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Oneshot inspired by the song Storm by Lifehouse.

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So I wrote this because I was bored. But it was inspired by an amazing song, seriously. Go on to YouTube and type in Lifehouse - Storm (Acoustic). it's beautiful. The single lines are the lyrics

Gerard sighed. He let the tears fall freely as the song started again. He's been listening to that song more than is healthy since it happened. It reminded him of the person he loved, the person he lost.
They left him in a storm. 

If I could just see you, everything would be alright.

Everything would be alright if he was here, if he hadn't gone and stuck a bullet in his brain. If he hadn't left Gerard in a world of words unsaid and pointless arguments, drunken mistakes and lonely nights. 
He was always there for him when Gerard was drunk or high or scared. He never once let him down. Gerard was convinced it was his fault, but he had no idea of what they went through. No idea.

If I'd see you, this darkness would turn to light.

He could always turn Gerard's darkness into light; he was the light.
Gerard had given up since he'd died. He'd given up living, given up his family, his friends. He'd even given up the drugs and alcohol. He'd given up hope. 
Because he was Gerard's hope, and now he was gone. And he was never coming back.

And I would walk on water, and you will catch me if I fall.

Gerard could walk on water when he was around, and he would always catch Gerard of he fell. He loved Gerard, he wouldn't dream of leaving him on his own, not until that night. He just couldn't anymore.
Gerard was doing nothing but thinking of the past and crying these day; there was little else he could do. Little else he felt worthy of doing. He didn't feel worthy of anything.

And I would get lost into your eyes, and everything would be alright.

Gerard loved his eyes. Deep brown and caring, the only way to tell what he was really feeling. Gerard just needed everything to be alright, he needed him to make everything alright, because Mikey Way always made everything alright. But not anymore. He's gone. And Gerard's been left out here to drown.
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