear a quiet humming as the girl showered. Her clothing was on the floor where he had told her to put it. As he placed the dress on the counter he grabbed her clothing, planning on disposing of them. They were filthy and ripped, not worth the trouble of washing and keeping. "Hey!" The girl's voice stopped him in the doorway, "Hey... are you in here?"

"Yes, I am." Gerard responded, waiting impatiently.

"May I use your body wash?" She asked, softly.

Gerard smiled. "So, you'd steal my wallet without permission but not my body wash?" He teased.

Silence followed his words until he cleared his throat and spoke again, "Use whatever you'd like in here. I expect you to smell good and look good for me."


Gerard was sitting on the couch in his spacious living room with the television on when she walked out. He hadn't expected his response. Not at all. How could he have? He wasn't that guy. That guy that yearned for another. He didn't get tiny jumps of joy in his chest. His heart beat at a regular pace, never surprising him. He didn't want. He just wasn't that guy. He wasn't supposed to be, anyway.

"Hi." She whispered shyly, standing in the doorway. The yellow dress was a little bigger than her but it still fit wonderfully. She had taken one of the fake flowers from Gerard's bathroom, that he had gotten from his ex-girlfriend and never thrown away, and put it in her hair, which was cascading down her shoulders. It looked as if she had brushed all of the knots out. She had beautiful hair, it looked so silky... She wasn't wearing any make up. She didn't need it. She was small, making it hard for Gerard to guess her age. He was hoping over 18 but she wouldn't tell him. She didn't look like a little girl. She looked like a woman. A really broken woman... The frightened smile pulling at her lips made Gerard's jeans tighten.

As he licked his lips he realized she was waiting for a response. "Not bad." He stated, attempting to brush off just how amazing she looked.

"Thank you." She whispered, stepping closer. "So..." She looked around his home, uncomfortably. "This is a nice place."

"Come over here." Gerard ordered, ignoring her pleasantries. She was his and one thing he didn't care to have her do was talk. He had much bigger plans for that sexy mouth of hers. As she came closer he looked her up and down and asked again, in a stern tone. "Now, how old are you?"

"23." She was clearly lying. Gerard grabbed her by the waist, pulling her down on to his lap. As his lips found sensitive spots on her neck that made her quietly moan he whispered, aggressively. "I think you're lying. Did I find myself a pretty little lying thief?"

The girl shook her head slowly, biting her lip as Gerard nibbled on her ear. "So, 23 then?" Gerard asked, skeptically. "You should be plenty experienced then. Show me what you can do thief." Gerard pushed her back, staring at her expectantly.

Rian stared at Gerard with wide, bright eyes as she nibbled on her bottom lip. "I-" She paused, "What do you want me to do?" She finally asked, at a loss.

Gerard laughed. Rian's eyes filled with tears. He was laughing at her! She didn't like that. "23, huh? Let's try that again."

"I'm 17." Rian admitted, moving backwards away from Gerard. God, now he was going to call the police. She knew he wasn't going to want her. She was underage. He didn't look like the average pedophile that kids were warned about. Why would he want someone who was obviously younger than him, lacking experience?

Gerard nodded, pulling his cell phone from his pocket. He figured he might as well scare the girl a little. She didn't know what he would do or how little he wanted to do with the police. "So, your parents are probably looking for you. Are you a runaway? Hmm... Maybe I should call the police afterall."

Panic took over the girls facial expression and she frantically shook her head, "Please don't! Please! I'll do whatever you want and I'm... I'm almost 18. In two months I'll be 18! I ... If I don't turn you on then I can- I can do something else for you, anything... just please don't get the cops involved." She would hate to think of what would happen if her father found her and her sister this time. They had runaway before but never for this long. What would he do? Last time he threatened to kill them. It wasn't unbelievable.

Gerard set his cell phone down and gestured for the girl to come over to him. Once she reached him he pulled her down on to his lap, using her waist to position her correctly. Soon enough he was kissing her neck again, no words being spoken between them as she whimpered quietly in pleasure. She was enjoying the small amount of attention he was giving to small parts of her body. As his lips moved down her neck and then to her ear... and then to her lips. She eagerly kissed back, hoping to please him. She was startled as his tongue licked against her bottom lip but she allowed him entrance, attempting to pretend that she knew more than she actually did.

Gerard grinned as he pulled away, "Smart girl. You taste good. You brushed your teeth for me." He was pleased.

Rian smiled shyly, "I... found a package of toothbrushes under the sink. I- I didn't mean to go through your stuff but I figured... I figured we would kiss."

"Do you like when I kiss you?" Gerard asked, leaning forward. He gently brushed his lips against hers, pulling away as she closed her eyes.

"I do." Rian admitted, blushing.

Gerard brushed hair away from her face, admiring her soft skin against his hand before he asked another question. "What else do you like?"

Rian licked her lips, unsure of how to respond. She didn't really know. Right then she was saved however as her stomach rumbled, rather loudly. Gerard's eyebrow rose. "When is the last time you had something to eat?"

Rian shrugged, "I don't know." It was the truth. She made sure Piper ate first. There usually wasn't enough food for one sister, let alone both sisters.

"Well, I do make some kick ass pasta..." Gerard stated, offhandly.

The genuine smile that Rian gave him made his heart beat strangely. He didn't really like it. "... Can I have some?" Rian asked, shyly.

Gerard nodded. "Of course." And as Rian stood up she stumbled. Gerard barely caught her, moving as fast as he could. As he held her close to his body he sighed, "You definitely need to eat." He muttered. "Sit down... watch something. I'll start dinner."

Rian bit her lip again, a nervous habit. "Thank you."

Gerard just nodded, wondering why he was even bothering. He was going to kill her, right? Yes, he was going to kill her. He was just... going to feed her first.


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